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  1. Alpha 11 Released

    OMG I really love the new update But can the performance better for computer with: CORE I7-4700 CPU 2.40 Geforce 860m Have some lag spykes in heavy fire....
  2. January 2018 Recap

    Really love your work guys But plz make the M4 rifle with ACOG more realistic when aiming - the front-rail must not have to be transparent.... The L85a2 w/ ACOG looks realistic Plz hope the PSO at the SVD will be fixed soon it is a little bit bugged too.... Will we have a permission to change the weapon textures? Counter-Strike. Where it is only one self there can see the difference at the weapon model, so I don't have to see other unrealistic weapon skins, with fancy colors!!!! I'am very execited to see the new Insurgent models, the models in the game right now is very bored & ugly, love the details you have used + coloring.
  3. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Exelent work DEVS But please change the transparant ACOG sight to a more textured like as the m68 sight Can the weapon resting be changed to 5 sec, 10-12 sec is too long - I think P.S. ****KKKKK I love the new IRON-sights
  4. Alpha 9.15 Released

    Have very much lag, on maximum settings - Working well before patch 9.13 came out Windows 10 - fully updated 64Bit I7-4700HQ 2.40GHz
  5. [Solved] high ping

    Most of the servers yes. But find out there was an update to Windows, there slow my gameplay - so the game is not so laggy more - Gets some lag spykes sometimes.... remi Kan du ikk lige sende dit Steam-navn til mig?
  6. Weapons

    Ok thank you I allways think the 2 missile, have to damage as the HEAT missile
  7. Weapons

    I was playing Squad yesterday, hit i APC with 3 rockets from a RPG7 - and it start burning, but it dosent blow up - it stop burning.....
  8. [Solved] high ping

    I got some very high ping after the new updates 9.13 + 14 MY PC info I7-4700 HQ 2.40 GHz Geforce 860m Internet: WIFI Download -> 80 Max upload -> 50 Before the last 2 updates the game run perfect
  9. Weapons

    I know it is a little bit hard progress, but can we get some more details? Like as when u switch to pistol, the primery (AK, M4 etc) will appear to the bag, and when change to the pistol, it is NOT be shown in the holster. The same thing with rocket lunchers ( RPG rockets will disappear from the bag when it get used, and the rockets will come back when the player resupply
  10. Alpha 9.13 Released

    Cool idea to bring Assault on Mestia & the Operation ghost train from Project Reality to 1 map
  11. October 2017 Recap

    Please fix the Weapon Collision - to a little more far away from the object, can see the weapons go though the 3DModel. But amazing work on all the things!!!!
  12. August 2017 Recap

    Yes when the player talk, it will have a anim.., but not when they writa a messenge, it is a little bit weird - I think Ofcause, I hope they make the head can turn, in a wehicle too like as at foot
  13. August 2017 Recap

    Will there be any anims for the faces of the different player models, they are a little bit scary when they dosen't moving their eyes, open their mouth e.t.c.
  14. Weapons

  15. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    Fullujah west - Happy it on the way Dragon fly - Project Reality with Militia & GB (If someone would like to make the British forces with their old uniform, before 2013, where they changed it and their standard green plastic handgrip) Lashkar Valley British with the old Desert uniform, & green plastic handgrip Ramiel - Maybe a cool map.... ?