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  1. From a gentleman outside the forum who had an extra copy from the commander backer .
  2. at least I've done what I could , I can give up now :]
  3. Thank you very much guys , I managed to get a key I appreciate your time Q/ when I redeemed it on steam it said [squad for beta tester] , do I require further actions ?
  4. You are absolutely right , please understand the most thing that encouraged me to to write this post is that: the option was available last week before december on steam, the game already been confirmed , so way after the beginning of the project , Its me its my fault and I should pay for it I'm just want to discuss it and try my chances , at least I tried and I can satisfy myself with that:]
  5. Thank you very much mate ,,, nothing new people are so lame sometimes xD
  6. I don't have to like the game :] I like the team , I like the work they do I've been playing PR on BF2 when it first came in , and the ARMA as well :] there is no excuses how I missed the chance to participate , I'm trying to catch up I would be more than happy if anyone kind around here had a spare key he would be willing to part with ? I would pay for it ^^ please note I'm not trying to be a jerk or that spoiled kid, I'm just a desperate person seek for help :]
  7. I totally respect that , I would never say I should pay as much as they did , I'm talking double or even triple :] ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) That's what I'm hoping to achieve sir , beside I'm trying to help as well yah that's right mate :] , but he was talking about the Donor patch
  8. I totally understand , and its all make sense guys What I'm trying to imply here is I want to have the chance to get the founder pack at any cost (or one of the kickstarter backers ), I don't know if the support team can help me with that :[ . Bottom line , I'm willing to pay , these guys deserve it afterall :]
  9. Is that going to show In-game as well ? You can't even imagine :]
  10. Hello gents , I would like to ask , For those who missed the pre-order before the 30th of NOV , are they going to be able to acquire the "Founder Patch" as well ? It's really bad if the answer is no :( I'm a big fan of the project I missed it because I was deployedsome where Please contact me if you can help me with that , I'm willing to do whatever you want . Thank you very much for your time Regards ,,,