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  1. Server limited to 50 players

    Yes, that was it... I just realized. I was looking at the config file and totally forgot to check the batch file I actually just quickly jumped on the forum to see if I could delete the post and I see you made it a thread ha ha, oh well. Maybe it helps someone else
  2. Hi, Our server seems to be limited to 50 no matter what I set the config to, I assume this is linked to the licence? How do we go about increasing it?
  3. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    No 3rd person. Ever. Ever.
  4. Downed/Injure Teammate Dragging

    What should be fixed first is the revived unit re-appearing a few meters away... but im sure thats on the list
  5. Blind firing stance

    +1 for Syrian/Taliban units above head blind fire lol
  6. More Stances - (ARMA3 style)

    I dont think it needs arma style stances... but what would be nice is if you hit lean while prone you go into a similar animation as arma and perhaps if you double tap Q/E you roll. also.. im a huge fan of the way raven shield did stances/lean... but I dont think that would fit in squad to be honest
  7. Barrel & flash

    Depends on the muzzle device used. Some videos of me shooting... The Ak103 (basically AK47 with AK74 flash hider). Notice no flash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzHiXs3g04g M4 with a suppressor.. HUGE flash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nu37dnqOnU8