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  1. Squad Server Files Released!

    yes pls I have to buy squad again on my new server with google fiber we plan to have a 100 slot licensed server up by this weekend [HTG]HighTimesGaming.net [US]Chicago
  2. Happens to me when we load Logar AAS, I have not loaded the map sins yesterday and no server crash yet . Seems like the 3's map on your list is also Logar AAS
  3. I have the files, now where can I upload them ? pvt msg me e mail or something ?
  4. is it called UE4minidump.dmp ?and CrashContext.runtime-xml?
  5. ok ill get the files from yesterday
  6. Server License but no files?

    I got my license also waiting for the files 100 slot server here we go :)
  7. Ever sins V5 update my server crashes every third map that loads . Idk maybe memory leak or we just keep getting DDOS . This only started happening after the update .
  8. Head shots , Direct nade or RPG UNREVIVABLE

    So that means Ill have a official server and a modded one :)
  9. Head shots , Direct nade or RPG UNREVIVABLE

    I really just want to see blood splatter turbins , helmets , sandals flying . Maybe medic begin able to drag a downed teammate into cover :)
  10. Head shots , Direct nade or RPG UNREVIVABLE

    :( just trying to spice it up
  11. I have a few Ideas, if someone is shot in the head or get hit with a direct RPG or Grenade they should be unrevivable, that means you lose a ticket right away. The grenades or any other explosive should have a radius if you get caught in the center of the explosion you will not be able to get revived. Maybe make a death animation for a headshot and explosives. Headshot=Turbin goes flying and bullet hole decal and the same with helmets. Explosion = sandals and turbin or helmet and boots go flying . Those not in the direct blast will only get wounded . How about some blood decals, like if I'm running and get shot the person behind me gets covered in blood or anything behind me If I get shot should have a blood splatter, but only last for a few seconds. Maybe find a way to share ammo in combat, small things like that would make the game more exiting.
  12. ViLayer is not bad , after i posted this they got back to me an hour later I've been with them sins the steam launch, and for me the $$ is not bad and at the time they were the only host with 72 slots. But with full server at 72 slots the server cant handle it . If you do go with ViLayer I recommend 64 slots max and I also pay for Real time server process priority and I don't even think that helps lol.
  13. Server starts to fill up then the match ends, then just black screen. Some were able to load, but most of them got a black screen and we lost most of the players. Ammo wont work at main spawn, and you can only ban someone when they are online. We should be able to ban people when they are offline. I ban someone for a day and they come right back with a slighty different name and are able to get in.
  14. Thank you this worked