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  1. I don't know if i'm the only one that bothers that you can see the view-direction of the other soldiers on the map. At least i didn't see any feedback of that kind in the other v5-map-topics. I think it's ok to the other team-member as dots on the map but the view-direction is too much because it destorys a part of the realism
  2. Ammo truck capture

    The ability to steal the enemys logistic would be great :)
  3. SL map interaction and placing markers

    I think it would be a great idea if the squad member only see the marker of their leader. The leader should see (in grey with a number?) the marker of the other leaders.
  4. Dry Environments (Iraq-Afghanistan)

    Dry maps would be great :wub:
  5. How about hear the Squad Leader-Channel in a small radius of a FOB/Radio ? I think it might be helpful for fresh spawned player and interesting for enemys too capturethe FOB without destroying it immediately
  6. Agree: 2),3),5),8) 1) I like it to open the map every time. Maybe its bit annoying but its realistic. The game shouldnt be too easy :D
  7. I've got an additional idea: How about hearing the Squad Leader-Channel in a small radius of a FOB? It would be nice if you can here the enemy orders if you overrun a enemy FOB :)
  8. How about implement female soldiers in the game? Just because ... why not? :D
  9. Waypoints

    Waypoints on the compass would be great, on the screen it would bother