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  1. "Server browser"; mods required?

    Hi all, Just checking in to see if this is as expected. Server browser (not custom servers), had a popup saying I needed to download mods and restart. Make sense? v10.
  2. Just curious. Since 7.3 I get fewer "UE4 error" dialog crashes, and more hard CTDs. Crashes are also happening less during new game start, and more at random times during a game. I think almost always while I'm in a vehicle or manning a gun emplacement, but I'd need to pay more attention to confirm. I am happy to send my log files along if it will help.
  3. Glitch after getting killed in vehicle

    Reminded me of freelook with TrackIR in ARMA...hint, hint....
  4. I tried searching for this, but not sure what to call this... I was a gunner in a technical and got killed. I was revived by medic, but after my guy popped up, I couldn't change the direction my character was facing. The mouse would change view point and I could look around, but my character's body wouldn't change direction so I was unable to aim the weapon. Does that make sense? Just an FYI for the devs...
  5. ◘ >>> ** Play Testers V7 Videos in here ** <<< ◘

    Great stuff guys - thanks for sharing!
  6. Alpha 6 Public Test Recap/Media

    First - thanks for posting! Second, I guess I could wait for the official change log, but does anyone know if this is using UE4.11? Epic just released the UE4.12 preview...
  7. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    here's a real one: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/avp/images/0/07/LAND_Stryker_ICV_lg.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141222092454
  8. i5 3570k gtx 970 8gb ram bottleneck?

    What's your CPU and clock speed? If CPU usage is at 100% and GPU isnt, you've answered your question already... See here: http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-2729891/bottlenecking-guide-chart-2015.html
  9. Hi all, Quick questions about squad size and how it relates to server capacity: Will there ever be squads that contain more or less than nine members? Perhaps role-specific squads like HMG, recon, crew, etc. that have different restricted kits based off of SL kit? These would obviously have different numbers of members? If it will always be 9 members, would it make sense to set server capacities to multiples of nine so there isn't one squad that will not be able to fill up (for example on a 60p server each team would have three full squads and one three-person team with limited kit effectiveness)? Thanks! cvg
  10. Genade revive bug

    I was going to post this too - great timing. My opinion, the grenade should drop and explode when the thrower gets shot.
  11. Stick with it - you'll get better at spotting the enemy with time Use real-world tactics - don't run-and-gun like you would in other FPS. Stalk. Watch. Follow your squad. Find some friends - before squad I had half a dozen steam friends, and they were people I know personally. Now, I've got over 40 and they're all people I've played squad with and we've played well together.
  12. Anyone feel overwhelmed as a medic?

    I think this is a good and worthwhile discussion. Coming at it from a realism standpoint, I agree with Atheos 100%. I loved when a friendly would come up to me in-game and ask me to follow him to revive one of his squad-mates. That was really cool. Or, when you're walking through the woods and hear someone calling "medic! over here!" in the distance and you need to try to follow the voice to the downed team mate. That was cool too. I think there's a happy middle ground between the current medic interface and what it was in v4. A more subtle, smaller and not blinking red-dot would suffice if something needs to be on the map at all... Kudos to the devs for trying stuff out though - alpha is the time for experimentation!
  13. Alpha 5 Released

    Thanks devs! Your hard work is most appreciated.
  14. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    So that's where all the "regulars" are! ;)