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  1. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    they both are very close, but the M16 is a little better in rapid fire control simply because of the ergonomics.......if you look at some videos you can see soldiers gripping the AK74 at the magazine which is crappy for rapid fire control.
  2. Waepons Stats

    Other people were...they were discussing hit percentage with weapons.
  3. Waepons Stats

    Not disagreeing with YOUR use, but there will be plenty of stat whores who play the game specifically for stats and not team play....look how many people rage quit right before a game ends because they are losing.... I can see plenty of people unwilling to shoot to an area for fear of hurting their stats.
  4. Waepons Stats

    You're not playing with the right team them.... I seen suppression used effectively. It doesn't always work in every circumstance, but when used properly it helps; especially in town scenarios where there is a lot of cover.
  5. Riot Shields in Combat

    Marines have worked with Riot Shields, but it is generally used for crowd control, not infantry tactics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfkjp4q43Qo
  6. Vehicles and Rules

    we used maps in the military. We started testing GPS as infantry/artillery and in a Humvee and it was less than reliable.....maps......MGRS Military Grid Reference System
  7. Indirect / Non-combat roles

    My biggest fear is people getting kicked because they want specific pilots. ARMA was horrible for this....you make one tiny mistake and you get booted. All of a sudden only a few people are being pilots. I think people should practice to get to a level of competency, but I really want to be able to change roles and try my hand at flying occasionally.
  8. Waepons Stats

    I disagree. Weapon stats will generally be almost meaningless if you use tactics correctly. Most shots miss, and should if you are suppressing and doing things correctly. As the game goes more widespread, the last thing you want is people trying to get their SAW hit rate high and not shoot rounds downrange and suppress for fear of having a crappy hit percentage. There will be people like this and I don't think it should be encouraged.
  9. Waepons Stats

    Weapon stats are good for individuals who want to show how cool they are..... The cool kids, in Squad, use SAWS and other weapons to suppress an area so his teammates can make it across the street without dying.......probably not hitting anyone as most people hide from accurate suppressing fire.
  10. Still no penalty for getting shot?

    I would consider adding shot animations and penalties more of a fine tuning aspect to the game.... I believe if we took a vote on whether we wanted the devs to work on vehicles or fine tuning animations I would guess vehicles would win out.... They said animation upgrades are coming and shot penalties are coming......what is not to believe?