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  1. Surprise Attack V10

  2. Spartan 4 (ZG) Videos

  3. Spartan 4 (ZG) Videos

    I really want some of the tech they have on my channel on the helicopters of squad. Will post actual flight at night
  4. Vehicle Acceleration via Mouse Wheel

    thanks I hope some day it may get implemented to the game, I always felt games with vehicles needed something to make difference of vehicle speed
  5. Vehicle Acceleration via Mouse Wheel

    Could also be done like how Arma 2 not 3 has done it, all vehicles if you hold w long enough will gain up to its full speed but if you hold w for a few seconds it would keep lock at certain speed for each vehicle let's say a gauge to 100% holding w for 10 seconds will give you full 100 holding w for 9 seconds will give you 90% speed
  6. I forget which game I have done this before; but what I have done was when I press W to accelerate the vehicle instead of shift, I have my mouse wheel add or subtract the acceleration for w and for s which is for reverse. I wonder If this suggestion sounds any good for you guys. For example while many people like press shift for certain games to boost acceleration, This mouse wheel option will allow you to change the speed of the vehicle like in real cars, useful for adjusting speeds when moving to certain areas city wise. What do you guys think about this suggestion?
  7. no reason to be rude dude, also I work hard, there is a reason why I have a BA, I was born in Salvador worked hard and became a U.S Citizen and worked hard to earn what I gain, All I was wondering was after latest updates why my temps were getting to high. Since you like to be rude instead of helping out then it seems your comment was a waste in this thread
  8. Sorry for double Post, I believe I have fixed it, settings to 120hz made my gpu finally idle at 34-40 Celcius and forcing SQUAD to go up to 120fps I get while playing in firing range 73 Celsius at 52% fan speed
  9. ya, I might do that. I just figured out 144hz makes my memory clock locked to 1500, I will be going to 120hz see if there is any difference
  10. I will do this soon, when I come back from work, because it seems weird why this is happening again. my driver is latest 16.7.3 not 16.8.1 because that is beta My System Specs CASE - NZXT Phantom 410 White OS - Windows 10 Pro 64bit CPU - I7 6700 3.5GHZ / Thermaltake NiC C5 Untouchable GPU - MSI R9 390X OC 8gb gddr5 STOCK GPU GPU DRIVER - AMD Crimson Windows 10 64bit PSU - Raidmax RX850AE 80Gold MOBO - ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Ram - 16gb gddr4 3000MHZ Vyper Headset - Sennheiser PC 363D Keyboard - Logitech g105 cod editon Keyboard Mouse - Redragon Mammoth Gaming Mouse 16400dpi Monitor - ASUS VG278HE 27-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor 144hz 2ms
  11. On the firing range alone I get around maxed out settings 140-190 fps. even with locked fps of 144 I still get this extreme temps of 93 celsius on my MSI R9 390X graphics card. I can't wonder what would make only this game go to that amount of temperature. I did a unreal valley and heaven test for 24 hours and both test never went past the 80 celsius mark at 76% fan speed; But with SQUAD in only 5 minutes of the Firining Range I get max fan speed at 90-93 Celsius. I don't know how to explain this, I feel its something to do with the game mainly on how its using the gpu. I know this is alpha and all just worried that it can cause damage to the card.