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  2. [video] - CHora : First looks and thoughts.

    Wow, this map is gorgeous.
  3. Loving new suppression effects

    I haven't played yet but I've watched nearly every video to come out thus far and I gotta say that the audio is superb. I'm betting on some Red Orchestra 2 level PTSD.
  4. "If you should have received a steam key but did not, please email support@joinsquad.com. Please email using the the email associated with your kickstarter / paypal account. As a reminder, steam keys were sent to all Founders, namely those in the Squad Leader or higher tier. NOTE, if you upgraded from a rifleman to a squad leader, you should have received a key."
  5. Waypoints

    I like the idea of the waypoints on the compass, but the large pillars of blue and red could be slightly problematic as they could block enemies that direction (or if you're like me "muh imershun"). Now what you could do is have these pillars, but they only activate as soon as a Squad leader creates a waypoint or by pressing an unused button, and then after a few seconds it will disappear.
  6. Bash's Videos

    I like you. You have balls... I like balls.
  7. More Stances - (ARMA3 style)

    To be honest, I hardly ever used stances other than stand, crouch, and prone in Arma 3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Running into a enemy Squad doing screenshot session

    They were having a lovely picnic in a hostile zone, taking pictures and selfies together, and you just had to come in and slaughter most of them, eh?
  9. Overheating tip..

    Thanks for the advice. My new battlestation.
  10. Hey there everyone, my name's Brent, but I go by Jedi, Jed, stud, whatever you like. I've been following Squad for many months now, mostly in the form of subreddit browsing or video watching and I've decided to make a forum account since the early access is getting close. I've played a lot of Arma, hardcore BF, and other games that have helped me build up a great deal of experience in tactical shooters. I'm always up for meeting and playing with new people and if you would like to add me on Steam, feel free to do so: /id/dead_jedi Looking forward to seeing you all on the frontlines. P.S. Who is ready for The Force Awakens? :)