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  1. THANK YOU my friend. Hope to fight with you on the battlefield.
  2. So I jump on cause i hear v10 is the bees knees. I have not played the game in over 9 months or so. I was very very deep into the game and Played with a clan etc. This magic happens with in a few mins. Dont know the guy, but his in game name seems kinda familiar. I instantly remembered why I loved this game soo much. Thanks for giving me a chance to have these kind of moments! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYTI6bbe2Jw
  3. [TSqK] Waiting for scrim offers !

    I will talk to my squad lead and see if 7th CAV wants to get down w u guys sometime.. how many people would u be bringing to the match?
  4. Perfect HEAD SHOT!

    Actually a really accurate shot.. the exact frame before the kill. Ill upload the before and after frame. which has me thinking.. shouldn't the game have a couple frames between the time i shoot and the time of impact.. Ya know frames where the bullet is traveling??
  5. Can I ask you if you feel like your 1080 image has quality loss when trying to run 1080 om a 4k display? I know back in the day 720 would on 1080p monitors so ive always wondered that.. MAn I bet 4k squad is beautiful. out of all the things I have tried this wasn't one of them maybe i should give it a go? As far as having more cores than 4.. i went the 8 core route w amd and honestly soo many games never use more than 50% of my cpu thai i just dont see devs really pushing most games past coding for 4 cores currently. We still seem to have plenty of head room when the game is optimized. Also as for the new kaby lake I went through everything w a fine tooth comb and its same architecture as what we have now just improved on board video. so I think i might just stick w 6700k cause i feel the price might drop soon. Thanks for everyone's replies tho.. this has been awesome
  6. Thanks very much for your input. I too am wanting to hold out for the ti model as i have never bought any other versions of cards. Thanks again for your time! Hopefully one day squad will make us feel like the pc elite we truly are lol
  7. Alright so I am not happy at all that I was a backer for this game and see no end in sight for my AMD fps issues. I actually have bought this game twice btw. I love the game and the only thing keeping me from playing is the fact that I can run all other games on ultra 1080p 80-120 fps. I currently have a FX-9590 and the most powerful 780ti (ghz edition) Basically it runs neck and neck with every 980 ive dropped into this box and tested it against. Now I am one who thinks it is absolutely insane to build a new pc just to run a game, but i literally have not played squad longer then 10 mins just a few times in the past 6 months or so. I used to play every night all night but just finally could not stand the disadvantage of these frame rates. In the backer stage fps wasnt too bad at all on this rig. Squad launched and slowly my fps has lowered over time. I mad a youtube video to help other amd users and helped in a few threads. I raised a lot of hell. Ive been told My rig isnt good enough blah blah blah. At one point i finally gave in and stayed to 50 people and below servers jus to maintain a good 50-60 fps on ultra. I was able to live with that and then even that didnt seem to matter. Now it seems those servers do not even exist anymore. Fast forward to now. I had poured over peoples fps responses and a long time ago people w mid level intel and mid level gpus were getting 60-100 fps. So now im in a situation where I need to build a second pc because I work from home and my company is getting very intrusive by forcing us to run end point a/v software and other programs that will run 24/7 on my pc that i can not control or shut off. So that being said I thought " well i might as well do an intel build this time as I have maxed out amd and its current options" Now Im just gonna throw this out there. I get amazing performance on EVERY title with this pc. I also get pretty damn good fps on Unreal 4 engine titles ( ark, UT online etc) Even in something like ark who also is in early development even in its early days if i did have an fps issue everyone had that issue and I could easily adjust a few settings and get a constant 60 fps. ( Do you know how big the map is in ark and how much shit is on that map??) So this whole its unreal engines fault and just wait on them to update to me is bs. Mind you Epic games did say that they dont agree its 100% engine fault and also asked why didnt the devs of squad bring this to their attention? Thats beside the point and I apologize for the rant but it just really pisses me off because it feels like the devs are kinda avoiding the situation and could at least make this a priority as well as keep us informed of all new info they get or a road map or ets or something. Feels like its just been ignored. Below is where I discuss my main question of this thread So on to the real point of this. Im looking at buying a 6600K cpu. I will prob pair this w a 1070 or 1080 but would like to see where im at w my current gpu first before I upgrade as I know it has some life left in it. In my mind i think back to the fps I would see others getting months ago and am honestly expecting a constant 60 fps but really more like 90+ on full servers balls to the walls ultra settings. Will I be disappointed by squad once again after dumping another 500$ plus??? I honestly dont know if I can take another kick in the balls by this game. Im still pretty butt hurt by the original situation. I really do enjoy the game and would love to bring a bunch of friends over to this title from the battlefield franchise but its embarrassing to stream the game at the current state it plays on my machine. What would I see frame wise before I spend my hard earned cash?? I could always do another drive and os for work, so honestly squad is what is allowing me to justify this new pc build. I am a computer science student so I know my shit. I know all about the ipc of intel compared to amd. My pc is currently more then capable to run this game had it been coded and optimized correctly on a base level. Yes ue4 is not perfect yet but other devs were given these same tools and have been able to do pretty damn well. So will i be let down again. Also can anyone tell me what time frame we are looking at from engine updates to game optimization of when this game will run like its supposed to. I mean its 2016 and this game is running all on 1 core mainly and using 50% of my gpu. At this point I think its safe to say that squad is the most un optimized game that you can purchase on steam right now. I know its possible to get a decent fps because I see youtubers running gameplay that is only seen in my wettest of dreams. So all bull shit aside whats the deal??? Thanks for putting up with my bullshit and for your responses in advance.

    is the work around just setting the game audio quality to low?
  9. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    i have the 9590... shelved squad after many many hours waiting for devs to fix their over zealous audio profile or start testing w an amd setup. I havnt heard or seen anything but from what ive ready I think v7 was supposed to help a lot. Any results amd peeps?
  10. Higher FOV, higher FPS ?!

    yeah but with squad it does not it will sit at a slightly higher than idle desktop speed
  11. get two 970s u cant run sli in squad yet but u onlt need 1 970 anyway then when sli comes or for other games rock out w your socks out!
  12. Taliban Rave Party !!!!!!!!!!!!

    So the other team just wouldn't push to us so we had a rave while we waited. I didnt know but one person in this match. This just unfolded all by itself organically. Slow start but we really kick it up a notch a few mins in lol Taliban Rave party !!!
  13. Higher FOV, higher FPS ?!

    the reason is because the game code ia ao horribly written. Most of the time your gpu isnt boosting when you are playing this game because your cpu is already bottle-necking or so inefficiently rendering reading the code that the gpu feels it doesn't need to work hard at all. When you raise the fov the gpu will actually begin to boost and all of a sudden it starts doing some work and your fps goes up. trust me watch your clock speed with both.. you will be surprised how much squad you have played with you gpu sitting at its stock clock speeds
  14. V5 Performance on Intel CPU's?

    now you know how us amd guys have felt the whole time.. V5 worst as of yet for me
  15. last weekend was the most frustrating ive had in squad since i started playing in closed alpha.. A lot of new players that obviously didnt do any research on how the game works or what they are doing or how to play.. Im cool with that, im glad the community is growing, but now the amount of hackers is insane. I have not felt like I was killed by a single hacker, or noticed a hacker in any match until last night. I will be posting to the hacker section with my evidence for both hackers... I cam across 2 in an hr period, and now a couple hours later I get back on and the first match has one in it. I started playing squad full time because rainbow six siege is riddled with hackers atm and now squad is on its way as well... I knew the current anti cheat system wasnt that great but damn this is getting insane really fast!. Here we go again.. another pc game on its way to the shelf that is my steam library again.. Gta 5 was an amazing game for what it was but after it got badly hacked I just quit and havnt touched since.. now siege is heading that way, and if something isnt done, squad is on the way. The hackers Im having to deal with are some that are already mentioned on the forums