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  1. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

    Thank you all very much for the kind words! No metal unfortunately, as much as I am a fan of metal! As with some of the PR music, I try to deal with the emotions and feeling attached to war, as well as capturing the atmosphere. I try to distance myself from cliched music that is associated with First Person Shooters.
  2. New main menu music (v3.3)

    Thank you all! :) I can confirm the first volume will be released in January to the backers. This will be posted on my website tomorrow.
  3. New main menu music (v3.3)

    Thanks all for the kind words! I will have the 3 tracks on my Soundcloud and YouTube when the steam version is released.
  4. dat soundtrack though.....

    Thank you Warfox! We are thinking about doing music in between rounds. Appreciate the support
  5. dat soundtrack though.....

    Lol, I suppose I compose an epic 3 second piece
  6. dat soundtrack though.....

    Haha, absolutely. I will post up a teaser shortly (possibly in a week) with some more menu music Thanks Koschilein!
  7. That soundtrack tho...

    Cheers folks, I'm glad you're enjoying Squad. The menu music is still being produced but im glad you like it!
  8. dat soundtrack though.....

    Hey Harnis, I'm really glad you like it, its still being composed as you may notice it cuts out after about 2 minutes! Enjoy playing Squad S
  9. Squad Music

    Thank you so much carmikaze I dont just my what I sell online
  10. Squad Music

    Haha! Cheers That's okay, I welcome a bit of friendly stalking
  11. Squad Music

    Another update, enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/scotttobin/squad-family
  12. Squad Music

    I will be posting more music this week, stay tuned! Yes you and your squad can use the music in your videos but you will need to credit me. Lol.. Definitely a no:)
  13. Squad Music

    Cheers dude :-) there will be, I promise.
  14. Squad Music

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DteFGOVp9uw https://soundcloud.com/scotttobin/squad-soundtrack-the-call Small teaser...
  15. Squad Music

    Got there before me enjoy. Feel free to ask any questions about the soundtrack.