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  1. If you're incapacitated, you will see the spawn screen with a 'give up' button. Furthermore, the background will be blurred and darkened and you'll hear a somewhat muffled version of the surroundings (gunshots, explosions) still. If you are dead and unrevivable, such as happens after you get killed shortly after being revived or if you get headshot by a 50cal weapon, you will instantly go to the spawn screen without said blur effects, and without a 'give up' button. You currently don't even hear the sound of whatever it was that killed you because you were dead and gone and gone and gone before you hit the ground.
  2. Heres two images of an MT-LB with a 30mm turret taken from a 2011 demonstration. Doesnt prove much, except that they do exist in the russian army, I suppose. (I mean, they are paraded at least.) http://www.vitalykuzmin.net/Military/Demonstration-in-Bronnitsy/i-7h6zj87/ (near the bottom of the page)
  3. BTRs are set up to explode upon 3 law hits + burn damage. The repairing will probably negate the burn damage, so it would need 4 consecutive LAW hits to go down. Or a bit of extra 'love' from US grenade launchers or a US attack vehicle.
  4. For me, I dislike playing medic but will do only if absolutely necessary (or if squad leader specifically requests that I do). But a medic is a rifleman on steroids! Why not? Well, the minor thing is turning over 2 grenades for the medkit - but that's not the main reason. The main reason I personally do not prefer to play the class, is a medic has an extra job and that job is reviving people. Having largely the same loadout as a rifleman does not mean you can simply always do what a rifleman does! Riflemen are expendable, medics are very important. Riflemen don't frequently have to stop to bandage and revive fallen soldiers safely. Don't get me wrong: medics are certainly one of the most important classes of a squad, and I thoroughly appreciate a good and patient medic. But to say a medic is basically the same as a rifleman just because the weapons loadout is similar, would not be right. A medic is a role, and for that role to be utilized properly, you will have to go out of your way to revive people, and to be available to do so. If you play a medic like a rifleman, you probably shouldn't be playing medic, as eventually your friends would start complaining about not getting picked up. When I'm playing rifleman, I will start flanking the second gunshots start, taking pauses to single-shot snipe people and trying to sneak around behind them. Eventually, I may get caught out in the open after having taken out 3 or 4 guys, and get shot. Hopefully though, I'll have created enough room for the squad to push up and revive me a minute and a half later or so. Medics shouldn't be doing such flanks. If they die behind enemy lines, they may not be able to get revived because the only other medic may or may not be alive to do so. And remember the minor thing of 2 grenades: don't underestimate their power in an attack like that. Medics are awesome, but they don't suit my playstyle. I love medics, praise them! But it's not my class.
  5. I think most people who use SweetFX use it to make the game look better, rather than because of a competitive advantage. Theoretically I guess it is possible to tweak the values such that it would give a competitive advantage. Then again, many of those values could be manually tweaked in your GPU drivers as well. I do understand your concern though. It would help to have some better examples of the extent of using these programs specifically for competitive advantages, just to get some insight into that. Keep in mind though that Squad is still in alpha, not yet in beta, and not yet finished. There's plenty of time to re-consider allowing or disallowing stuff in the future, based on what's being done with it. I believe most use of it is harmless though. (I myself do not use it. I'm an amateur photographer and oversaturation is something I can't stand. :-) )
  6. I'm a leaner (mumblerines trademark), but it's mostly automatism. Has its roots in having a slightly lower profile when running through fields and near shrubs, you can be invisible running in a cornfield. Theoretically it also covers your chest a little bit with your arm when shot at from the front (which takes a bit less damage), but the tradeoff for not being able to aim as well any more isn't really worth it for me. I still find myself leaning a lot. And I do think it is a bit silly and gamey, but not too harmful either. If they nerf it, thats fine by me.
  7. Now that's just rude.
  8. dodge? I see 4 kills, what do you see?
  9. Nice thread necro, TraXx. Cheating was around a lot in the early days, especially the very blatant kind (machinegun-rate grenade launcher spam, most notably). The long period of having anticheat (EAC) and their persistent ban waves have MASSIVELY reduced cheating. Those who do get through usually don't last very long. Some ini tweaking is still going on. If you want to make the game better in that regard, submit 'exploitable' .ini tweaks to the QA members, and they will test them and pass them on to the devs for fixing. I have over 1700 hours in this game, and cheating has never been less of a problem than it is now. :-)
  10. They're probably playing it through their microphone. Squad doesn't support changing audio devices mid-game, they cause your microphone to go mute until you restart the game.
  11. Some players dislike it, others are fine with it. Some might laugh at you, but hey, it is kinda funny to have a kid among a bunch of adults pretending to be fighting a war, so I'd just say go with it. If you get kicked from a squad, dont teamkill, and just join a different one. And when you find friends that you can get along with, add them on steam and play with them regularly. You should be good that way.
  12. The more they talk, the less time for making the game ;-)
  13. What are you talking about? I was merely posting the screenshot to show that we won that game! As for anti-tank, it's true that it's almost mandatory when playing against Russia, and recommended when playing against US (unless you're running with lots of vehicular firepower). I don't mind playing it when on Russia or US; I quite like the AK74 and M4 weapons as main rifles. Militia gets two frag rounds, which is nice, but I'm not too fond of the rifle they get.
  14. ambient occlusion off may be another thingy to try.
  15. The inevitable idiot with an SVD on a foggy map? So rude. SVD master race