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  1. we take any complaints against admins seriously but we can only effectively deal with it if you report it as soon as it happens so we can check with who is on the server at the time. use mumblerines.com/discord to get real time support. we can't tell SLs how to run their squads, you have to be prepared that a SL could kick you for any reason. just join a different squad, switch sides or change servers. getting angry and shooting will just cause more problems that it's worth.
  2. first experience: you should report it to us in our discord with the name of the person who you allege kicked you for no reason, and we will investigate it. second experience: start of games are always hectic, are you sure the SL told you to spawn/not to spawn? maybe you spawned in when told not to and they kicked you for not listening. SLs are under pressure to get to where they need to be ASAP. if the SL thinks you are not listening they have the right to kick you, don't take it personal, just join a different squad. yes intentional team killing is a perma ban i'm afraid. no ifs, buts, or excuses. there is an indepth Q&A in our discord as to why we have that policy.
  3. ATTENTION: Our 2nd server 'MUMBLERINES TEAMWORK #2' is now inviting applications for players wishing to skip the queue. ELIGIBILITY: You must have played a minimum amount of hours of squad in order to apply. this is currently: 150 hours for non clan/community affiliated players 100 hours for clan/community affiliated players HOW TO APPLY: Join our discord: mumblerines.com/discord Using #queue_skip_request, post a link to your steam profile, or if your profile is private post the link along with a screenshot of your profile including your squad hours. NOTE QUEUE SKIP DOES NOT APPLY TO MUMBLERINES TEAMWORK #1
  4. @sugnat you can directly contact Nordic Socialist or Von^Snoe via our discord (mumblerines.com/discord) regarding any specific complaints against individual admins. You have to do that when it happens or we can't really do anything about it. You also have to consider that admins are humans too who are playing the game as well. just like any other player they can get frustrated and annoyed and express that in a way that you may find disagreeable. we don't have a rule against players expressing frustration and annoyance at other players because that is exactly what would happen in a real battle, the best thing is to not take it personally and remember it's only a game. however we do have common sense limits and if you feel an admin has been particularly unreasonable or over the line the best thing to do is to report the incident directly to our head admins. hope that helps.
  5. @xcontrol well we have to agree to disagree, but on mumblerines we consider one squad trying to enact a self fulfilling prophecy of defeat by withdrawing it's support on the front line attack and defence objectives a violation of our teamwork ethos. I'm sure the team could have coordinated a new spawn point if you had been willing to participate in the teamwork and not only acted how you saw fit while disregarding the other SLs. we also allow SLs freedom to communicate how they see fit (within obvious no sexism/racism/homophopia/etc) guidelines, so if a SL is annoyed with another SL, I think it's within the game's realism to expect some profanity depending on the SLs personality, so it shouldn't necessarily be considered abuse. we do not however tolerate any abusing admins when they are acting in a admin capacity. hope that clarifies.
  6. the name of the server is mumblerines teamwork. you are expected to work together with the team and not passive aggressively undermine your team which is what you were doing by not helping them with the current objectives (flags actually in play). screenshots taken by an admin: I'm not going to get into a longwinded debate with you. all I can say is that ignoring requests to help the team with the current objectives so that they could be (and in this case were) forced to fall back is not what we consider teamwork. we also don't tolerate you getting abusive with the admins. therefore you were banned for 1 month from the server to familiarize yourself with our rules and consider how you are going to play. if you don't agree with how we run the server you can go and play on a different server.
  7. isnt the point he's making that they allow the medics to post-barrage revive with cover from enemy infantry in otherwise open areas rather than prevent deaths from explosions in open areas? then covering doors means explosions landing near the doors stops people inside near the door getting killed.
  8. i also find footsteps really inconsistent throughout the game. sometimes you can easily hear them even in noisy environments and the other times you don't hear a guy coming up to you in a quite environment when you are specifically listening for footsteps, so annoying when you get executed out of nowhere by some ninja ghost. I also don't like how you always hear your own footsteps clearly but you will walk up on some guy who has obviously not heard you even though you are walking near him, you would think he should hear them too.
  9. To anyone experiencing high queue waiting times.... The admins are doing all they can to minimize the actual wait time. We constantly monitor for afk players and kick them, so it's always worth sticking around in the queue. You can also join our discord mumblerines.com/discord and ask to be pinged when there is a map change.
  10. nice to hear you had a good free weekend experience. thanks for taking the time to leave the positive feedback
  11. hey ranger goo, thanks for taking the time to write that. it's made all the admins very happy to hear you had such a great time on the server. hope to play with you soon
  12. @Fieldfare it's not our policy to ban for that kind of thing so don't worry. Also you were not even kicked, which shows the admins are not that trigger happy. in a competitive game things are bound to get tense so don't take any harsh words personally. we can't really control the tone people will use or if people will take what is said too personal. If you think you are being told off excessively even for a competitive match you can let us know and we'll take that feedback on board. Also don't take the kick threats too personal. we try and ensure a high quality squad experience while welcoming new players. from experience we find that sometimes being harsh and insisting squads play the objectives is the difference between a great close game that everyone enjoys and a tedious one sided stomp no one enjoys. remember the admins are also playing too so they might not have the time to explain and ask nicely, but honestly it's nothing personal. they all have loads of experience and are only trying to point you in the right direction. if you want to chat about it more, you are welcome to come to our discord mumblerines.com/discord for a more personal chat, rather than the using the forums.
  13. [UK/EU] Fighting Honey Badgers

    I personally endorse this server.
  14. Mumblerines - mixed language server now?

    Some clarification.... The official language of the server is English and Squad leaders must always communicate with other Squad leaders in English. However in practice if a squad wishes to communicate between themselves in a non English language and they do so without negatively impacting on the whole team then we will allow it on a case by case basis at the admin's discretion. If anyone feels that a non English speaking squad is having a negative impact on their team they can report it to us and we will look into it.