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  1. Release: Alpha Version 6

    Cant wait!
  2. I do not have backer tag.

    I backed this game during the kickstarter and linked my steam account which i am playing squad on now and still do not have backer tag on the forums even though i see lots of people with backer tags .
  3. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    So Hyped for v7
  4. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    So about the apartment blocks is this Squad's version of Project Reality's 'T' building. Sure seems like it. Also when vehicles are released asset stealing is going to be crazy. So be prepared.
  5. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    I will not be able to make it i am busy at 20:00utc (1pm PST) because life... if it was at 3:00PST or 22:00 UTC i could make it but probably not. I will be excited to see the post regarding all the info on the patch.
  6. March 2016 Recap

    I would assume it does. "NetMove removes the heavy calculations from the clients and only requires the clients to calculate their own movement, not everyone elses as well. So for the server and the clients you will see movement taking up less CPU."
  7. Lost keys for squad from being a backer

    Ok then I'm All good because I have my steam key all figured out. Thanks
  8. I backed the game at the Rifleman $30ish rank and it said "backer badge in forum" I redeemed my steam key a while ago but I wanted to apply the backer badge to my forum account. I went to my email and searched up Kickstart and squad and found the messages clicked on them and apparently the email had been deleted. Not by my. Anyway I don't have that email anymore or anything that was in that msg. Is there a way I can get them to resend it?
  9. Release: Alpha Version 5

    Some people seem to be a bit passed at squad for not being what they invisioned it to spirtatual successor to PR and all. I feel they same way but let's ride the train and see where it goes before we form opinions of where it might be going.
  10. Release: Alpha Version 5

    It seems a lot of people have 4790k's I have one
  11. Release: Alpha Version 5

    Perhaps the game does not like SLI?
  12. Release: Alpha Version 5

    I understand what you are getting at better now. I would like that Squad gives a similar experience of PR. Perhaps not experience but emotions or something like that.
  13. Release: Alpha Version 5

    It's PR 3.9 I think not 2.5 anyhow I played project reality way before squad and I love it. A lot of me friends don't and I understand that for some PR isn't for them no need to be a jerk about it.
  14. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    @devs in the future is it possible for a rudimentary armour penetration system with bounces and maybe the engine has protection at some points but if your in a building with a rpg above a tank the engine deck is vulnerable. As well as models that tell the game, the engine is here could set fire if shot here ECT so that it rewards people who know vulnerabilities. If rpg goes thru the vehicle and nothing important is there less damage then engine compartment. Sorry for being so long winded. I suck..
  15. Vehicles

    Vehicles are a huge part of project reality and the devs say there will be vehicles. I was woundering what is the timeline for vehicles? There's maps that seem like they would fit vehicles well. The assets appear to be there. So what's left for the devs to do to start implementing vehicles? And how long till they put vehicles in? I would like to know, some maps are slow and I think vehicles would make the game more interesting and keep doing the good work!