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  1. Socrates' Squad Video Youtube Channel

    I kinda don't like twitch, I prefer to watch on YT :)
  2. Socrates' Squad Video Youtube Channel

    kinda, I watched the shorter videos first, you were very patient to that other SQL now I am watching the longer videos, aaaand you are very nice too :)
  3. Socrates' Squad Video Youtube Channel

    congratulations, you are very patient
  4. Jump and shoot

    no need to be fixed, it's supposed to be like that...
  5. [Video]This will be good for the Dev-sound !!

    I am sure they have seen this footage already... ;)
  6. yeah I checked that too... also posting in so many languages is very weird IMO, why not only english?
  7. couldn't agree more... best solution
  8. Sound ??? Direction

    thx anders B)
  9. Medic Madness!!

    that Rossy dude deserves a medal!
  10. My thoughts/feedback of the EA release.

    Vehicles FTW! it will be just as awesome as it is in PR, or even better! ;)
  11. My thoughts/feedback of the EA release.

    why no tanks, chopper, aircrafts or snipers? there will be skirmish layouts for INF only, and STD layouts for all the rest (what you don't want) so, what's the point? you want inf, go play skirmish maps let us who enjoy vehicles have some fun too, why can't we?
  12. Plans on new maps?

    yes, there are... new maps will come in eventually
  13. Gráfico

    vai com o tempo...
  14. Sound ??? Direction

    I also can never tell which direction or how far the shots are coming from... tried messing with my audio settings, changing headphones, but no luck