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  1. June 2018 Recap

    "We've put in a lot of work into the newest vehicle type to go into the game, and that type is Main Battle Tanks. The M1A2 Abrams while shown off last Recap in still shots is now finally moving around and properly dressed up for battle. The gunnery we have modeled does not include modern fire control systems yet, so we've opted for the use of the gunner's auxiliary sights to allow for manual adjustments at range."
  2. Default sound device problem

    Yep ! Thanks for the quick reply
  3. Hello, Sorry for my poor english, its not my native language.. I have a screen with speakers in it. It is set as the default device to play sounds. When I plug my headphones on my computer, it becomes the default device. Im not able to change where the sound comes from once the game is launched. If I start the game with sounds on screen, then I plug my headphones, no way to hear from them. If I power off and back on my screen while headphones are on, but sounds playing on screen, I dont hear anything. I have to restart the game with the proper device plugged in before... Thank you.