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  1. [Resolved] i'm stuck in QWERTY...

    Ok i've found the problem. The french language doesn't display the 4 lines with the movement buttons... Even in english they are display as "NONE"...
  2. [Resolved] i'm stuck in QWERTY...

    Hi, I've played the game with no problems few days ago, and tonight my PC crashed at the game launch. After a (very) hard reboot, all my pref of the game are gone (don't know if it's the crash or a game update i haven't see) and i'm stuck in QWERTY. I can't move in the game because the devs had the GREAT idea to don't offer the possibility to remap the movement buttons in the option... Is there an other solution than manually editing the Input file in WindowsNoEditor ?? I've found a file of an old version of the game where movement buttons are mapped with "AxisMappings". Thanks
  3. Is it me or we are not able anymore to change the language of the game in Steam ? I've always play the game in english, mainly because in other language we don't see the name of who is talking. It's just write "name" in place of the real name of the player. In this state it's a damn mess to know who's talking. It's a bug which exist since the beginning of the localization of the game, maybe it's time to get ride of ? [Edit] Ok nevermind... I've closed Steam and re-open it and now i can change the language..........
  4. V.6 community feedback

    Sweet Jesus, the last hotfix change a lot ! Now i've got much better perf, with minimum trees/vegetation, i've got the max limit i've set : 70 fps. Rest of the time, it's between 35-55 depending of a lot of things. I've not played Gorodok so i don't know what changed here. Edit : Oh and no more suttering ! Don't know why but it's pretty smooth now.
  5. V.6 community feedback

    The game now don't stop putting me in borderless sometimes after i choose fullscreen. Same for the shadows, it always putting me in Epic even if i select medium. And as the most of us, i've got some FPS drop. I've always have 30 FPS on Fools Road, even before the update, but on other maps i have 40-50 FPS. On Gorodok it's 25-30. The worst is all the micro suttering since the update... Every where, every time, even at 60 fps i've got them it's awful. i4670K OC@4.2 and 2x HD4970 even if the games works better with only one...
  6. Alpha 5 Released

    Thanks for that !
  7. The new connection/deconnection text is a real pain in the ass. I had the habit to always check the text to see capture/neutralization warning. Now they are buried under heavy blinking text. Seriously on big serv it's insane, there is not 5 seconds without something poping here. And with the text size increase it's worse... Please put an option to permit to remove that. I know it's nice to see the TKs but i don't care to see if "smellmypoo54577" is connected or not...
  8. V5 Texts

    I was in way to create a topic about connect/disconnect text... its insane !
  9. Ultra Giga Low texture

    Even with a restart it doesn't change, so i've change the graphic settings to the Epic one and everything is fine now. It also show me how well they tweak the game because of the FPS in EPIC i have now. Much better than before. I've reset the VRAM to 1Go because it was said it's better. Is it over now ? I've got 2x HD7970 with 3Go VRAM so i can put 3Go in game ?
  10. V5 Texts

    So it wasn't me, the size have really change. I had the same 800x600 feelling :D
  11. What do you think about the new gray scaled map?

    The new icons are nice taken alone, but when they are packed together it's a real mess... And i miss the white view cone too...
  12. Ultra Giga Low texture

    Haven't restart since the update, i will try thanks !
  13. Ultra Giga Low texture

    Since the new update ive got awful textures for the ground... Looks like ultra giga low setting (like textures seen from 5km away in Arma). When i move my player sometimes the textures loads and are fine, but depending of my deplacements it comes back to the awful ones. I've got AMD GPU withe the lastest drivers. Help me Captain Kirk !
  14. Half a gigabyte worth of backup logs?

    I've got a log that weight 2Go. WTF happen ?
  15. About 2,53Go of Logs...

    Even for the last 2 weeks, there is still the 2Go log. I wonder what cause this particular log to be so big. I can't open it, it freeze the application.