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  1. I'm sorry but I play both classes and have no idea what you are suggesting. I've played rounds wheee unfortunately we had 1 lame medic or maybe no medic but sl and other members of squad were very useful and we got a lot done. So to answer your questions in order, id say no, no and no.
  2. I mean it's a good point but then you open all the other possibilities "if your toe explodes can you really run?" (Probably). "If I get shot in my ball sack am I affected?" (Maybe). At what point do we draw the line? I like balance over hyper realism.
  3. FOV above 90

    Anyone else playing with FOV above 90? I do about 100. It makes things a little bit smaller but being able to see more of your gun seems more authentic to me.
  4. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    You should make this a separate post.
  5. The one thing I want more than anything else

    Unnecessary in my opinion. This is an area where I prefer performance stability over the occasional 'wow' factor of destructible environments (which I think is overdone in modern AAA games anyway). Let's stick to the basics.
  6. Good suggestions but definitely not going to solve everyone's problems. Stating the problem is 100% consumer side is nonsensical.
  7. .50 cal Headshot

    No joke. I'm guessing it's the API rounds in squad.
  8. .50 cal Headshot

    Could a .50 round really penetrate actual concrete and drop someone like that?
  9. Hello, all!

    Welcome. I'm in Chicago as well. You can add me on steam.
  10. I'm with lawnboy. Great idea. Makes sense to be able to use a captured tech.
  11. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    Wow, very excited.
  12. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I disagree. edited by @invisible.nin/SINE + issued warning
  13. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    I'm pumped for V7.
  14. So I've been away or over 3 months and the new v7 trailer looks like the graphics have substantially changed. They look shinier (AA) and just better overall. I did not notice anything specific about graphic improvements in the preview notes tho. Any insight? Hopefully devs are not pulling an EA on us with "in game" footage that is actually heavily edited to look nicer!