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  1. Squad ^^^^ ^^^^Community
  2. It's because they are planning on a bad ass Squad intro !
  3. You don't need no stink'n rewards !
  4. Man I can not wait especially now that I'm building a monster new rig just for Squad, and new releases.
  5. Turn the volume all the way up on that video, and then listen to it again my friend.
  6. Don't worry kid, as long as you're team player and keep voice chat "game related" you'll be fine !
  7. I believe the majority of us would much rather hear real gunfire sounds and effects from real life combat situations, and not some old sound file from an older or previously released games !!! First few minutes of this video is on the money !
  8. I would rather have the guns in Squad sound exactly like they do in real life, and not sound like call of duty , battlefield, or CSGO, insurgency !
  9. This sounds better
  10. I don't know if it's just a bug or if cheaters are starting to flood the servers.
  11. Shoot an enemy player from like 7 yards away using full auto, and he doesn't die. Just blood effects and bang I am dead even when I had the drop on him first !
  12. Can't wait to kill some poor bastard in a tank with the FGM -148 javelin !