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  1. Just played some project reality the other day and I noticed a difference compared to squad. I know Anders worked on both games and thought I would just bring this to his attention. When being hit from a bullet in Project Reality. It adds more anxiety and panic. When I took the time to realize why I wasn't getting this feeling in Squad. I realized that in Project Reality, your character yelps when being hit. There is also a distinct bullet striking flesh sound. In Squad, this sound is missing and there is no audible reaction from the character. Just thought I would point this out for Anders.
  2. FAKE DUMMY TARGETS - *New* Fob Structure

    Well seems like most people dont want this even tho it is common in real life.
  3. If you were on a military base. And you were ordered with defending the base. Do you think it would be a good idea to set up a few fake dummy targets? A bunch of assholes want to kill you and might start taking shots at you and your friends. If they do, you might be able to locate their position and return fire without having any of your teammates be in any danger. Targets should be able to be destroyed or damaged after extensive incoming fire. Possibility of being fixed? Should cost resources, how many? That's modular.
  4. I believe this would make the game a lot more fun and offer another layer in tactics for infantry. This allows those with explosives to play a role that doesn't revolve around camping their Remote Explosive to detonate. Maybe make this a second Remote Explosive Device class that includes a camera and tablet viewer. The camera can be destroyed and shot out, so it's not overpowered.
  5. A great suggestion in reducing amount of unnecessary squad radio traffic.
  6. Easy Fix for Voice Comms between Gunner and Driver

    Well in real life. A gunner and driver have headsets on and can talk to each other on their own radio and in real life they aren't part of a infantry squad. There is no need to go down this route. Having players only in the role of a vehicle isn't fun nor is forcing players to switch channels to have a vehicle only channel like in arma.
  7. ArmA 2 PR

    I would love PR arma 2' s logistical system in squad. Being able to pack up things like a machine gun and move it is so helpful. Also I've noticed that dissembling fobs in squad and the original pr to be a good method of contributing to winning. Removing fobs denied the enemy the ability to destroy a empty fob. If we had PR arma 2s system. It would be perfect for this.
  8. Direct teammate coms

    This feature doesn't detract from the gameplay at all. If you don't want to use it, it wouldn't harm you at all. I think it's a good idea, it would lessen the amount of communication traffic on a radio. It would allow teammates in a Squad to talk to each other without broadcasting to the entire squad. Sometimes I do just want to talk to one guy in a Squad, he might be the only person who is near me because we are both cut off from the rest of the squad. For example, me and him are the only survivors and our squad died and had to respawn back at the FOB.
  9. I notice that sometimes it is difficult for a gunner and driver to talk to each other inside a vehicle because of the engine noise. Other games like Arma offered a channel switching ability that had a vehicle only channel. I don't think Squad need's this. I believe that the only fix here is that when a player is inside a vehicle and uses local voice communication. The local voice communication should take priority over the engine noise for all players inside the vehicle. This will remove the inability to hear fellow teammates who are inside the vehicle. I shouldn't have so much difficulty hearing what another person is saying when he is literally right next to me inside a vehicle. Right now in the game, using the squad radio to talk to your gunner or driver is better than using local voice commns in the vehicles because it's louder and more audible.
  10. Escape from Tarkov

    hard to detect sarcasm in text messages. Anyways, I find this game to be fun.. Even with the bad netcode. I get more excitement out of each play session than squad. I'll probably be interested in playing squad more when helicopters arrive. But as of right now, squad doesn't seem appealing to me compared to EFT.
  11. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    If they add AI controlled Jets for bombing runs. I hope they add AI controlled SAM's. Having player controlled SAM's would be so boring for gameplay. Nobody want's to play the role of shooting down AI controlled jet's that fly in a predictable pattern the exact same everytime they come in for a bombing run. Make the SAM's a requirement for a lot of supplies so they can't be spammed. It would give fresh gameplay where there is incentive for the enemy team to attack the SAM's as priority so they can call in air support.
  12. Escape from Tarkov

    There is currently 4. More will be added, each of them is pretty different to the other. The devs have plans to make it all one large map in the end, so all the maps merge into a large one after you have escaped each zone once. But I think that's after they get more money for better servers. I think the reason they break them individually into smaller maps is because the servers can handle the 5-8 players but probably not a higher number. There's actually a lot of stuff the engine has to calculate. Remember that every type of bullet has different values, along with every piece of gear. You can even load 3 rounds of armor piercing or steel core into the mag, and the rest being a common lead core. You can also only load one magazine with AP rounds out of your mags, and grab specifically that magazine during a reload and load it if you notice your about to engage armored opponents. The game is really nice in ease of access of it's complexity in function. The only thing I think is missing is the ability to climb and vault like you can in Squad.
  13. Escape from Tarkov

    I just bought the game a week ago. I'm having a lot of fun. I'd like to point out a few things to others who are thinking of buying it. Negatives: You will die a lot, and you will lose a lot of gear you care about. Don't get to attached to your gear. But also to note is that you can earn gear and money back pretty quickly with the scav mode. Anything you find as a scav, you get to keep when you exit the raid. You can just choose to loot as a scav, avoid the enemy players and not have to worry about AI scav killing you, keep in mind that other player scavs may still kill you tho. You won't lose any gear if you die as a scav. The game doesn't provide a lot of learning. You will have to learn a lot of this game from trial and error, or watching tutorials and reading forums for information. I recommend researching about this game to learn as you play. An example of why you need to do this, the game does not tell you where to extract and exit out of the raid or explain that some exit's can only occur if you have a specific key to open the door. Dying or running out of time during a raid means you lose all your gear. You can prevent that by having the information you need to be successful. Another example, using the wrong type of ammo can put you at a severe disadvantage against armored opponents. You will have to pump three times as many bullets for a kill. Also your container, alpha, bravo or gamma keeps items you put in there before the raid or during. This means if you find something you really want, you can keep it if you die during the raid as long as you it the container. Yes those who purchase more expensive versions of the game do get a larger container and have a advantage cuz of this. But it's a small advantage in my opinion. I purchased the standard version and dont feel hindered compared to those who bought the better version. Modding weapons can be complicated until you learn the mods and which are compatible with each other. There is a compatibility indicator in game, but it's only specific to the parts directly related, for example, you won't be able to put a PSO scope on your OP-1 SKS if you don't have the right mount. If you have the PSO scope and the SKS, the indicator won't show it's compatible. If you attach the mount on the SKS, then the compatibility for the PSO scope reveals it. You also need the correct SKS, not the simonov version. Server issues occur more often than needed, but they are less frequent every update. This means desyncing, remember arma and dayZ? You might be aiming at a door and just die. On your screen, the door is closed. On their screen, they have opened it and can see you. Another example, they might come around a corner, but you don't see them cuz of desync and you die because of it. Bugs and glitches, yes they suck, but the game is in beta. They also will reset loot and trader levels. Meaning you will have to grind again later. Spawn camping can also occur on some maps, mainly the smaller ones. Experienced players will know where the other spawns are and get into positions of ambush at chokepoints and wait for you. That's expected but the spawn camping will happen when a player with a SSD spawns in faster than a player who installed the game on a HDD. The SSD player will be there to literally kill the HDD player when he spawns. Group players have a massive advantage over solo players, it's not really fair when a group of 5 play against 3 other players who are solo. But it is still possible to win, watch this video. Positives: Loot is rewarding especially if you get it from a dead player. It makes you care about the game. Every kill and death becomes meaningful. This game has almost everything you want in a hardcore shooter, you can do incremental leaning, and incremental crouching. You can adjust your movement speed to whatever you want with your mouse wheel. You can lean while prone. You can use hand signals for teammates, the wounding and medical system makes sense and works well. I've got some gripes with the current system, for example, you shouldn't be able to still engage in combat while healing yourself, but the system still works well. You need the proper meds to heal certain wounds. And they will update the system to reflect realism better I'm sure. There are values and functions to almost everything in the game. There is a skill system, food and water have a function. Bullets all have a different use, there are different types of armor and helmets. If you are into guns, you will like this game. You can mod almost everything in a weapon. Yes, you can use a flashlight and laser pointer at the same time or alternately if you want. Quest system exists in the game, it gives you more objectives than just killing others and surviving. It's actually a requirement to level up the traders to buy better gear. Time of day changes the map, it's a really nice touch to be able to play during all times of the day. The time of the day in game is set to your time zone. So if you start a raid at 12am at night, The ingame time of day will be the same, for example if you start a raid when the sun is up, it can go down during that time, it occurs the same as real life, I noticed the sun going down out my window the exact same as it did in game. You also have the option to alternatively play at a different time zone if you don't want to play at the same time as your current timezone. For example, you won't have to play a raid at night time when it's pitch black if you don't want. There are always two time different zones when selecting a map. I recommend this game to others. Even with the problems. I still have a lot of fun playing this game, I don't even play it with others. When I go back to other FPS games, I find them dull in comparison if they don't offer something more like vehicles. EFT just does it the best in terms of gear and infantry combat.
  14. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    They aren't gonna add no jets? That's a shame. The laser guided missles from jets in combination with a squad leader lasing tge targets on the ground made some really epic gameplay in PR.
  15. January 2018 Recap

    I wonder if they are going to make the muttrah city map in squad. I remember fallujah and muttrah being regarded as the best maps in project reality. I think muttrah city was the best map in PR. The way the city was designed just had so many different environments for combat. From the open fields of the docks to the construction sites, and alleyways of the suburbs. The muttrah map was just made well in PR.