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  1. Hey folks, while I don't get any crashes when actually playing, my game literally freezes/crashes after every map change. No error message, the image just freezes, the sound stops and the MS Windows "loading mouse icon" (little blue circle) appears. Is this a known issue? Any suggestions to fix? Specs: i5-6600K 1080 GTX 16GB RAM
  2. Fatal error after every map change

    Is there a solution for the "Fatal Error" crash after every map change yet? I am literally crashing after every map change once the countdown hits 0 and everyone spawns in. Specs: Windows 10 64bit (latest updates) i5 6600K PowerColor R9 390 PCS+ 16 GB DDR4 RAM All drivers up to date, including vcredist and DirectX. Crashlog: http://pastebin.com/yvtqUyGK DXDiag: http://pastebin.com/YWvVYdzk Please fix via hotfix or provide solution asap...
  3. Fatal error after every map change

    Thanks! I hope I didn't cut too much off at the top (from what I could gather the log should start at the beginning of the map though) Didn't want to cause even more pain for you guys sifting through the logs with all them entries of older matches. PS: Maybe rotating logs would be worth a thought? I can't think of any dev that likes looking through appended logfiles
  4. Hey folks, I've played Project Reality for many years (stopped like 1,5 years ago or something, the graphics was just getting too old and update progress was basically on hold) and discovered this game a while ago (and was lucky enough to get a Riflemen edition on the last day). From the descriptions this game looks pretty similarly, which - if true- would be awesome. Till today I sadly haven't found a game that surpassed the gameplay of PR. Can any of the guys with early Alpha access comment on this? Apart from the general "feel" compared to PR, I would be especially interested in things related to base buildings (like setting up FOBs and stuff. Is this possible in Squad? Loved building/fortifying in PR), kit restrictions (so there are no 20 snipers on the same team...), the setup of squads (like is there a command structure in place?) and anything communication related (like PR had positional audio via Mumble and squadleaders / commanders were able to talk in a separate channel, etc.). Thanks in advance, I hope this game is going to be great :) edit: Are there any PC specs released yet? Am I going to be fine with a i5 and a R9 390? edit2: For oldschool PR player: Does Squad have any kind of deviation system for the guns, so that you'll have to let it settle for a few seconds after sprinting?
  5. How is the game compared to BF2:PR?

    How's squad leading like? Comparable to PR?
  6. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Is there anything special I need to do in order to add a signature? Whenever I try to add one, it says: "Oops! Something went wrong! [#10210] You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" Tried it using the "image" button as well as using manual BB Code tags [*img]​http://imgur.com/Zuyxb9e[/img*]- without the * of course. (If I remove the * and try to post it in this post, I get the same error message btw) Edit: Nevermind, I fixed it by adding a ".png" suffix to declare the file extension (sometimes you shouldn't just skim over the error message :D). And here I thought modern forum software would be converting imgur links ;-)
  7. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Hey lads, I've been playing PR since 2007 or so - I think I started with 0.5 - although I didn't touch it for almost 1,5 years now with some pauses before that. Looking forward to this game, I hope the community will be the same friendly and mature one :) Used to be a CO in the ESF clan (former EEF iirc) till it was disbanded in like 2010ish (?!). Never found an alternative "home" that fit me after that and was more or less freelancing on the big servers (like NwA, Merk and surely some others that I can't remember anymore). If by chance anyone is still around from that era, give me a shout.
  8. How is the game compared to BF2:PR?

    Might give it a go again ;-) Any of the "old" people still around? NwA, Merc, OD-S, ...? Thanks, sound good. So I guess vehicles aren't in yet? So no CAS? :( Awesome that there's going to be a supply system though.