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  1. Graphic Issuess

    Thank you!
  2. Graphic Issuess

    Hey everyone! I have a little issue with my Graphic Settings, my PC isn´t that good, but not bad. I can play TheDivision on low in 50-60 FPS and i can play Battlefield 4 or Arma 3 in Ultra settings but in Squad looking the borders of objects very bad: http://imgur.com/D2kSB8L Can someone tell me how to fix that, my Antialiasing is on highest settings My PC: -Intel Core i5 4460 3,20 GHz -16gb RAM -AMD Readon HD 7800 Series 2gb
  3. Come share a drink with some of the devs!

    Cool Idea, but i cant be there :( Have a nice day :D
  4. Different weather on maps

    I fully agree with you, that has to be implemented!
  5. Larger maps needed when vehicles arrive?

    I agree with you, but it takes some time before we will find aircrafts in the game, so there is enough time to add new Maps and maybe they will be bigger or the Developers have already an idea how to do it better
  6. Weapon Skins + Overall Skins (maybee Community Made) ?

    We dont need Skins like in CS:GO, the best thing that the community can do, is to make addons like new Weapon and Vehicles. (if it is possible). And the best thing that the Developers can do is to help the Community to make addons and surely to add new content themself Edit: And fix Bugs etc.
  7. Action!

    Nice video, what song is that?