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  1. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Did i missed the Match or am i good? :D
  2. all of these steps will be changed in the next patch if we dont want to do it now right?
  3. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Player name: Anticitizen0ne Player nationality (optional): British ? Date & time of round: past few days Map and side: pretty much any map Act of heroism or good conduct: cool guy and always calm, knows what he is doing and has no problems managing a full squad of newbies :D
  4. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Just heard that the your servers are getting upped to 72 players. Is this only for testing purrpose? 60 slots are already tanking the fps quite a abit :D
  5. Actually my power target is at 105% with the Evga 970 SC and its using all of it with a clock speed of 1354mhz.
  6. Doesnt that tank the Fps? Im already getting "only 39-45" on maps like Chora on a 60 slot Server with AA off and res at 100%. Im on a Gtx 970 and a Intel Xeon
  7. For server admins with 72 slot servers

    I have the feeling that everything above 50 slots is tanking the fps like crazy. On a 50 man server i get buttersmooth 60+ fps with my gtx 970 but on a 60 slot server my fps are already going down to mid 30-40s at some points
  8. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Server is great but im wondering, are there only 3 maps on it? It seems that i always play Fools Road, Sumari and Chora :D
  9. So im experiencing random 1-5 second freezes on these 2 maps, all other maps are fine. Ingame some other people said they have it aswell. Is this something that is known to be a bug or is it on my end? My Framerates are good. System: Intel Xeon 1230v3 Gtx 970 SC 8gb Ram I somehow doubt that it is my System, temperatures are normal and every other Game seems fine, even ever map in Squad expect these 2 are fine aswell. The Game is running on a HDD but some people ingame said they even got that on a SSD. Is there a fix or something atm? Thanks in Advance guys!
  10. I have the same 1-5 sec freezes but most of the time only on Fools Road and it gets worse after playing some time (still the same round on Fools Road). I talked to some Squad mates and they have the same problem so i guess its Game related and not on my end.
  11. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Since i started playing the Game at the Release of EA, both Redcoat servers are my favorites. Full all the time and cool people on it! Only the Server Browser is weird, i have to refresh the list very often to either see The Recoats #1 or #2 Server
  12. Config location?

    I got it thanks!
  13. Config location?

    Where do i enable it in Windows 10?