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  1. I'm a leaner (mumblerines trademark), but it's mostly automatism. Has its roots in having a slightly lower profile when running through fields and near shrubs, you can be invisible running in a cornfield. Theoretically it also covers your chest a little bit with your arm when shot at from the front (which takes a bit less damage), but the tradeoff for not being able to aim as well any more isn't really worth it for me. I still find myself leaning a lot. And I do think it is a bit silly and gamey, but not too harmful either. If they nerf it, thats fine by me.
  2. Now that's just rude.
  3. dodge? I see 4 kills, what do you see?
  4. Nice thread necro, TraXx. Cheating was around a lot in the early days, especially the very blatant kind (machinegun-rate grenade launcher spam, most notably). The long period of having anticheat (EAC) and their persistent ban waves have MASSIVELY reduced cheating. Those who do get through usually don't last very long. Some ini tweaking is still going on. If you want to make the game better in that regard, submit 'exploitable' .ini tweaks to the QA members, and they will test them and pass them on to the devs for fixing. I have over 1700 hours in this game, and cheating has never been less of a problem than it is now. :-)
  5. They're probably playing it through their microphone. Squad doesn't support changing audio devices mid-game, they cause your microphone to go mute until you restart the game.
  6. Some players dislike it, others are fine with it. Some might laugh at you, but hey, it is kinda funny to have a kid among a bunch of adults pretending to be fighting a war, so I'd just say go with it. If you get kicked from a squad, dont teamkill, and just join a different one. And when you find friends that you can get along with, add them on steam and play with them regularly. You should be good that way.
  7. The more they talk, the less time for making the game ;-)
  8. What are you talking about? I was merely posting the screenshot to show that we won that game! As for anti-tank, it's true that it's almost mandatory when playing against Russia, and recommended when playing against US (unless you're running with lots of vehicular firepower). I don't mind playing it when on Russia or US; I quite like the AK74 and M4 weapons as main rifles. Militia gets two frag rounds, which is nice, but I'm not too fond of the rifle they get.
  9. ambient occlusion off may be another thingy to try.
  10. The inevitable idiot with an SVD on a foggy map? So rude. SVD master race
  11. Hahahah. I personally don't mind the young ones as much as some of you appear to. Cant say I mind them at all, really. :-)
  12. Reduce browser pings per minute to 500 or lower in your steam settings. Steam > Settings > In-Game tab > "In-Game server browser: Max pings / minute" (at the bottom). Set to 500. Done.
  13. To avoid people not understanding regular gameplay mechanics, and reporting features or known 'game aspects' as bugs, we require a minimum of 100-150 hours of gameplay time. Which, I might add, is a fairly conservative minimum - the players with high playtime are by far the most valuable to us. So please, if you end up being hooked to Squad like so many of us, feel free to apply once you meet the requirements.
  14. We have a community testers group, currently not yet taking new invitations, but we may open up again some time soon. How many hours do you have on the game?
  15. Vehicles are very strong if used correctly. Although admittedly, the number of viable positions on maps like Chora is limited (mostly near the edges overlooking large series of fields). On Kohat, a vehicle on overwatch is a force to be reckoned with, because there is very little cover and engagement ranges are massive. On Yehorivka, vehicles can easily make the difference between controlling an area and getting decimated, because the bullets penetrate all walls, and you cannot cross fields with vehicles covering them. On the more dense maps, like Sumari, the attack vehicles rely on infantry and mobility, and are much less strong. But the insurgents technicals provide a way to get around the enemy and spawn in behind them, which is a very underestimated and often unused way of playing in public games. Most maps have a bit of both types of play. Fool's Road has nice open areas, but also lots of angles to get ambushed from, so vehicles do not reign quite as freely. Logar has open areas as well as urban areas. Kokan has great open fields, but plenty of ditches and urban areas to move up along. The most common mistake players make is mistaking a BTR for a tank, and driving straight into enemies only to get blown up instantly. They're also a bit more squishy than intended due to a bug, which will be fixed in the next patch (burn damage is much too high, so instead of needing 3-4 hits to die, it now only requires 2-3).