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  1. My game runs better in V9. [emoji1] Especially when using binoculars I got much better framerate. 3770K, GTX660, 16gb 1600MHz, SSD
  2. Doesnt the US use LAV anymore? I thought it would be ingame before the Bradley to match BTR-82...
  3. I agree with OP. As the title said: "Locked squads for IFV". IFV dont got much room for infantry inside it and I see no problem in locking a squad for only IFV drivers/gunners. The other squads should then use simple communication with IFV-squad for firesupport. And I dont see a problem with locked APC-squads either. If someone needs a pickup‚Äč, communicate between squads and they will pick you up.
  4. Oh! This was super useful in PR. Good idea to bring it back! Interesting idea!
  5. Thats exactly what I mean! [emoji6] "Move here", "Attack there", "Keep an eye on that", "Build this"... And its easy for squadmembers to check map or compass to see where to find what to do.
  6. Also read this earlier in the week. Someone is working on a Helicopter mod. http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=150 I really, REALLY want trans-heli in the game now!
  7. Found this on Twitter some days ago... https://twitter.com/JoinSquad/status/838971086737846273
  8. Squad Leaders should use "Order markers" more often. I see way to many SLs not using this function. "Comrose" Map Its important to use these markers because they will show up on map aswell as on Squad members compass. ! BE AWARE, OTHER MARKERS THAN ORDER-MARKERS WONT SHOW UP ON COMPASS ! In Project Reality every SLs using Them, please SLs use these markers more in Squad. :-)
  9. Happens to me 2-3 times every round. I use buttons on my mouse to talk. I would also like a fix. :-)
  10. I guess they will implement an LAV. So lets wait for that to fill the gap. ;-) (Found some UE footage of an LAV)
  11. Keep it to one HAB per FOB. If they got it coverd that means your team didnt defend it good enough. Start over, bring supplies to a new location and build a HAB there. I think its way to easy to spawn into battle with the existing Rallypoints, FOBs should not be there to encurage people to give up and insta spawn.
  12. This FOB/HAB update is amasing! FOBs shouldnt be used as "stealth fobs". Use your Rallypoint for that purpose. FOBs are intended to be used as forward operating base. And please Keep it to one spawnpoint per FOB.
  13. Yes. I can confirm disable all Steam Inventory stuff worked.
  14. If you have to start the game in windowed mode. Try press alt+enter when ingame. This should make it fullscreen. Atleast you dont have to change it in the settings every time. [emoji4]