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  1. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    same thought, or is it an performance thing? more level of deteils would be very very nice Many that I know miss it too.
  2. we need this, and the free look ;)
  3. a little more would be ok. and some bandages on the floor after treatment !
  4. Player Models

    US players models look good, but why other factions looks weird? if you behind them it looks like they have crapped in their pants and have a stick in the shoulder,they are only place holder? No offense the models from americas army 1.0 recon and 2.0 looks a way better they use also the unreal engine. Happy new Jeahr Ladies and gentlemen
  5. Player Models

    the type of movement looks different not the models self! when they walk it looks like they have bow legs
  6. Player Models

    sad to hear :wacko:
  7. So many german servers and players

    but let the hatchet please in the basement ;)
  8. Nvidia Settings needed GTX 970

    i switch my ATi card to a Nvidia GPU and now i need some settings for the nvidia driver because i have flickering when moving, on grass and vegitation, many thanks
  9. Nvidia Settings needed GTX 970

    new windows installation and still flickering when moving or in zoom,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please whats the problem?
  10. Nvidia Settings needed GTX 970

    Thank you so much, but everything is all ready uninstall. i wont to find out if my nvidia settings ok maybe some one can send me a picture from his settings with a gtx 970 or equivalent model would be very nice, hooah :)
  11. flickering on trees vegetation and Fences and so on? robe the fun of the game have tries sweetfx but dosent work only scale the resolution to 200% work :) but not playable. Is this a problem with ATi ? my card is a 7970? thx for answers ! evtl. sind hier ja ein paar deutsche am start die das problem auch haben oder hatten?
  12. flickering on trees vegetation and Fences and so on?

    can you sent me a link for the preset you use with sweetfx it runs but the flickring is still there, thx
  13. Free look / TrackIR Support

    ALT tab and the mouse ar enough in reality i can turn my head also. squad make a lot fun, but with free look a lot more and every buddy have the ALT Tab and the Mouse so please dev's let it happen we need this shit :)