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  1. Beta 17 Public Testing

    How much times renews artilery, UAV and A10? how long?
  2. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Nice work! Is working but NEED solution to this problem!!! Please DEVS fix this problem. At the moment this is the important problem. Until the fix your players can not use they joy free. "Throttle = Atleast works (On/Off, no analog)"
  3. Hi There, I have problem. I would like use My TM Hotas x but at the moment i can not remapping that. Unfortunately the throtle is working like rudder and axis 4 work like throtle. I can not change over that two axis in game. I tried to be use the out side software to config but at the moment working crossly the Squad base joystick setup and the remapped too so two functions on the same axis. LoL. I deleted Steam controller. So My question is: How I can setup My joy axis or how can I clear the joystick in the game? Thanks for any helpfull answer! I would like swap the Z and RZ axis.
  4. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    Hi All, Someone can tell me why Squad do not support My joy? At the first start I did see some joy setup, but already missing. Windows is see my joy 100% working order, but Squad is not. Pesonaly to Me missing the feeling of the speed. In BF2 or PR was a bit better. There I feelt the speed better. According Me the heli not enough mobile (manoverable).
  5. Alpha 15 Released

    Hey Devs! We are arrived to the A15. Nice work! But in your game no physics to vehicles. Stop do it more bight and shiny vehicles. Do they physics good. Let to your players shot over above barriors. This problems even stronger problems in your game. Fix thoes problems first. Fix the hitbox silde and caracter slide what we see non the screen. So fix this problems because even inportant then any new veichles or maybe helis in the next version. By this physics the helis... thx for reading!
  6. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    Nothing we are speak him English. Other way we are use discord. So we never brother anybody our language. Our intrest too how our team will be win. Information and team play base the understanding. That key to win. I think. So if you are a fire team leader and you play with your mate you will be use your mother tongue. Do you? That easier. Allways if joining somebody to our squad we are tell him "We are national squad. We are use discord to communication." but if he is stay we are speak him english and squad lead use the ingame voice too.
  7. 5 worst things to do in Squad...

    One thing the rush tactic. Back cap with one man? NO. Would be need to whole squad to cap but minimum 5 persons. Next. Need prevent the rush tactic. How? Only can build FOB occupied zone around and that 100 meters radius and if no occupied zone behind the attacked capture point that goes to be NOGO zone like by mainbase +radius 50 meters. Another thing this fear factor(moving aim and red screen) no good. Lose more point for give up lose 2 or 3 points. Who are use the give up button give more time to respawn. After every give up his respwan time increases with 5-10 second. If only use give up button.
  8. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    Yep is truth if you mother tongue is English. If you are use different languages on they server you will be kicked. So this is discriminative. My clan is a Hungarian clan. Why we can not seek our mother tongue? We are communicate on the squad leads chanel English. Why we can not use our mothet tounge among us?? Admin on the server told us " we will be kick if we not communicate on English language." So if i would be a French or German or any other nation i have to communicate on English with My clan mate too if i am not i will be kick? LoL. (they will be kicked us) Day after day i been communicating on my dizzy English. Next they will be kick from the live if i use My mother tongue? Europian Union LAW "LAW to the mother tongue". The TLR is an Europian Union clan (yet BREXIT). Dear TLR you and your "hungarian" clan mate brake law if you ask that.
  9. February 2019 Recap

    Hi there, I would like to be ask when the Dev will be fix the shooting over above walls, blockage or will make those situations live like. At the moment is not real if we squatted down in front of walls so close and our scope over on the wall we can not shoot over above. scope:guns barrel distance only 10-12 cm 4-5 inches. I happy see the improvement of the game, but first the free shooting will be primary in the shooter game. I know that is not a big and spectacular improve but it would be more and more important then new vehicles.
  10. Squad is dead or not ?

    Mate! You can be disagree, but this game going to be worst and worst day after day. Net coding of the game is shit. No equalisation to the ping. I mean here you go in to the room and your enemy no come in to the room. He is teleporting in and you die. And like in the MoHAA leaning persons hitbox no there. Devs! this is the 15 years old problem!!!!!! all gamer shoot already lean position. So what is the realistic in this game. 15 years old problems in the game! And other exactly same problem with the high ping like in the CoD2. If your enemy use the different network card setup (high ping) be the unshotable. An other your hitbox and your caracter looks over on the hill top if you see your caracter behind the horizont. This is 15 years old problem as well. So this is the 5 years old beta game where no step ahead only polishing clown. no step ahead. Like PS. Devs, need more work on the game and forget make more fun videos about your plan.
  11. When do you wanna fix hand grenade throwing bug? I think here when we throw a grenade to the side of door that glancing back before door?(what about the billiard, or pool ) would be lifelike if the grenade bouncing to door, or a bit over on the line of door. (of course in the room) When do you handling that problem when i would like shot over on the barricade the barrel of the gun turning in to the sandbag, or any other things? Would be lifelike if the barrel is moving over on the barricade top because we would like shot over on that. When do you like fixing the problem by the laying solider shot in the soil before him self? (the magazine 150-200 millimeters between the barrel) So if we see the enemy with out the scope why we can not shot over on soil before as? That will be lifelike if we can shot over on that. Do you think? Why I got damage if only my guns barrel out of windows? Why grenade make damages on me if I am behind the wall? I love this game! I just curious. THX!
  12. Graphic exploiters / cheaters

    No screenshot. No game. That`s all. One times no screenshot uploaded: warn on screen. Second times no screenshot uploaded: 1 one hour ban. Third times no screenshot uploaded: 1 day ban. Fourth times no screenshot uploaded: Perm ban. That players can be fix that problem in one day. Mate, Anyway if someone use cheat always will be use that. If you or they will start speak about the firewalls, that no reason to excuse because if firewall block the Steam and Squad too those player`s can not play online with the Squad. Need very hard step up against cheaters!
  13. Graphic exploiters / cheaters

    Hi There, I have idea to recognise wall hackers. It is not a new idea but in this time lot easy build in to the Squad. The idea bases the screenshot and the object recognising. First thing what have to do: The Squad take dedicated screenshot after every 7 or 10 kills. After the match screenshots will be upload to a server. Second step: Download all the screenshots and the this software ( https://www.ibm.com/watson/developercloud/visual-recognition.html ) or other checking over all screenshots and separate all suspect screenshots. Any different colored square or any other things what is not part of the games shall be eliminated. Third step: Any chosen suspect screenshots have to checking personally. Fourth step: Ban the mot.....kers! Other possibility: When the screenshot is has been made can make a memory process list too.
  14. Head shot feedback

    I see and agree with you guys. I do not know why Dev`s forget by all new games the ping equalisation. That work well in the early Counter-Strikes. I do not know why they do not use that little script? Or give us a console orders where we can setup the optimal server rate? The problem is by the ping difference among the players. I do not know why we are not playing on the server? Why the server check all the times the opponent players positions before bullet impact after the shot what you take? We are play on the servers not on the other player`s computer. I think that is the hit detection problem. I hope you understand my dizzy English! So stop checking the opponent player movement after the shot what you take in 150 meter. Bullet arrive on this distance less time then server can be check opponent movement. Bullets speed 600 meter/sec. Ping 50m/s+process on server+80m/s+answer 80m/s+server process+50m/s to your computer=near 300m/s=0,3 second. Think is 0,3 second is no time in this game.
  15. Hi all, Glad to be between you! Good luck and have fun! See you in the battlefield!