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  1. No I haven't really, since this is a fairly fresh install. I'll check the next time I'm playing. I'll have to investigate a bit further, since it almost felt as if performance dropped when I lowered the settings, but I have nothing solid yet so I won't claim anything
  2. 2500k @ 4,6GHz 780ti 8GB ram SSD win10 settings med-high-epic give nearly 200 fps on the firing range, all on low in a 72 player server results a VERY unresponsive 50-70 fps. Doesn't feel like 70 fps really
  3. No performance impact in any direction, still stuck at 40ish fps on big servers
  4. I'm going to bump this as I too am seeing excessive amounts of memory allocation, squad takes up to 6Gb of memory to itself :o
  5. I would really LOVE to see Finland as my country has pretty much non-existent presence in games!