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  1. Menu overlays

    Yeah it's really easy to break the UI by clicking on lots of different things. I've had to exit and restart the game at times to reset it. Submit a bug report.
  2. Alpha 3.8 Released

    Thanks for the update! :D
  3. Also tons of game optimization updates are coming in the next few weeks. The problem may be sorted for you by the developers.
  4. Posted by a developer today. https://twitter.com/RoyAwesome/status/678872168894042112
  5. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Can we send this to anyone recommending that people upgrade their hardware to play a game that's in the middle of development.

    Second opinion. Don't buy any new hardware until the developers sort out the current bugs and optimization issues. This problem may be fixed for you in a few weeks without having to spend a dime.
  7. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    My frames are better than before but I'm still getting stuttering as well. I'm wondering if it's an occlusion/transparency issue. Game is having problems bringing back in all those tree and grass textures as you turn.
  8. Lots of people, including me, are having this issue. The developers seem to be aware and are working on it.
  9. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    There's a particularly nasty sound bug related to AMD hardware the developers are currently working on.
  10. Secondary leader?

    haha. I actually thought this was a bug and the game was showing the same role twice.
  11. Alpha 3.7 Released

    Excellent! Will try this tomorrow. Thank you devs!
  12. Good fortifications seem really powerful until the enemy starts lobbing grenades over the walls. Ouch.
  13. I'm sorry, but we can't expect players to run to the forums and admins every time someone is TKing or ruining a server. There are thousands of people playing and this expectation just isn't realistic in the slightest from, either the players or an admins perspective. The game really needs automated tools that kick players after a certain amount of TK's and bans them from the server for a period of time. The current system isn't working.
  14. Disk Usage at 99%

    Developers mentioned there is currently a performance bug with Textures, and another performance issue with AMD hardware. It might not be your computer, it's most probably the game. They're working on it currently. Remember this is an Alpha.
  15. Map FPS issue

    There are a lot of performance problems in the game right now. Some having to do with the Animation system, the texture pool, and AMD hardware. The devs are currently working on it.