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  1. November 2017 Recap

    It would be nice if they added a damage model that impacts gameplay. Examples: Headshots should be perm death with no ability to revive. It would give a risk and reward function during firefights. Remove the ability to sprint if the character get's shot in the legs or is near death until they are patched. Gives a advantage to whoever has the drop on another player and a advantage on hunting down wounded players Add a function to slow down the bleeding when wounded, function similar in Rainbow Six: Siege when down and bleeding out, this would inhibit the wounded to fire his weapon or run while slowing the bleeding, gives players a ability to have some survivability when wounded with no bandages. Visibilible visual effect of the enemy being wounded and is bleeding. This would require more animations to be added, it allows players to assess which enemies are more of a threat during firefights.
  2. An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad

    I have the same problem. I did all the above steps in reinstalling including deleting the squad folders in the steamapps folder and in the appdata folder. After this 9.8 update. I cannot play Squad. EDIT: I fixed the problem. The solution was i had to update my videocard drivers. I updated it 2 weeks ago, but apparently the previous nvidia drivers didn't work with the new UE release.
  3. I know the general idea of squad is to follow chain and command and orders. So we have the Squad leaders create build locations for sandbags, emplacements and so. But the thing is, it limits the ability of players and isn't completely realistic and needs a overhaul for a better gameplay experience. For example, if there was the parts of a important weapon like a SPG recoiless rifle. And I knew the enemy had a APC coming my way. I probably would begin assembling the weapon just for my own protection regardless if my squad leader told me to or not. The current system doesn't allow players to do that. The new feature of allowing individual rifleman to build sandbags is a step in the right direction. I think the system needs to be designed to allow individual rifleman to construct and fortify positions while allowing the Squad Leader to have the final decision. How this can be achieved will require one thing that should be added to the game and will make it feel more realistic. We should allow players to drag or carry created assets around and place them. The Squad Leader should be able to de-construct assets or lock them in place. That is a much better and more realistic system. Observers who are watching enemies creating a defensive position would see what real soldiers do to create them, they will see them assembling assets and moving them around. It's not realistic with the current system to see soldiers shoveling a object and it generates itself slowly statically. There needs to be 2 stages of assets: Unconstructed Phase - where the asset is not ready for use and is in a pile of pieces (For sandbags this would be empty bags on the ground) If it's something like a SPG recoiless rifle, perhaps several pieces must be put together, but the smaller pieces can be moved around quicker than if the entire SPG was made because individual smaller pieces wouldn't be as heavy. Constructed Phase - Asset is completed and ready to use, can be dragged around or carried and placed. (This should slow soldiers who are moving the asset around in this phase as the asset would be heavier) Rifleman should be able to create their own sandbags and drag them around. They should have several sandbags in their equipment. When they want to build a line of sandbags, they have to shovel and fill them up. Once the small line of bags are filled with sand, the player should be able to drag the sandbags to where he wants, and repeat the process if he wants more. If he needs more bags, he has to refill his inventory by getting more bags from the FOB. Another reason why the current system isn't good, is the because cut off squads cannot build defenses for themselves. The idea of sandbags needing supplies to be created doesn't really make sense. All you need to do is fill the bags with sand and place them. As long as the soldiers have the bags on them and the ground has sand, they can build it right? It would be nice for a cut off squad to be able to fortify their position with sandbags and just wait for their squad to relieve them. This happens often during a bad fire-fight and half your squad is killed and then respawns elsewhere. I was hoping the FOB building system would be more similar to ARMA's PR system which felt more realistic. In my opinion things like sandbags, barb wire should just be equipment based items that can be placed individually by soldiers. It will allow the creation of the FOB to be more realistic, quicker and natural. In real life, I would not sit around waiting for my squad leader to tell me to create some sandbags if I knew the enemy was attacking soon. I would already be doing it, it's just a natural reaction to survival. Dev's please consider making the building system better, as I think it would improve the gameplay. The building system is what makes Squad unique compared to other FPS games and should be updated.
  4. I'm not really seeing many squad leaders use colored smoke to their advantage. Perhaps a useful tutorial like a video guide can be used to teach squad leaders the importance of marking targets and friendly positions with colored smoke when communicating with other squads?
  5. Game Modes with Realistic Objectives

    Yeah, Arma is very customizable for a game. That's one of the great aspects of it. I personally can't play Arma tho because no matter what I do. The game never works properly. There's always bugs or problems with the engine itself. The experience just doesn't feel good. The only time I enjoy the game is playing singleplayer when the firefights feel as smooth as Squad's. Multiplayer on Arma games never feels right, the net code is bad and the hit detection doesn't work properly. I get frustrated and quit every time I try. I do agree that many games use the AAS mechanic of leap frogging towards new objectives. But for me, I'd really wish Squad featured objectives that were more realistic and really rewarded players for doing them. AAS is pretty much conventional warfare while Insurgency is a focus on asymmetrical warfare. I know Squad is in alpha and more vehicles will come later. I'm just writing these suggestions to give the developers some ideas as they continue to make the game. I'm sure some of the developers used to play Project Reality. In PR, there was a lot of radar stations, generators on the map just as building models. The mod developers put these in because these were visual designs often placed on the capture points of the map. This created the illusion that the capture zones were something more important than just ticket bleeders. In real life, militaries would be trying to control these types of assets as radar is very important for locating enemy assets, generators provide power, supple depots provide supplies, and sometimes there might be left over abandoned heavy assets on battlefields that commanders would try to seize for their armies. On another suggestion. maybe in the future, there can be Surface to Air-Missile sites as objectives because I know helicopters will eventually arrive and maybe jets too. It would make sense to have a commander like there was in PR that gives objectives to his squads to carry out. Such as setting up a SAM site, or capturing munitions depots. I really think Squad could feature something incredible compared to other games with military themes. The removal of the AAS style of leap frogging which exists in almost every other military FPS game would only make Squad stand out even more. Having realistic objectives like the examples I listed would make the game have mechanics that usually only exists for real time strategy games. Yes some of these ideas will require work, but I'm just offering some creativity because Squad is almost the same as Project Reality and I am encouraging the developers to aim even higher. Perhaps a modding community could make something like this or maybe it will in a sequel or future game, I think the potential for creating a more fun Mil-Sim that is still accessible to the average person is entirely possible.
  6. I know Squad is just following the same formula of the original Project Reality right now. The Insurgency game mode makes sense and is original but Advance and Secure (AAS) is pretty much a derivative of the original conquest mode from the Battlefield games. In my opinion, the game mode doesn't feel realistic and camping a bunch of zones just to get more tickets or bleed the enemies tickets doesn't feel impactful to the player. The original Project Reality had a game mode called Command and Control and I'd like to see something of that sort return back in Squad. I would also like to share my own suggestions for game modes which are more realistic and would be more entertaining than AAS. Ideas for Game Modes: Blitzkrieg This game mode features battles that give the advancing team more and more tools to give their enemies problems. In order to win the match, you have to turn the tide of the battle. Each team has the ability to capture radar towers, generators, ammo depots and one super weapon on the map. When a team has more objectives under their control. They receive more supplies and assets. These can come in the form of ordnance, vehicles or supplies. For example, more vehicles will respawn at your main base if more of these are under your teams control. Radar towers have a AOE of effect on the map that reveal enemy vehicles. Perhaps the team who doesn't control these towers may lack the ability to capture and hold them. They may opt to instead just destroy them with sneaky infantry squad missions. Generators power the radar towers. The generators would have to be functional for radar towers to work and can be disrupted by the enemy team. The generators temporarily disabling the radar towers would offer the disadvantaged team some breathings space and a chance to get back into the game. The generators should be easy to shut down from a presence of infantry at the control room of them, but they could also be destroyed from ordnance that can do it. Ammo depots give your team more supplies and allows fobs to become stronger when constructed, their supplies will be higher when being newly built. They will have the ability to construct more dangerous FOB's. Ammo depots could be destroyed setting off a large explosion. The super weapon will be a 155mm Artillery station. It has several batteries which the team can use against another. These can also be destroyed and the battery cannot be moved. The team who doesn't control as many objectives should feel overwhelmed as the other team gets more and more. This mode is similar to AAS but features more realistic objectives which would make sense for real military's to capture. This post is just a example of how objectives can be more realistic rather than feeling gamey.
  7. I've noticed there is a problem in the game and it was also a problem in the original Project Reality. The difference was in Project Reality. You could commit suicide because it was a feature from the battlefield 2 game. Sometimes you want to commit suicide to return to the spawn screen. This is because it would save you time from travelling back to a location. For example, if you are a logistics' driver and your squad no longer needs the logi anymore. You drive the logi back to base and leave it there, now you want to rejoin your squad. The only options for you are to wait for a another vehicle to return back to the main base and hitch a ride, or the faster method, killing yourself and just respawning on your squad's rally point. Sometimes people don't want to return the logi back to base where it is safe, they will just abandon the logi after they construct a FOB. This is because driving back to the base and finding a means back to their squad is time consuming as I pointed out. And often, the logi ends up being destroyed or worst, captured by the enemy team. If the enemy is smart, they will realize that they can just camp your logi and kill anyone who tries to retrieve it, this will prevent your team from being able to build anymore FOBs. And often times, this forces the team who has no logi to lose the game. The de-spawning feature should only exist in main bases, if it was allowed anywhere else, it could be abused. The de-spawn feature could be a object that the player goes towards and presses the action key, much like pressing the action key at a ammo crate. The object could be a model of a large battle map or like the commander tent in Project Reality. When a player presses the action key, he disappears and returns back to the spawning screen. He can then spawn immediately. The reason why this should only be allowed at main bases is because if this feature was for example at FOBs. Players would de-spawn themselves and respawn in a gameplay abuse when under attack. Main bases should not be having engagements with the enemy. Players should be allowed to de-spawn themselves, there are already lots of experienced players committing suicide after returning a logi or APC as they did in Project Reality. This should be included because sometimes your squad changes their mind and decides they don't need the vehicle anymore they took from the main base. Players who are returning a vehicle asset back to the main base should not be punished with the long delay of getting back to the action or killing themselves.
  8. I was playing earlier today as the Russian forces on a AAS mode. When I was driving the logic back to the main base to rearm. The repair station at the main base was placed in a spot that was impossible for the logi to reach.
  9. Destructible buildings possible with the unreal engine?

    Perhaps the only destruction that should be implemented is something similar to Arma. I also believe Project Reality had a similar mechanic. Destruction should be only utilized for tactics. For example, in real life SWAT teams drive APC's through walls to create a entry point. Perhaps it would be too much of a performance hit for walls of individual buildings to be destroyed in Squad. But maybe we should allow compound fences to be destructible, it would make sense to allow explosive devices and APC's to drive through exterior compound fences to allow infantry have a new entry point. In terms of buildings and how destruction should work for them. Arma has a 3 stage building destruction system that doesn't put a lot of stress on the game. First stage is a building that is not damaged, the second stage is the building changes to a damaged model with several pieces of the building missing. It switches models during a explosion after the building takes enough damage. The last stage is the complete destruction of the building after too much damage has been done and it sinks into the ground and there are left over ruins. I believe this type of destruction method wouldn't stress the game a lot. There is a tactical element of destroying buildings. If a enemy is using a building and that building is a problem. Infantry should be allowed to place a explosive device on the supports of that building to destroy. It would give infantry a objective. Perhaps if a class in Squad had explosive devices, they could see some type of indicator letting them know they can plant explosives on the supports of some buildings. Or perhaps in the future when more content is added, more powerful weapons like attack helicopters can destroy buildings after doing enough damage with ordinance. I think if Squad were to add destruction, it should be done in this regard. It definitely should not be added in the same manner as something as Rainbow Six Seige, obviously that would be too much for the engine and it's large multiplayer feature.
  10. I don't believe the ability to learn a game quickly or not relates to how intelligent a person is. I personally believe a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master is a enjoyable game. I don't think having to utilize the map every few seconds should be a necessary way to play Squad. All the things I am describing are optional for squad leaders to use. It could also be turned on or off on the UI as should most UI content. I don't see the problem with having markers that are context sensitive and give directions on what a player should be doing. Why shouldn't a Autorifleman be given targets to suppress from his squad leaders? Why shouldn't a sniper or scout be given observe markers to recon for his team? All these things make sense, I don't see why anyone would think these are bad things. It just gives better directions to players overall. It's not uncommon sometimes to see a player in your squad say things like, "Oh they got the cap?" or, "Oh we lost the cache?" I've seen these comments time and time again, sometimes players lose sense of the larger picture because the tiny UI message saying a cache has been lost or a flag has been capped is very easy to miss.
  11. Yes but the thing is what if new players are actually experienced players who are just returning to the game. Maybe they just re-bought the game or something. In my opinion, I think the majority of players don't want to go through tutorials before playing a videogame. Most people from what I've noticed just prefer to begin playing and learning as they go.
  12. I think the squad leader should still be able to set a team marker for other things. But if he wanted to set individual markers, he could also do that. Having more options would just be better for squad leaders. Squad leaders create objectives for his squad. There should be more tools to allow squad leaders to do this, as it would make the enjoyment of the game better for everyone. For example, if a squad leader could click on a squad member and then click on a ammo crate. The Squad leader could say on his mic to the squad member. "Go to the ammo crate and get a AT kit, enemy armor is approaching!" On the squad member's screen. A visible UI icon pops up, and message stating, Move to Ammo Crate to rearm. It would provide all the information needed to the squad member to complete the objective given to him from his squad leader. The squad member would not have to open his map, look for the ammo crate and then proceed to it on his own accord. It removes the tedious nature of relying on the map. It also makes the communication easier and gives clear and precise instructions to the squad member. New players would understand very easily on what they are suppose to do. This would provide a much more fun experience. The game should strive to remove reliance on the map. I firmly believe opening the map and looking at it almost every few minutes is not a good or optimal experience. Realitymod had no choice because of limitations and players had to use the map often. Squad is a new engine and this is a great opportunity to improve basic functions that offer a better more fluid experience. I believe this would remove a lot of fustrations accomplishing basic tasks just as knowing where to go when your squad leader tells you to go somewhere.
  13. @madcat768 I do have a mic, but that's not the solution to everything. Having a game which requires players to watch tutorials and a reliance on other players teaching them is not a good foundation for growing the player base. I pointed out problems which are evident in almost every play through. The start of rounds where new players have problems locating their squad leader and getting into the correct vehicles. The issue with the last spawn of a rally point happens very often with new players. And what I proposed is not a requirement for squad leaders to use to issue orders. It's optional for squad leaders who want to use individual markers. No where is this system a requirement. It just offers squad leaders ability to micro-management if they want to. I don't think having multiple move markers is a better solution than individual move markers. There is no reason for another squad member to see a move marker if it's not meant for them. That would actually increase UI clutter if there were multiple move markers on screen. Individual move markers should only be visible to the individual squad member. Individual markers would not just to tell squad members positioning, but to give them direct objectives. For examples a squad leader can click on a individual rifleman and then click on the squad medic, telling that rifleman to protect the medic. This system should be easy to use and intuitive. It could also allow a SL to click on a squad member and click on a vehicle, then the squad member is told to go to that specific vehicle, or the SL can click on squad member then click on HMG emplacement to tell him to utilize that HMG. Squad Leaders will still have mics, but having a individual marker system is beneficial. I firmly believe that if a marker is not meant for you, you should not see it, individual markers will be a much better solution than having multiple markers. I do also think less UI messages and icons are better. But what I proposed does not really add much to the UI. Having a proper HUD message or audio cue informing the player when a cap zone or FOB is under attack or being captured is important and informative. I strongly believe this should be added because there are still new players who are oblivious to the objectives and you often find them behind enemy lines attacking the enemy not contributing to their team, or you find them wandering around the map doing nothing.
  14. As a ex Project Reality player and passionate Squad player. I've noticed that the same problems for Squad exist as for the original BF2 reality mod for new players. They have a hard time learning the game and understanding what they should be doing. In my opinion, the game is not very fun for new people if they are getting insulted and flamed by others because they aren't playing their role properly or making wrong decisions because they just don't know. It's almost like the community does not like new players because they are a burden to their squad, this does not provide a very welcoming environment. This thread is to point these issues out and offer solutions because I do believe this game can offer a friendly welcoming environment and I do want to see the player base grow and see this game grow in popularity. Below are my suggestions. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? For example, in game modes like AAS, players often do not understand which flag they are suppose to attack or defend. They also do not understand when a FOB is under attack or if it needs to be defended before it's lost. There is a lack of directive towards players in general that the game just does not provide. You have to be informed most of the time by a more seasoned player who understands the mechanics. To a new player, the learning curve is solely reliant on a more experienced player willing to teach. This is not very good for the game and is part of the reason why it's difficult for new players to learn and enjoy. Even in other games when a objective is lost or taken, there is a audio cue along with a hud message telling the player. This needs to be added so players understand they need to fall back to a objective or attack another. They should never be just wandering around the large map wondering why they cannot find any enemy. The current message telling players when a cap zone is loss or taken is tiny and is easy to miss or ignore because it can be disregarded as not important. THE GAME NEEDS TO HAVE UI THAT IS MORE DETAILED THAT INFORM PLAYERS WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING There already is a system in place carried over from the BF2 games where squad leaders can use to communicate with squad members on things to do. My suggestion is to make this more advanced so the squad members feel like it's a COD single player game. The instructions should be clear and easy to understand. For example, in COD, when the game tells you to follow a certain character like Captain Price in COD4. On the compass and the on screen hud, there is a indicator telling you where he is with instructions to follow him. The squad leader in Squad should also have the ability to tell his squad members to follow him. This is very basic but is really important. Many times as a squad member, you have to open your map to look for your squad leader. This can be noticed at start of rounds, when you see squad members often running around unsure where to go, which vehicle to go into to follow their squad leader and squad. The use of the map is actually very critical for the current game as it was for reality mod. I feel like there should be less reliant on the map as it's not very fun or realistic to be relying on this map all the time. In comparison to reality mod, the new game has much less team killing because of the friendly team mates name icons showing up at a better rate than the original. This proves that improvements to the basic mechanics dramatically change the experience and make the game more enjoyable. ALLOW SQUAD LEADERS TO ISSUE INDIVIDUAL SQUAD MEMBER ORDERS The map system should allow squad leaders to click on individual squad members and tell them to do certain tasks. This will have on screen hud icons or compass icons telling the squad member where the order is. This would be very beneficial for players to understand what his squad leader wants of him. For example, if a squad leader wants his AR to position himself at a building, he should be able to set a marker for that member to go to. And in the AR's point of view, there should be a UI message telling him to go to the marker. Another example of why this would make the game better is comparing the original BF2 medic system to the Squad system. Squad has a much more easier hud indicator telling medics where wounded players are. Do you remember how many times medics in the original reality mod wasted resources and being frustrated trying to revive players who gave up or were dead-dead? Yes, dead-dead was a real term used a lot because the engine did not offer much information to the medic on the status of the wounded player, medics had no idea if a player could be revived or not. Perhaps in the future squad leaders can tell a individual squad member to return to the ammo crate at the fob to get a AT kit because a nearby enemy armor will be approaching soon. Or get ammo for his squad, that is if this game offers the ability of carrying ammo to resupply instead of just having players return to fobs to re-arm. LOCK THE LAST SPAWN OF A RALLY POINT FOR SQUAD LEADERS. It's quite obvious that if a rally point has one spawn remaining, and the squad leader is dead, it should be given to the squad leader. He is the only person who can put a new rally point allowing his squad members to spawn in. A new player who doesn't realize this important and advantageous function can innocently spawn and then be insulted and bashed by teammates. This should automatically be done so new players do not get flamed for making a innocent mistake of just wanting to spawn in. OFFER HELP MESSAGES THAT TELL NEW PLAYERS MORE INFORMATION Games like Red Orchestra 2, Arma 3 as well as Counter Strike, Call of Duty and other games offer this, and it greatly allows new players to enjoy and learn. For example, when a player equips a HEAT RPG. Perhaps a onscreen message informs the player that the weapon is most effective against armored vehicles. Likewise, the same could be done when the player is quipping a FRAG round to inform him that the weapon is most effective against infantry. New players will not mistaken fire frag RPG rounds at armored vehicles and be made fun of by their squad members. And of course these help messages can be turned off as they are in all those games.
  15. Destruction!

    I think they could do the same system that the original PR had. Have one building model, then the destroyed building model that replaces it after the original building takes too much damage. It worked fine in the original PR. I think Arma 3 uses the same system. When the building is about to be blown, it shows up with lots of cracks on the textures. It works really well. Gives enough warning for people to abandon the building before it blows. It gets replaced with the destroyed variant of the building.