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    Playing CS:GO, formerly PR and SC2 competatively, watching anime and studying geography and GIS in BSc at University of Miskolc.


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  1. GIS Mapping and Squad

    In worst case scenario you just have to pick up a topography map of the area which you want, digitalize the contour lines and other map features (mountain tops with elevation data ect. ect.) then make a DEM out of it.
  2. GIS Mapping and Squad

    Hello there! Geography/GIS student here too! http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/8450-i-want-to-open-the-maps-and-their-assets-in-squad-with-ue-410/#entry133243 I started a thread regarding that if the devs are giving out game levels to get spacial data out from it, but so far the files are locked so we'll have to wait for the SDK to gain access to that. Still I also would be curious about the exact coordinates for the existing locations which they used for example: Logan and Chora Valley ect. because I want create my own spacial data set using Google Maps/Earth around the area where the game levels settled down.
  3. The reason is that I want to make new thematic maps out from game levels by using spatial data. Simply if I can get many XYZ coordinates points in a certain game level (exp. Fools road) I can create contour lines then after I can make an digital elevation model (DEM) by using GIS mapping techniques and software. From out of that DEM you make many terrain related thematic maps out for example a topographic map. Hey, thanks for the accusing, greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for the fast reply! :) Is there any way where I can find out ingame what is my specific location in X,Y,Z coordinates? Is there a console command for it or it's also locked out from public for awhile?
  5. So I just wanted to open the maps as a level with the Unreal Editor to do it for further modding, content creating and using it as a learning asset, but the editor always crash. For example: When open a level in Squad/Content/Maps/Chora/Chora1.umap, it crashes at 75% on the loading bar. Am I missing some tools or do I need to open it with a different method. I'm a GIS student, so I have no experience with modding/using UE, but I want to search for spatial data inside the game levels for further content.