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  1. FOV (a Proper and Equal Fix)

    meh i don't want that ini files should always be open for users to edit they are just options for the most part.
  2. FOV (a Proper and Equal Fix)

    Sh** i'll take credit for the science, Then again i'm not that smart. And yes this does work for video games the game world is there and the same size no matter what your FOV is, It's just the Camera's view. The game's size and scope does not matter for field of view that has literally nothing to do with calculating the correct FOV, rather it is done for how an object should be presented on screen. Editing the INI files
  3. FOV (a Proper and Equal Fix)

    So here's just an idea how about adding in a FOV calculator or have the slider (as is now) so the idea, Adding in a calculator that asks 2 things from the user in inches or cm (toggle option probably) to where you can guess-timate the FOV that the player SHOULD be playing at. If your screen is lower then 20" and your 12" away from your monitor sitting then your FOV should be around 64. No one in their right mind should be playing the game on 120 most people should be playing in a proper FOV of below 90, but above 65; however 100 should be the max. If we just let the math make the choice for us there can be no complaining about a advantage of one person over another, and on top of that everyone gets the FOV that it should be. However if people don't want to use this system they can have the option of the 90-120 slider in the game. And i understand this has been talked about to death, however i believe this should solve the issue for the most part; because as it stands the current FOV settings are more contoured towards people with extremely large monitor set ups and not the average monitor size of 18-26". And look my monitor is 52 inches and the FOV for me is still way too large for me. (I say monitor i really mean TV)
  4. Sweep and Annihilate Game Mode

    thanks man! anything you guys think could make the mode better? i really want this to be something that's in squad. Anything that could be improved on?
  5. Sweep and Annihilate Game Mode

    I know i don't particularly like C&C it's not really epic enough for me they could have drove it further. that's not a bad idea
  6. So I was thinking the other day on what could be done to increase the play-ability for the short and long term and something that could be feasibly implemented in a short amount of time. What i came up with is this, It's not very well thought out yet I'm working on the details so give me some time to work on the idea. Feedback is highly appreciated i really think this could change the face of Squad for the better. Also i know something like this has been talked about before but here's my version of it. Game mode Scope & Notes so Far: -Using FOB's as the objectives, they are not known on map to enemies. No objectives to take and hold like in AAS. -Having a limited number of FOB's dependent on the number of squads 4--5 squads means 2-3 FOBs that can be placed in the entire match. -No more then 50% of remaining FOB's can be placed at a time. So this way there are still squads who are not defending an FOB but are instead either supporting the defense or sweeping for enemy FOBs -For use on Large Maps with very large ticket amounts. -Let's the players decide where to hold and makes players scout for enemy held positions. ' -Has the potential to have erm... Really bad Sportsmenship due to corner FOB trolling so maybe make FOB's be placed 200m from the nearest edge of map for this specific game mode. -Main Base starts with unlimited points to place deployables and the like to heavily fortify it for the first ten minutes in the match with double the HMGs and double the build radius of a normal FOB. -Maybe a commander role (specifically for this game mode) to help with deciding where FOB's should be placed and helping coordinate other FOBs help. -Once the last remaining FOB goes down and no more FOBs remain, a timer starts for that team and if another FOB is not placed within that time frame; the remaining FOB (points?) drops to zero and the assault on the Heavily Fortified Main Base begins for the enemy team. -Now main base acts as essentially a very short respawn timer FOB. -Once main base has been neutralized enemy team wins...... cue epic win music Conclusion The idea of this mode is to add an Epic and even more dynamic game mode to an already extremely dynamic game. The mode is Focused on bringing on the best qualities of squad out to light Hinging everything on teamwork, communication, FOB placement, proper coordination, and adds a realistic warfare environment (imo). I know it's not the best idea but i think i have a good one here. Let me know what you guys think!
  7. Server License?

    i hope the server liscensing is a thing just like in PR could keep the game close to the way PR players are familiar with. I'd rather have a small close knit community rather then something like Rust or Insurgency
  8. Preformance Dip on the last 3 updates since release...

    also i forgot to mention the huge FPS drop in between joining a server and training mode, i understand more people more resources but i was getting a 80-100 frame drop now it's more like half of whatever my current frames are, Also like to mention minimal frame difference between 72man and 40 man servers for me 5-10 frames the highest time delay on my machine atm tends to be GPU which gets up to 60ms where as game is getting me 20-30ms delay
  9. I have taken a serious preformance hit on the last three updates in total i think i have lost maybe on average 20 some frames bringing normal frames around 18-20 frames on ultra low settings when i used to get 29-30 on max settings release day i'm still seeing a huge video card issue with my AMD r9 270x draw latency being the lowest on average for everything now i understand that ya know my PC isn't the best machine in the entire world right? but as is the game is unbearably frustrating and almost unplayable with FPS as is. Understanding that it is alpha it's not a huge concern but if this continues i will not be able to participate in alpha at all which is extremely unfortunate due to performance issues. Some things to note. Increasing Post Processing on my machine does give me a slight FPS boost. Vid Ram slider does nothing (1-4 has absolutely no effect on my fps the detail settings worked better gaining negligible frames but i was able to get a solid 30 at one point before this last update. Temporal settings on High also does see a performance boost 1-3 frames (not sure why). Effects on EPIC seem to get the best frames as well, however, messing with the effects settings causes some odd filters to appear on my screen for whatever reason again not sure why (everything seems to blur and smear together like a oil pastel).
  10. Pixels Pixels and more Pixels

    meh i think it might be i definitely don't have the issue at smaller FOV but why do things look like they are a bajillion miles away?
  11. Alpha 3.7 Released

    not to complain or anything i just wanted it to be noted i am suffering noticeable performance decrease since this update
  12. Pixels Pixels and more Pixels

    thinking on it now a better fix for this would be making the FOV smaller and having the gun be drawn smaller on your screen or something that doesn't effect the actual periphial view too much on those who need to play at the lower side of FOVs Edit#2: This may seem like a small issue now but when vehicles hit and 16km maps hit and this problem really compounds in on itself people need to realize that you should be able to see a target with the naked eye at 200m i'm not saying that this means you should be able to look at it as if it's right in front of you but since i live on top of a hill over looking a valley i can see houses at about 1 mile out on the hill in front of my house they look like about the size of a matchbox but i can still CLEARLY see them.
  13. Pixels Pixels and more Pixels

    So i am really having a troubling time seeing anything besides pixels at about 200m out without having to zoom in... even at FOV of 85 the targets in question seem to be about double the actual distance away then they really are... i mean i know you shouldn't be able to shoot people at about 400m out with iron sights and hit them every single time but atm even using a 42" flat screen with 85 as FOV it looks like im trying to hit dots that might as well be 600meters away with ironsights but they are just under 200meters while some people may approve of this from those i have talked to in and out of game the general consensus is that you can't really make out anything passed 150 meters without having to zoom in constantly (holding shift, using scopes, bla bla bla) This is a giant issue considering you want a realistic style of game play. because atm most engagements happen in game about 100m (which iirc is almost CQC) which encourages run and gun style tactics instead of those we are accustomed to in PR. Side note: Even if i do zoom in it's still hard to pixel hunt a target that seems like he is 400m away instead of 150m away (again there's really no way for me to show the difference unless say i took a picture with my phone (because not everyone is going to have this issue with different monitor sizes and different game set ups) this really wasn't an issue in PR i know alot of people didn't feel like it was natural to them but for me on MY set up the FOV was more natural and distances felt that way.
  14. New Kit

    Not to necro an old thread but i believe that this is perfect for what the commander kit should look like ... considering Insurgents would be using Boots on ground Civies like in PR where as the more advanced teams like Russia and US get just one drone. The Insurgents can get as many as they can get people to drop their kits to become civy scouts. However we need to be honest about this ... Commanders and drones SHOULD be implemented it's not a question of it's balance we know it's balanced if you just take a look at 1.3 of PR. I agree that the drones should be limited in some way however I am positive if you limit the drones height too much it just totally defeats the purpose of having a drone, Also winds iirc are typically more stronger the lower the altitude (unless your hitting massive turbulance which isn't really wind it's more like your trying to move through a dense pocket of air). But I think the way this was implemented in PR was sound and should not be messed with too much.The problem with touching something that has already been established as part of the series is that you change the feeling of the game. And to be fair if you want an experience like PR then you should make it as close as possible without deviating from the original working formula. Also Having a limited use Eye in the sky to scout for your Military has been apart of the battlefield since the civil war. Like ffs people you get instantaneous updates on your own men's locations! remember this is a game with pedigree! and not some half cocked dev. The formula works there aren't any *SOUND* arguments as to why this shouldn't be implemented. And as long as you can take out or shoot down the drone what's the issue?
  15. Squad League Release Party

    oh crap forgot to post my twitch info http://www.twitch.tv/averageintelligence