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  1. Server dropping connections

    My Server crashed too. But now full :/. And we have two different machines. One by Gamed.de and one by OVH. And OVH have a very good protection and still coming down. Laggs and then down.
  2. lag?

    Which Server? Maybe the Server is lagging
  3. Squad Server Hosting - Reviews

    You need to give some time to G-Portal. G-Portal have also big Problems by Battlefield 4. Don't forget its between XMas und New Year, so they can't handled fast for it. And my experience is also. Last Year on December was very crazy for Battlefield 4 People (damn LizardSquad :/). So give G-Portal some chances. Send these guys more details, when it happened and how (full empty, crash, laggs, ServerFPS (use the command => AdminStats). With that Information, i think G-Portal can do more.
  4. I see that one Gameserver if its full taken 7-12 Mbit/s. Its maybe that the Problem, that it taken not much bandwidth? Can i set any in the Engine.ini for take more from my bandwidth? I have full 1 Gbit/s
  5. query ports

    I have on one Machine for testing 3 Gameservers. So i have 3 folders (Squad1, Squad2 and Squad3). All have a own created start.bat with different Ports: Look at this: start.bat from Squad1: start /wait /abovenormal SquadServer.exe "Port=7807 QueryPort=27185 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=72 FIXEDTICKRATE=10 RANDOM=NONE -log" start.bat from Squad2: start /wait /abovenormal SquadServer.exe "Port=7837 QueryPort=27215 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=72 FIXEDTICKRATE=10 RANDOM=NONE -log" start.bat from Squad3: start /wait /abovenormal SquadServer.exe "Port=7897 QueryPort=27275 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=72 FIXEDTICKRATE=10 RANDOM=NONE -log"
  6. query ports

    7807 + 27185 7897 + 27275 Difference = 90 7807 => 7897 27185 => 27275 So i used always in the 10er way. It works good. I open also the Port +1. So my Firewall have this Ports: 7807, 7808, 27185, 27186, 7897, 7898, 27275, 27276 I have little more Server. So i have more Ports open ;).
  7. Hmm not helped. But i tried to set the CPU Core 2 and 4 for my both Squad Server. It gives little bit more performance boost, but not much. Is the Gameserver not optimized to use multicore?
  8. Its correct. Its not a server processor. I tried 5, 10 and 15. Also the default 50. MaxInternetClientRate 80000 and 60000 tested already. I can test 70000
  9. Hey guys, any tips for more FPS for the Server. Our Server is full and we have FPS 3 or 5 and so on. At the beginning was 50 FPS for the Server. But later with 40 Players comes down very fast. My CPU, RAM and so on all are boring. There is enough space. I have i7 4790k with 4Ghz, 32GB DDR3, SSD and 1 Gbit/s. I use Windows Server 2012 R2 as OS. Its not virtualized. Its a full machine. I tried your Stuff. But not helped much. I want to host 72 Slots Server. Also the Ping was at beginning 20ms for me. Now 320ms
  10. MhSV.de Multigaming looking for new recruits

    Server running now better :) The new Patch is better.
  11. MhSV.de Multigaming looking for new recruits

    So we moved for the #1 and #3 to another Machine by G-Portal. Lets test for better Serverperformance :)
  12. Hi, i try to make a Territory Control Only Server at G-Portal.de. But it don't work. I only set the Map "Sumari ITC" and try 72, 60 and 50 Slots. But always comes Sumari ITC - Insurgency But i want Territory Control :( Need your help, guys. G-Portal can't help me. Best regards, Breakmaster
  13. Again 2 of our Servers down. Fucking hell. Its not DDoS.... Also the Pings are from 300 - 700....And permanently laggy. I think G-Portal need more Info to find a Solution. I think the Hardware is powerful enough.
  14. He told us: Then is the Hardware overloaded...new Hardware coming soon.
  15. Hello! MhSV Multigaming is an German Multigaming Clan searching for new Recruits. We are active now since 2009. At the moment we have around 70 active players. Most of them are Germans but we also have people from Italy, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Czechia, England, USA, Netherland, Austria and Switzerland. ##### Our offer for Members: ##### - an active Homepage ( http://www.mhsv.de ) - Big Forum & Community (~55.000 Posts, >20 per Day!) - 1 Teamspeak 3 Server ( ts.mhsv.de:9900 ) - BF4: 7 Gameservers ( 3x 64 Slot, 1x 48 Slot, 3x 32 Slot ) - BF3: 1 Gameserver ( 1x 24 Slot ) - ABSOLUTELY no cost! - Voluntary VIP-Membership ##### Members need to: ##### - accept Clanrules - Fun with Teamplay and Game - enough activity (Homepage & TS) - at least 18 years old --> We are looking forward to read your application on: http://www.mhsv.de/joinus-eng/ Our motto: register -> introduce yourself -> having fun MhSV is waiting for you !! Our Squad Server are also Online!