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  1. Hi there! I already searched the forum to find a solution. But couldn't find one. My rig isn't the best... Phenom X4 955 Radeon 7850 8gb Ram But I can play the training with good FPS on low and only get FPS drops when I am walking through the smokes. When I try to play a match online, I get stuttering or freezing issues. Feels like I have a lag and my ping gets really high. I had a ping of around 60 and when my game begins to lag, it feels like a huge lag, my ping gets higher and higher sometimes up to 800. I think its a problem with my network? Do I have to open ports? Does someone have the same problem? And which ports should I open? There are no FPS problems or ping problems when I am not moving. Would be great if someone can help :) cheers!