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  1. Alpha 12.1 Released

    There does appear to be an issue if you set any of the Steam Inventory items to true. As soon as you hit apply, the game will crash. Editing the GameUserSettings.ini file directly, and making these items all "false", resolves the crashing issue.
  2. Happy Holidays!

    Congratulations on the IndieDB Awards. They are well deserved! Thanks for the update and thanks also for creating such an awesome game, we look forward to all the future developments. Happy Holidays
  3. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    Reporting in from Guelph, Ontario
  4. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    I am aiming to be online at 9:00pm est tonight.
  5. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    Relax... and have a Timmies!
  6. Project Reality vets sign in here

    It is really nice to see all the veteran PR plays showing up in this thread. I'm looking forward to joining the Squad battles once the Closed Alpha phase starts.
  7. Medical system (revive) A How To

    Nice video... Thanks for posting. Looking forward to using this system, and all the future improvements.
  8. August 2015 + Pax Prime Report

    Excellent update. Since I normally play PR as a medic, I am very interested in the new wounding/revive changes.
  9. Origin of your Game Name / Username

    Many, many, many years ago, I had a grade 5 teacher who could not pronounce my last name, so he just called me "Mike Mc" -- and the nickname was born!
  10. Your Avatar's Story

    It's Canada's national drink!
  11. Project Reality vets sign in here

    I have been playing since version 0.3 back in 2006 when it was still called "Project Reality Mini-Mod". I had to go looking for that information, and I discovered another interesting fact. It was 9 years ago tomorrow (July 17) that I registered on the PR forums! It has been a great 9 years of playing with a variety of people. Some relatively new faces, some that leave and re-appear years later, and some have been around longer than me... but it has always been fun! Some quick math: I generally play 2 nights a week (Friday and Saturday) from 10pm to 2am (4 hours)... so 8 hours/week * 52 weeks * 9 years = 3744 hours of game play (time well spent
  12. Given the close ties between PR and Squad, and the fact that PR (version 1.3) is now free to play (you no longer need to own BF2), I thought I would have seem more players trying out PR. While you are waiting for your Squad alpha access to begin, PR would be a great place to start learning some of the gaming styles and tactics. We are always looking for new PR targets players!
  13. I like the idea of some customization, within the bounds of the selected kit. Example: If I am a medic, and I really like to use smoke for cover, then maybe I would add 1-2 additional smokes to my kit. Rather than using some sort of points or currency, the trade-off of carrying additional items would be reduced stamina. You could also use this customization to reduce your standard kit items --- If you reduce your # of ammo clips and take no grenades, then you should be able to run faster and further on your "increased" stamina. This may add an extra variation into the game play. Less equipped players might be able to get to a location quicker than a standard player, but they would be at the disadvantage of having less equipment. This would also effect the movement of the squads, somebody will lots of ammo and grenades, would not be able to keep up with the rest of the squads. He would either get left behind, or slow the entire squad down while they wait for him. My main fear with this type of customization would be new\inexperienced players grabbing additional "unnecessary" equipment, and then impacting the squads performance. On a public server, this type of customization might be a real negative! With the proper limits and controls, I still think this type of kit variation would be good feature, and it could increase the dynamics of the game play.
  14. First Person Weapon Collision

    WOW! This made my day! Even after all these years, I still compare every FPS back to INF. There were so many details and features buried in that game. I have never found another FPS that included so many features in one game. One of my favourite features was being able to cook off a grenade, and then softly toss it through a window or bounce it around a corner. Can't wait for the Closed-Alpha -- Wishing now I had splurged for the Closed Pre-Alpha.
  15. How old is the Squad community?

    50 years young! from Ontario, Canada