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  1. My game will not launch. I've have no error message that pops up on my screen. Another window does pop up but it doesn't do anything. The windows name is PCD3D_SM5. I've re installed this game countless times. I've tried uses my friends .ini files and replacing them with mine. This problem is persistent and is very frustrating. i've requested help on reddit and the software section on these forums, no-one knows what the issue is. I've played this game before and now this randomly occurs. If anyone knows a fix please respond!!
  2. Squad crash do Desktop without any error message.

    I have the exact same problem. I really need help on this too!
  3. So I am encountering a startup issue whenever I try to launch the game. When I would launch the game, it would go through the initial logo box, then it would go to the game, however the game isn't responding. I would constantly just see a desktop screen. I've only recently started to encounter this problem. I have a good amount of hours in this game already but this issue is preventing me to play this game. I have tried reinstalling the game and updated my driver. This issue is still persistent. Any tips??
  4. Creating a party

    If found that usually people play together with friends. As this was very common back in project reality. I would recommend an idea for players who want to party up before going into matches so that they jon play togther. From my own personal experience, I found it frustrating that my friends were able to get into a game stay on one side, where I would have to be on the other side. This brings the idea of outfits / clans almost useless as most of the time you would be fighting against them. Its just an idea to get a party system going. It would be very helpful to see one!.