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  1. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Nice initiative Desmo. I remember stalking all the names in that PR thread when I was learning to SL myself :p
  2. [3dAC] - 3rd Armoured Cavalry - Recruitment

    That is the sound of the gates of hell opening and the souls of the damned calling your name. Fuck me.
  3. Operational Detachment Sierra

    OD-S is still very active in PR with our public server, and in Squad with mulitiple members of the QA team. Look out for us during the Closed Pre-Alpha
  4. Tickets should not be visible

    I agree with most of your post but I can't agree with this. The Squad Leaders word is law, anything else is chaos, anything else is non-functional. There are a few systems that are self policing in Squad/PR. If you don't want to work with anyone you'll get booted out of every squad, and that's how it should be. But it works in reverse: if you are a bad Squad Lead, or an asshole or dictatorial then people can vote with their feet and leave. And that is also as it should be. In regard to the Commander it gets a bit more difficult. Giving the CO more powers to influence and direct the battle would make the game more interesting in my eyes. But it would also be more difficult to police, you cannot exactly just leave the team if your CO is bad or griefing or afk or whatever. Or you can but its not the same as finding another squad to join. Assuming we could get over that having the CO be the only one that understands the teams position and can see how many reinforcements his team has left would be one way of increasing the COs influence.
  5. Tickets should not be visible

    "In real life" is not a reason for doing anything. This is a game. If there is not a good gameplay rationale for doing something it has not been thought through. To play devils advocate you could for instance argue that having the commander only know the exact number of tickets a team possesses would necessitate communication between the CO and the team. It could also give the CO some "leverage" in issuing orders, which is a real issue in PR right now, most COs are glorified eyes in the sky.
  6. Tickets should not be visible

    This seems like an unnecessary layer of obfuscation, and for what purpose? You would not make the finishing line in a racing game invisible or move it around randomly; if you utterly revoke the players knowledge of the win conditions you risk turning the game into a crapshoot.
  7. Shovel Progress Bar

    I think its better to confer information implicitly rather than explicitly where possible, so the multiple stages of construction as opposed to a loading bar. Minimising HUD and saving loading bars for something that its very difficult to inform the player about otherwise makes the most sense.
  8. Countering Streaming?

    I am not sure how familiar you are with live streaming platforms FogHorn, but if you go to any random Twitch.tv channel you will see a chat window on the right. Any streamer worth his or her salt will interact with that chat, but that just means having a mic and occasionally reading and responding, not typing out replies. The fact of the matter is when information and objectives have such a permanence in the game environment (e.g. defensive positions or FoB placements) and can be relevant for a good long time its going to be nigh on impossible to shut out stream cheaters. Even with an obscured map or a sizeable delay it will still be possible to make an educated guess about defensive positions, and if you watch long enough you are going to find out where FoBs are when respawning takes place. PR and Squad are just not going to be ideal games for live streamers sadly. I could however envision some interesting post-production gameplay footage with commentary. It would be particularly interesting from the perspective of an SL, for instance, to hear them talk about their decision making, and why they moved this way, and what went wrong here and how they had to adjust their plans etc. I don't think anyone has done a series like that yet.
  9. Shovel melee

    Alright. But only if it makes a comedy cartoon "bong" sound whenever you whack someone with it.
  10. Why MLP ...

    People shouldn't like things that I don't like. If I don't like it it is not worth liking. I'm a grumpy internet person. Waaaaaaaaaah!
  11. Shacktac Squad/fireteam Hud

    Since the removal of tags and those little green arrows that point your squads mates out to you squad cohesion in PR has suffered a great deal. I think minimal HUD is good but I do not think zero HUD is the ideal. I would probably be in favour of a squad radar, but preferably a more subtle method could be found.
  12. Nope. Call it a multiple squad assault, call it whatever you like, the example can be expanded quite easily. The crux of it is how do you manage those walking wounded without compromising your squads cohesion by having to send people back to CCPs xxxm or Xkms away or whatever and should players really be put in a position where breaking squads apart is a viable or necessary choice given how detrimental that is to teamwork and cohesion.
  13. I played PR with a Legionnaire today, same guy? I never even knew about Joint Ops to be honest. Whats the craic?
  14. *Warning Post May Contain Theory Crafting* Ok I will agree that it may not force you to split up the squad, but your second point is simply not practical. You will take casualties doing literally anything. Or to put it another way if you are not taking casualties you are probably not in the game. All right, my original post was perhaps somewhat flippant. Here is a scenario. Your squad is moving to attack an objective. You get into a firefight on the way to the objective. You take casualties (because that's a thing that happens) but ultimately win the fight and wipe the enemy squad. Your options are now these: Revive and heal, keep the squad together and push on with your attack even though not everyone is 100% combat effective. Revive and heal, split up the squad sending the wounded back to a CCP but push on with the healthy members of the squad. Revive and heal, keep the squad together and retreat as a whole towards a CCP. Revive and heal, split up the squad sending the wounded back to a CCP but holding some kind of defensible position with the rest of the squad and waiting to be regrouped. Revive and heal, keep the squad together and attempt to establish a forward CCP along your attack vector. Now of these options the ones I am going to pick last and hopefully never are the ones that involve splitting up the squad. So lets talk about the others in design terms, in terms of this being a game and what sort of reward or satisfaction is the player deriving from the experience. You won the fight, your reward is you get to push on with your attack at diminished strength. Not a huge incentive. You won the fight, your reward is you all get to retreat away from your objective in order to heal up at a CCP. Also not a great incentive. The best of the bunch, but entirely hinges on how easy it will be to set up forward CCPs. Which if PR is anything to go on, not that easy. Here is a thought; in PR you get into a fight, you take casualties, but ultimately win the the fight. Your reward is everyone gets to be revived ship-shape and you are able to press your advantage. In the admittedly completely hypothetical above example I'm not seeing how the player or the squad is rewarded for making gains. One final thought; if as a squad leader I see a major window of opportunity to press my advantage what I am probably going to do is tell all the wounded guys to give up and have them respawn on a squad rally point. I would rather immediately be able to press my advantage with a 100% combat effective force at the cost of a few tickets than have to do most of those other things.
  15. When people say "casualty evac" I get feverish nightmares of my squad strung out to *hyperbole warning* every point of the compass. Anything that forces you to split up the primary cohesive unit of teamwork in the game (i.e The Squad) is not well considered in my eyes.