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  1. Alpha 5 Released

    So... I guess i'm just going to ask what everyone else is thinking - Can we burn one down now or is that maybe for the BETA-version? Great Job with the game so far. Cheers
  2. oh yeah that'd be so cool. one can only hope
  3. Alpha 3.8 Released

    awesome, keep up the good work guys
  4. Might be cool if i could do this.....

    If the devs would implement the function to peek over obsticles while crouching behind sandbags, walls and what not when aiming down the sight I would be really happy. It's something that would make much sense y'know? Not aiming down the sight behind a cover while crouching means you're just looking for cover when you're let's say surpressed. But when you're aiming down the sight you'd like to get a look at whats happening in front of you without getting yourself too much exposed. As of now you're getting pretty exposed when you want to peek and look for the enemy while you're behind cover.
  5. Alpha 3.7 Released

    awesome. you guys are the best :lol:
  6. Steam Release Information

    OK, bought the game through joinsquad.com a couple of weeks back, downloaded it today, read through the manual, went into training mode and then tried to join a server. Seems they are all password locked. I feel like I'm missing something pretty essential here guys haha. Help a newbie out :o :unsure:
  7. Squad League matches!

    Thanks for this!