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  1. Server Closed Connection

    Same here ! Same same but different ..
  2. Lost connection to server

    You can close the thread. Its not the problem ..
  3. Lost connection to server

    Hello, Since everybody get disconnections, may I suggest that this micro disconnections are the problem ?
  4. Russian IFV's?

    OWI just need to reclass it as an APC not IFV ..
  5. Russian IFV's?

    It was the case since the beginning until too many people yelled on devs that BTR 82 were underpowered against strykers.. BTR’s were upgraded since around A11 with an armor plate on front and ammo upgrade (not sure). But BTR’s never claimed to be IFV’s. Let me time to look for the post which talked about it.. Edit : A13, and yes we should try to “re balance” these vehicles .. BTR-82A & BTR-80 UPDATED Our observations showed that standard APC of Russian Ground Forces currently had too low of a survivability rate in engagements with enemy armor. One reason we suspect is the lower level of armor and how that interacts armor penetration system works. Most of the time BTR have no chance to escape unexpected frontal engagement due to the fact that it suffers heavy damage on the engine due to the penetration of high caliber rounds to the engine. Upgraded all BTR models with an engine protection plate, that should prevent it from suffering an instant mobility kill from frontal fire. Reduced BTR-82A Spawn time from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. Increased Autocannon HE Splash damage & blast radius Increased 30mm splash radius to 7.5 meters (from 5.5 meters). Increased BTR82A / MTLB 30mm AP cannon damage output by 20%. Increased the damage output of Russian 2A72 30mm autocannon, equipped on BTR-82A and MTLB 6MA by 20%. (250 to 300) Increased the BTR82A/MTLB 30mm autocannon overheating time, which will allow a continuous fire to be outputted for up to 10 seconds. (Previously 5 seconds.) These changes should increase the Russian Ground Forces offensive capabilities to help them to deal with the better-armored enemy counterparts like M1126s. But make no mistake, the BTR80 & BTR82A primary role is still transporting and supporting infantry and should only be engaging superior Infantry Fighting Vehicles like the US M2A3 as a last resort. In a future update, we plan to add the proper IFV for the Russian Ground Forces, in the form of well known BMP family of vehicles.
  6. Hello, Today I was playing as insurgees on Fool's Road, I drove with a Technical DSHK on a mine. My tires blew up and the véhicule started burning. I took crewman and started repairing. The tires got repaired but the vehicule never stopped burning. I had to stop repairing and let the vehicule explode.. Is that normal ? Thanks.
  7. Hello, Since the beginning of the game, a friend got troubles playing the game. He is quite often disconnected and looses connection to server. He is playing via BPL plugs. These BPL are not working well since his powerline is crap. AFAIK, the game is too strict about connections and timeouts. PS and all other games are working well. Can you try to allow "micro disconnection" ? Thank you.
  8. The RPG 29 arming distance is above 50meters ! Its way too far away.. I’ve experienced it on a warrior.. the 2 shots didnt exploded at 55meters away ...
  9. Projectiles colliding with tree branch.

    Good to know ! Hope It will affect projectiles too ! Thank you !
  10. Hello, I noticed since the last update that grenades from GL and rockets collide on small tree branchs and what appears to be leaves much more easily than before. The grenades just bounce and rockets explode. Thanks.
  11. Physmat and vehicles

    AFAIK its gonna be fixed up on V13
  12. Vehicle damage in the future

    The bouncing thing is quite awasome. I would love see 20mm shells bouncing on thick armors !
  13. Your problem comes from somewhere else. I play with 8 Gigs too and have absolutly no problem... edit : Oh you’re speaking about video memory.. Your GPU is maybe dying ? Have you tryied the « Vram settings » in video config ?
  14. Disconnected, but still playing

    Thanks for the help ! Unfortunatly we have already tryed this ...
  15. Hello, I have troubles playing squad since I re installed everything on a new M2. Sometimes, I get disconnected but I cannot see it, I can still play the game on the same map but noone is moving. The teammates I play with see me getting disconnected but nothing else. I've reinstalled everything on my M2 but still happening... Do you have any ideas ?