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  1. Battle's 'Tips for New Players'

    my biggest tip: rebind your map keys to your mouse (if you have enough buttons). You'll be using your mouse so much that its pretty much imperative that its on a quick/easy to access button.
  2. This Is Squad [2:47]

    damn i need to upgrade my system... my game definitely doesn't look that good :P very nice video, thanks for putting it together!
  3. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    its especially bad on forest maps. Chora, and forest maps are unplayable for me.
  4. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    having this same issue. very long lag/screen freeze at the start of the map, then lots of little ones while playing. makes the game pretty much unplayable. Game played great prior to the 3.4 update. Windows 7 i5 2500k 8GB ram GTX 580 all settings on low except view distance.
  5. Healing system

    sounds like you'd like the game "Medic Simulator 2015"
  6. Free look / TrackIR Support

    +1 for the free look. I find myself missing it quite a bit while playing Squad
  7. too lazy to walk upstairs, you think i have enough energy to look through every forum post? The post title "Squad Spy (SSPY)" wasn't descriptive enough for me to click on it.
  8. its 3:41am EST, i'm downstairs on my laptop. I'd like to check a website that lists all servers with their accurate player count, to see if its worth going upstairs to login to the game and play.