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  1. Are there any bot mods yet?

    Lets add AI Zombies to the game and call it SQUAD Z. lmfao !!! Squad is suppose to be unique, one of a kind !!! Not made into the same games that have been coming out for the last 20 years. This is SQUAD not ARMA, CSGO, COD, or a fast pace "Run & Gun" Game !!!!
  2. Helicopters.

    Ohhh Yeah Baby !!!!
  3. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    I had a GTX 760 2gb and I could barely get 25 -30 FPS on low....cough cough 50 - 60 fps coughbullshit
  4. Dont make that game same as Project reality !!

    The only thing that determines if a game is great or a pile of shit is gameplay. Shiny graphics does not !!!
  5. cheaters

    If you turn your gamma up and your AA off, it is easier to spot enemy in dense areas like grass or fields.
  6. Anyone here gone from 4790k to 7700k?

    I7-7700k GTX 1080ti 4.7GHz 90 - 110 + 80 player server
  7. Devblog - Out and About

    The best sound is from 1 - 4 seconds in my opinion
  8. Startup crash

    Your video card drivers
  9. Startup crash

    Try updating your drivers.
  10. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    WW2 is overrated !!!! How about some Vietnam mods, like you know with some actual flyable jets ? Best Vietnam game ever made and no i do not mean that pile of crap called battlefield bad company 2 Vietnam.
  11. Price drop?

    I've been playing "SQUAD" since the day it released to the public on STEAM, and i have been using an FX8350 - GTX 760 2gb @ 30 FPS.. I love this game so much that I just dropped $1,500 dollars for a new monster PC build just so i could play "SQUAD" talk about dedication !!! Man i can't wait until i can jump back into squad with 80 +FPS. Shiiit 40 dollars for squad ? Hell I would of paid 100 dollars for squad !!!
  12. This is what i hate about free weekends

    I love this game with a fiery passion, because it's unique and it's one of a kind ! (If you want to run & gun around like a bunch of monkeys screwing a football) Then i"d suggest you might as well just put 64 armed players inside of a locked phone booth and let em have at it spawn die spawn die spawn die spawn die............ or play COD/BF
  13. Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I played the beta for about 4/5 hours and in my opinion "GRW" is garbage, basically what it comes down to is call of duty with vehicles in an open environment. Ghost Recon Wildlands, is nothing but a shitty console port with shiny graphics, and crap for gameplay !