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  1. February Recap

    New Hesco textures looks amazing! Great work! I was hoping for some helicopter status information in this recap...
  2. Alpha 10

    I just want to say Good job!
  3. V10 release February 5th!

    Iam still waiting for an even more official release annotation. I found the video on Squads YouTube page and it seems like the main video at the steam store page is showing it. But haven't read anything regarding release time yet.
  4. Alpha 10 Public Test

    V10 release February the 5th ??!!
  5. Alpha 10 Public Test

    There is a way I always use. In Steam Overlay click View->Players, then look for the player in the list (sort on name column). It shows people from recent/current server you playing on. Works on other games as well.
  6. August 2017 Recap

    Will weapon lowering be implemented in the animation update? Didn't see it in the pre-changelist. Sgt.Ross:
  7. Never Recieved Founder Skins

    It's a known bug at the moment. Read the first answer in this thread: http://forums.joinsquad.com/index.php?/topic/27071-Weapon-skins-only-work-in-training-mod
  8. Al Basrah radio exploit

    It sucks when people don't play the game in a fare way... Skickat från min ALE-L21 via Tapatalk
  9. We need locked squads. After implementation of this we will see more dedicated squads (APC, trans, logi), wich means more activity in main base.
  10. Would you play a WWII Squad game?

    The source I heard it from:
  11. Recommended CPU(AM3+)

    Be aware. I have seen lots of topic's saying AMD processors in general have problems in Squad. Before you spend money on a new processor make a search on the forums about AMD. The Devs even jokes about it due to it being (I believe) an UE4 problem.
  12. Would you play a WWII Squad game?

    A mod (standalone?) is already in the works. http://postscriptumgame.com/what-is-post-scriptum It looks very professional and I think they work closely with Squad Devs. Answer to your question is yes. [emoji2]
  13. Flickering since V9

    I have the exact same flickering on bushes and other objects aswell. I use FXAA because with TXAA it looks like a water painting.
  14. +1 Skickat från min ALE-L21 via Tapatalk
  15. HAB exit positions

    Go prone when you spawn in. You can squeeze through almost everything. Trust me it really works.
  16. HAB exit positions

    WTF? The HAB is 2x4 meters with 4 exits... [emoji23]
  17. FPS boost in Al Basrah?

    My best advise is to have shadows on "medium", shadows eats frames. Also Nvidia Control Panel helped me alot! Got at least 10fps.
  18. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Just my thoughts aswell! Khamisiyah would be perfect for both vehicles and infantry. [emoji2]
  19. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Squad stream - Preview https://youtu.be/JkCMxUWTPlw Combat footage
  20. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    [emoji324] Congratulations!!! [emoji324]