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  2. It's a known bug at the moment. Read the first answer in this thread: http://forums.joinsquad.com/index.php?/topic/27071-Weapon-skins-only-work-in-training-mod
  3. It sucks when people don't play the game in a fare way... Skickat från min ALE-L21 via Tapatalk
  4. We need locked squads. After implementation of this we will see more dedicated squads (APC, trans, logi), wich means more activity in main base.
  5. The source I heard it from:
  6. Be aware. I have seen lots of topic's saying AMD processors in general have problems in Squad. Before you spend money on a new processor make a search on the forums about AMD. The Devs even jokes about it due to it being (I believe) an UE4 problem.
  7. A mod (standalone?) is already in the works. http://postscriptumgame.com/what-is-post-scriptum It looks very professional and I think they work closely with Squad Devs. Answer to your question is yes. [emoji2]
  8. I have the exact same flickering on bushes and other objects aswell. I use FXAA because with TXAA it looks like a water painting.
  9. +1 Skickat från min ALE-L21 via Tapatalk
  10. Go prone when you spawn in. You can squeeze through almost everything. Trust me it really works.
  11. WTF? The HAB is 2x4 meters with 4 exits... [emoji23]
  12. My best advise is to have shadows on "medium", shadows eats frames. Also Nvidia Control Panel helped me alot! Got at least 10fps.
  13. Just my thoughts aswell! Khamisiyah would be perfect for both vehicles and infantry. [emoji2]
  14. Squad stream - Preview https://youtu.be/JkCMxUWTPlw Combat footage
  15. [emoji324] Congratulations!!! [emoji324]
  16. Exactly my thoughts! It's way to many AT-kits in play at the moment. Make them harder to use or/and limit them to ONE AT-kit per squad.
  17. Whatever fix the "Battlefieldish" high paste gameplay will make me very happy. This game still feels to arcady and something has to be done. Suggestions: - Nerf rallypoints - Nerf use of rockets - Nerf the way you aim - More penalty for shooting after sprinting I like the previous suggestions in this thread [emoji6], something in that direction would be good.
  18. I hope mortars will be working same way as in PR.
  19. Oh, there would be so many bodies after a full round. [emoji15] Please no. Also performance heavy. I agree on the makng ragdolls look more heavy. But after all I am pretty happy with how they work at the moment.
  20. Squad Leaders should use "Order markers" more often. I see way to many SLs not using this function. "Comrose" Map Its important to use these markers because they will show up on map aswell as on Squad members compass. ! BE AWARE, OTHER MARKERS THAN ORDER-MARKERS WONT SHOW UP ON COMPASS ! In Project Reality every SLs using Them, please SLs use these markers more in Squad. :-)
  21. My game runs better in V9. [emoji1] Especially when using binoculars I got much better framerate. 3770K, GTX660, 16gb 1600MHz, SSD
  22. Doesnt the US use LAV anymore? I thought it would be ingame before the Bradley to match BTR-82...
  23. I agree with OP. As the title said: "Locked squads for IFV". IFV dont got much room for infantry inside it and I see no problem in locking a squad for only IFV drivers/gunners. The other squads should then use simple communication with IFV-squad for firesupport. And I dont see a problem with locked APC-squads either. If someone needs a pickup​, communicate between squads and they will pick you up.