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  1. Ok, i need help :(

    Make sure the PSU isn't being smothered by having the air vent facing down, and being blocked by sitting on the rug or on your desk.
  2. Ok, i need help :(

    Try changing your video card drivers. A few years ago I had a problem where my computer would randomly just shut down or restart on it's own. I spent days trying to solve the problem and nothing would fix it until I decided to put my PC into "safe mode" and changed my drivers.
  3. Team Calibration Indicator

    Yup, I read them and quite frankly I don't give a s***... don't you think the "Devs" already thought all of this out already ? Face palm
  4. Team Calibration Indicator

    There is no way to tell who is a noob or a veteran. The developers have already said that they're not adding rank into SQUAD. So Instead of making 20.000 threads about implementing rank in squad, just use the forums search box. FFS!!!
  5. Have plenty of storage space, can't update game for 9.15

    I had the same problem so i uninstalled squad off my hard drive, and reinstalled it on my SSD.
  6. SW:Battlefront 2

    When is battlefront 3, 4, 5,.... coming out ?
  7. SQUAD Parody - Free Weekend

  8. Rally Point Discussion

    Whether it's a infantry squad or mechanized squad, my point is that we should all be in the same squad together, and not have to split the squad up into a 7 man squad and a 2 man squad just so 2 guys can operate a armored vehicle. When they can easily all be in the same squad.
  9. Rally Point Discussion

    ^ First off having a full squad of 9 men splitting them into 2 separate fire teams "just a couple hundred yards from each other at the same cap zone/ location" while still operating as a whole 9 man squad together is not "COD Style" it's tactical !!! One squad = Fire team Alpha & Fire team Bravo SL RM = riflemen RM GR = grenadier MG AT AT MD = medic MD
  10. Rally Point Discussion

    I like to play realistically, because If I wanted to play Squad like COD I wouldn't of bought in the first place. But that is just me.... (1 Stryker + friendly infantry = slaughter to any vehicle especially with AT infantry) (1 Stryker no friendly infantry vs 2 BTR's = instant death)
  11. Rally Point Discussion

    There shouldn't be any locked squads period ! Why lock a Squad when the SL can just kick someone who is not being a team player. Maybe there is a squad leader who doesn't have a mic, just join another squad or start your own. Locked Squads do not promote team work, they promote totally the opposite. Well, as far as the rally point system goes.. Don't fix if it ain't broken ! By the way...You have 9 men in a Infantry Squad. 1 SL and 2 fire teams each fire team has 4 men. Those 8 men follow the SL's orders. If you are using a Stryker or a BTR, You do not operate it with just 2 men, it's called a "mechanized Infantry Unit" 2 men in the vehicle and the rest of the men on foot.The Infantry & the 2 men operating the vehicle work together as a whole. The vehicle covers the infantry, & the Infantry covers the vehicle! IT TAKES THE ENTIRE TEAM WORKING AS A WHOLE TO WIN A MATCH, NOT JUST TWO JACK ASSES IN A LOCKED SQUAD, USING ARMORED VEHICLES & WASTING ASSETS !
  12. Rally Point Discussion

  13. Team Calibration Indicator

    Like I have said before... If you want to Implement Rank into squad, join a clan that uses a ranking structure Example Clan name, rank, your name. SOD,Pvt,Devastation
  14. Air Vehicles