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  1. No I haven't really, since this is a fairly fresh install. I'll check the next time I'm playing. I'll have to investigate a bit further, since it almost felt as if performance dropped when I lowered the settings, but I have nothing solid yet so I won't claim anything
  2. 2500k @ 4,6GHz 780ti 8GB ram SSD win10 settings med-high-epic give nearly 200 fps on the firing range, all on low in a 72 player server results a VERY unresponsive 50-70 fps. Doesn't feel like 70 fps really
  3. Alpha 3.7 is now live!

    No performance impact in any direction, still stuck at 40ish fps on big servers
  4. I'm going to bump this as I too am seeing excessive amounts of memory allocation, squad takes up to 6Gb of memory to itself :o
  5. I would really LOVE to see Finland as my country has pretty much non-existent presence in games!