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  1. Weapons

    The PKM will be so awesome I hope they make the new scope to the L85a2 I think it have replaced the Susat sight
  2. Weapons

    It is because I'am very exicited on the BAF (British Army) need a new faction to play as ^^
  3. Weapons

    Ok Will V10 be released soon
  4. Weapons

    Can u please tell me what kind of weapons Can u please tell me what kind of weapons
  5. Weapons

    Cool Is the M110 a placeholder for the US faction?
  6. Weapons

    It is
  7. Weapons

    Ok Will the American faction got Eotech (REFLEX sight) like some of the classes from PR?
  8. Weapons

  9. Weapons

    Will we got a more realistic ACOG & aimpoint sight when we aim - Please
  10. Weapons

    Can the G3 rifle, get more green for 1P and 3P - Please http://www.real-gun.com/g3.html
  11. Weapons

    Sorry I know US Army use the M4 rifle, write it wrong But will they be switched to Burst/Semi - and not automatic/Semi? - please Will the new insurgents got M16a2, it will be cool too, or will they keep the same equipment?
  12. Weapons

    I know But if they change their name US Army to USMC and have both different rifles M4 + M16a4
  13. Weapons

    I think insurgents with a M4 will be cool But why a mod? The Devs have to make it by them self... As I know US Army dosen't use M4, there can be switched to Automatic. As i heard - when i was in the Danish army, Dont switch your M95 (Colt C7) to Automatic - so u look like a Rambo....
  14. Weapons

    Hey I didn't find anything abaut the US Army M4 rifles, but can u guys please change it to Burst/Semi and the militia to tave Automatic/Semi - Or maybe remove the M4 rifle from militia, and give it to the Insurgent faction. Will the M16a4 rifle aviable in the game, maybe change the US Army to USMC? Maybe more questions later
  15. Alpha 9.9

    I have the same problem