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  1. Spooktober mod

    Bit hard to accurately answer such an erudite question. Perhaps you could elaborate on what part of 'I don't like waiting ten minutes for mod to load then wait ten minutes to get into a server then wait ten minutes to get a ride to the battle' . . . you don't understand?
  2. Spooktober mod

    So Now I got to wait ten minutes for the Spooktober mod to download before I wait ten minutes for a well populated server to free up a place before I wait ten minutes at a spawn point for a truck ride to the battle where it will most likely get blown up before I get out then wait another ten minutes at the spawn point again? Oh for Chrisake. So not I get it and it's a pumpkinhead zombie in the fog game? Please tell me this isn't enforced on every server.
  3. Numpad not accepting function assignments

    Ah I add the radio's linked to numpad. Works fine now
  4. Numpad not accepting function assignments

    I did. I unbound everything and set my own.
  5. Is this game still active???

    I did a quick calculation around 3pm UK time today (Sunday) and there were about 3,000 people playing in public servers.
  6. I've been spending a few days re-learning Squad after a long absence. I mapped all the keys and made sure there were no conflicts and in fact deleted functions I don't plan to use for now. However, as I use the arrow keys for direction rather than WASD, I like to have my secondary weapons and grenades etc on the numberpad. I can get the Numpad 1 to change my fire rate selection and Numpad Del or . to deploy bipod. But the Numpad 2,3,4,5,6 etc just won't activate the functions I assign such as Primary weapon, secondary, smoke grenade grenade, etc. Just to check when in game, I press Num Lock as I thought maybe the Num pad was off but when I do that it just changes the Numpad into an arrow function. Is this a common problem with players? I run a decent PC with Windows 10.
  7. When you post such comments perhaps you can bear in mind that not all of us are going to understand the technical details. I have no idea what 2.8 refers to. I just point the crosshair at people and shoot. If the bullet drops short I adjust
  8. Is this game still active???

    I just started playing again after a break and there is always a server with 80 players in it every time I log on, multiple in fact.
  9. A few days ago I reinstalled Squad and have been very happy with some differences from the last time I played. One difficulty I had was that I never quite felt a true cause and effect when shooting. It's hard to explain but I always felt like I was floating in the game and the results of my aim and shooting were a bit arbitrary; almost as if I was in an RPG and the game was 'deciding' the likelihood that a soldier would hit another soldier and imposing that result on my shooting. I don't know what's changed now but I feel the mechanics are so grounded. If I miss, I believe I missed, if I hit I get a sense that I aimed and shot well and physics did the rest. In some ways it feels like a whole new game. I guess there has been quite a few updates since I last played ( pre tank build) and the graphics and effects are a whole lot better. Totally looking forward to learning the ropes again and getting into the action.
  10. I just got a PM from an admin and also another one from Bluedrake42 explaining that the messages I complained about in a, now locked, forum post was due to his account being hacked by some troll. I think I should have messaged an admin about it rather than done a forum post but I saw red at the time. So apologies to Drake for that. And thanks for the clarification. As the post I made was locked to avoid a flame stream I couldn't post this there, so maybe good to lock this one too.
  11. Bluedrake42

    I sent Bluedrake42 a pm here on August 17th, 2016 (snippet below) He just replied, a year late. All he wrote was . . . "****off fagott" Hi Drake, I enjoy watching your Squad videos and feel that although other Squad gameplay vids show elements of the game, yours truly show the game due to the structured narrative that comes over through the unfolding strategy, leadership and teamwork. I’m usually not one for watching letsplay vids as entertainment, except to get a sense of a games graphics etc. But I found that as a casual Squad player, I was watching some of yours in the same way I watch a TV show. Quite enjoyable to see the story unfold.
  12. I don't have a problem binding the arrow keys and the del, end etc keys. Squad won't let me bind the num key pad keys to weapons (but it will let me bind them to map, zoom, fire selector. It wont' let me bind num pad 0/ins (even when I unbind the previous setting. I don't want to be going into the root of games to achieve simple things such as key binding.
  13. Fatal errors are still with us :(

    I didn't have them hardly ever but since the 7. 2 update I get them in ever game now.
  14. I've been playing FP shooters on a PC both offline and online for over twenty years. Like many PC gamers, I have my own preference when it come to assigning keys to certain actions. I happen to like to use the arrow keys for movement. I'm not the only person. I like a clear space between my left hand and my right hand holding the mouse; rather than using AWSD and having all of the keyboard to the right of those keys in between my movement control and mouse/aim control. So why, after decades of PC FPS games do so many devs block players from using the keys around the arrow keys for certain functions? They either just won't bind or they are already perma-bound to other functions. As I use the arrow keys for movement I like to use the right Ctrl key for lean left and the Keypad 0/ins key for lean right. I also like to use the rest of the num pad keys for weapons choices. Squad, like quite a few other games that I've come across over the years just won't allow this. The answer that a player should just 'adjust' to the enforced set up limitations for each and every game they play is just not acceptable. It goes against instincts built up over literally decades of gaming. My key preferences are the same for Squad as they were for Quake 1&2, Hidden & Dangerous, OpFlash, Ghost Recon 1 and all the others leading up to Squad. Is it really that hard for the Squad devs to cater to all key preferences? Even if most use WASD these days, a significant portion of gamers still use the arrow keys. So why don't game devs respect this?
  15. Squad Let's play idea

    Hi @karmakut. Cool. Look forward to it.