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  1. tag system and teamkill

    is an idea, but how do I see the teammates? I should have the minimap open without activation by key. That you can not do, however I will try your advice, i preferred as it was before the patch, thanks anyway
  2. tag system and teamkill

    hi, for the tag system, I preferred the old one.Now from close distance and in long distance you can not see the tag,yet the friendly tag hides the enemy.The friendly fire is now everywhere at the expense of gameplay, often people abandons servers.It would be necessary as soon as possible to fix this bug, but I'm sure you know about this bug and will solve it soon,thanks
  3. Alpha 11.1 Released

    hi ,from V 11.1 I noticed that the bandages are bugged, I have to use at least 3 times to treat myself and I noticed many lag that I had not before, (note that I have 100 mb/s fiber) however great job Dev,now i's a great game
  4. Low Server Count since 1.12

    guys NOW WORK i resolveeeeeeeeee,thanks DEV
  5. Low Server Count since 1.12

    Zdravo Brate ,Bahrein after 3 years and 1500 hours in game,i know "check show empty servers" , I think it's a server problem, so 70% of us have this problem,
  6. Low Server Count since 1.12

    hello me and other friends we have the same problem, as soon as you start squad in the browser we see a few servers and if you refresh the page loads for a long time and does not show NO server.We are thinking there are problems with the provider TELECOM / TIM, all this from the day May 8th. In the Italian community we are many with this problem, we have tried everything even the squadfixtool, reinstalled the game, reset pc, steam, tried everything.
  7. i try too,but not work, only 4 servers or no servers if i refresh.......
  8. hello, same problem, I can see a few servers, and if I update does not show any servers, I tried to restart both steam and the pc, last night a dozen people of the caln had the same problem, today I tried again but continue
  9. Alpha 11 Released

    great work with v11. with the decline of the fps of 10.2 I was pessimistic but now you have really done a great job, good congratulations
  10. FPS Drops after death? Help please!

    me too, same problem since v10.2 with i5 6600k oc and msi1070 8gb, only in Squad game have this problem, low fps ,pls fix the game, thanks
  11. Post Scriptum Keys

    hello ,i buy squad in 2015 from kickstarter ,i'm not a founder? the message write: There is no user found with that email account.
  12. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    dont work and i' am founder...........