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  1. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    Ok it's 2018, I think a bump is in order
  2. Alpha 10

    Possible temp fix: I ran into a few of these windows and some of them I was able to still deploy on by crouching and looking up
  3. Glad you enjoy them, our stream team puts a lot of time and effort into doing those.
  4. It should just be numbers. We're looking for the Steam64 ID there, which looks something like this: 76561197970351389 If you can't find your ID, paste your profile link to this website and it will display all your Steam IDs https://steamid.io/
  5. Fatal errors ?!?!?!

    @beginna I've been running -fullcrashdump ever since I knew about it, and my fatal errors were never more than a few hundreds KB's.
  6. Fatal errors ?!?!?!

    Hey I crashed twice today and my 2 crash dumps combine for a whopping 10GB. It would take me like 12 hours to upload, but do you guys want them? Also they weren't even fatals, the game just completely froze up and I had to end the process manually.
  7. First person Admin cam

    I'd really like to believe this, but sometimes even the people you least expect to abuse these powers can be caught doing just that. Without having server logs (or do we? I am still not sure to be honest) specifically detailing admin actions/timestamps etc. it's hard to know with absolute certainty. I personally do trust the vast majority of this community, but like I said sometimes the people you least expect can, in rare cases, abuse their powers. I know this from first-hand experience.
  8. We need the "like" button back

    Not entirely true. If someone makes a topic and I agree with OP, I could simply click the like button to show my support instead of typing a pointless reply saying "yeah, this is good" or something to that length. It has its uses. I wonder why it was removed.
  9. There was an update just pushed moments ago addressing many crashing issues. Update your game and try again Also try to verify game cache it looks like it may be missing a file or something is corrupt.
  10. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Even with the majority of the team at Gamescom, you guys still manage to put this together. I truly love you, OWI.
  11. Squad - The Road Ahead

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think one of the main AMD problems is one that the devs have no control over, relating to the engine itself. I'm sure they are trying, though.
  12. Squad - The Road Ahead

    Going by the timeline, optimization won't be a main focus until after the alpha phase is complete. This probably makes the most sense. If they were to optimize the game now and then add more features later on, those features could add more optimization problems, essentially rendering their time wasted on optimizing the first time. I'm no game developer, though. I'm fairly certain one of their current priorities is the revamping of the animation system, which itself should help with some performance issues.
  13. Squad Crashing 'Fatal Error'

    Did you notice any difference? I went and checked mine just as a precaution, and mine was set to auto. Did some experimenting, I turned the PhysX indicator on, and with Auto, the in-game indicator said PhysX -> CPU. So I tried setting PhysX to GPU instead of Auto, and started Squad again and it still said PhysX -> CPU. Could be totally irrelevant.
  14. Random Fatal Error

    If you are still getting crashes please post your PC specs here https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4x6dov/we_need_you_and_your_pc_specs/
  15. This. If you were aimed near the top of his head, there is a good chance your bullets went high. I'm almost certain most if not all guns have a default zero of 200-300m