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  1. Non-Combat Roles

    Hopefully the game features JTAC operators, being able to coordinate artillery and air support, adds a nice strategic layer to the game.
  2. Anti Cheat

    One useful way is a shared ban system - if a player is banned on one server (by an admin), then he cannot go on other servers which use this same ban list. Also good for those that destroy team assets, excessively team-kill and overall ruin the experience.

    Walking whilst reloading your rifle or pistol is fine. But if you have to reload a machinegun, or sniper rifle, then being stationary and crouched should be a requirement.
  4. are you scared of the new wave of players joining?

    There's no need to make Squad accessible. It will be played with one idea in mind - tactical 'realism' shooter. Of course some things have to be abstracted to make gameplay - but if the devs start thinking of compromises, or start considering a 'new market' they will create an average and forgettable title.
  5. T-34-85 as Insurgent IFV

    I know it is a tired argument, but at the end of the day, Squad is a game. Not everything has to be realistic - that'd be too dull . Securing a vehicle would give the non-conventionals a better fighting chance and reward co-operation and tactics. The ISIS does use vehicles captured from Iraqi army. However they can't maintain it and usually it doesn't last longer than a few weeks - assuming they have the fuel and ammo in the first place. But for the course of the operation and battle this is acceptable.
  6. T-34-85 as Insurgent IFV

    It does not make much sense for the insurgents to have T-34. It was mostly designed for European combat and not used much elsewhere. I'd say it's much easier to find a T-72, or an export T-64/55 from post-Soviet bloc countries in the conflict area. However, what would be even more interesting is to give the insurgents mean to capture tanks. For example, IEDs to kill the crew; or destroy the tank tracks. Then the engineer squad could repair it and make it part of the insurgent assets.
  7. Balaclavas, goggles, shemags are a good enough reward or 'unlockable'. But too much customization makes the whole thing look like an airsoft match...
  8. 1. Ability to mute channels with a quick keyboard combination (e.g. Alt+1). 2. Stock voices (Enemy spotted! or Need a Medic!) which are much louder than VOIP.
  9. Bear Crawl/all-fours

    YES! Just like in the movie, "Hamburger Hill". http://youtu.be/0MUoPom4UZk?t=17m53s
  10. Dynamic Destruction

    A projectile being able to 'pierce' structure is the best choice, in my opinion. It'd also be nice to see ricochet inside buildings, particularly from fragmentation grenades.
  11. Insurgency as a 'tactical shooter' was rather disappointing due to the close quarter and extremely limited nature of the maps. They were linear A-to-B points with very little area to flank or manuever around (and of course the Return to Combat Zone! signs). Compare this with ArmA (take any given area, e.g. a town with its surrounding terrain) - the objective can be approached from any side, whether on foot, in a vehicle or a helicopter. So my question - how do Squad's maps compare to Insurgency?