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  1. How can i get skin in SQUAD?

    The title says everything
  2. My game is only running at 35 fps or lower. How can i fix it?
  3. I7-6700 16GB of RAM 980TI

    Should i reinstall my game?
  4. I7-6700 16GB of RAM 980TI

    can't fix it yet
  5. I7-6700 16GB of RAM 980TI

    I can't find it.
  6. Can't exceed 50fps no matter what grahics settings?

    I got 50 fps when i playing on 40 players server with epic settings res 2560x1440
  7. Vehicles coming in jan?

    I think they will take the Plane and Heli into game.

    My FPS still got 33 after new patch. Anyone know how to fix? My Specs: I5 4460 GTX 980TI 8gb

    -Yes i got 25 fps when playing on 100 mans server and 45 fps when playing on 50 mans server
  10. Auto Restart when playing SQUAD?

    I dont know why, when i playing squad around 30 mins or 10 mins it will auto restart? What is wrong with my PC? (Sometimes)
  11. Auto Restart when playing SQUAD?

    I just got restart when playing SQUAD.
  12. Auto Restart when playing SQUAD?

  13. Auto Restart when playing SQUAD?

    No, i got Desktop
  14. Hey guys!

    I have two problem: -There is no 2560x1440? -I tried Low settings, High and, Epic but the fps still locking at 30 fps? I dont know why. Tell me please. Thanks everyone.
  15. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    http://s479.photobucket.com/user/SydneyHuong/media/CoVNCH.png.html I want this flag, can you help me?
  16. Jets in the future?

    Yes, i want it too. We can support teammates from the air with F/A-18 Hornet and drop bomb on enemies :DDD.
  17. Hey guys!

    i think, its locked fps at 30 :)
  18. Hey guys!

    I5 4460, 980TI, 8gb