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  1. And we have a very nice 72 slot server which is running very nicely.
  2. Australian Server Host

    gameservers.com are now also hosting Squad. That's our new provider.
  3. Australian Server Host

    Did have a server with a provider that had Australian servers and was very disappointed. Can anyone advise me of a server host that has Australian servers for hire, that actually has them available please! I have been looking but I can't seem to locate a provider.
  4. I'm having difficulty finding a host that has Australian servers available. There are server providers that advertise they have Australian servers, but they are all out of room, so cannot take on more customers (so they tell me). If anyone can point me to one, I'd be grateful.
  5. A bit over a week, and Vilayer did not bother responding to my support ticket. They are rubbish. I did manage to fix the issue myself, but still some sort of acknowledgement would have been nice. As stated elsewhere: DO. NOT. RENT. FROM. VILAYER. - You will be disappointed.
  6. Host name issue

    Only file that is editable is GameUserSettings.ini - not server.cfg
  7. Host name issue

    ViLayer. 4 Days now, no response to support ticket.
  8. Since the update, my commercially rented server reset the server name to "Squad Dedicated Server". I stopped the server, edited the config to what the server name was before, restart server and it's still incorrect. I this a host issue? I have contacted the server host however they appear to think that responding to support tickets from their customers is optional. Anyone have a fix?
  9. Sadly I am currently experiencing the VILAYER blues. Server is fine when it works, customer support is non existent. Host name cannot be changed from "Dedicated Squad Server" to what it was called before the update. Support tickets are ignored. Will be cancelling my account with them as soon as they get back to me.
  10. Server company complaining

    Good post, thanks.
  11. Welcome aboard Englishfury & SectorSix. Current Squad team: (Not including Arma members) Valour Warhorse Unholydropbear Shrapnel Winfield_Gold AusCafeRacer Para Incitatus1 englishfuty SextorSix Crow We are still seeking Australian/New Zealand members for tactical goodness/fun...
  12. Fragnet Servers

    I just found it amazing they are advertising they have servers in Australia, when clearly they don't. Nothing against them really, I have no idea what they are like as a server host, but they really ought to change their site so people don't order something they can't provide.
  13. Fragnet Servers

    For the information of any Aussies looking for a server to hire, Fragnet are SOLD OUT of Australian servers, although their site says they are available. I made an order, realised that nothing was happening and then contacted them to be sold they were out of stock. I have requested a refund. Just FYI. I so wish I could get some servers going for my community group!
  14. Yeah sorry guys, our site requires admin validation. Your accounts are now validated. Thanks for your patience.