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  1. Any ETA on V10?

    I said I have the same CPU, at the same clock. I have a better GPU. The only thing lower is RAM, which doesn't affect FPS much. Show an in game picture with 60fps on a full 80/80 server looking toward battle. I'll believe you then.
  2. Any ETA on V10?

    Yeah I really doubt that. Same cpu, little less ram, better GPU and I get drops down to 40, even under at times after Squad has been installed for awhile. Deleting it, and reinstalling it does help, but there's no way you're getting 60+ on max @1080p on that GPU in a full 80/80 server.
  3. V10 is slated to bring in more animations for weapons. When that comes out and it's not to your liking, I don't know if this game is for you.
  4. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    I can see this being a great map for vehicular warfare. In PR, Infantry was pretty fun on it as well, being able to hide in the trenches and bunkers. Although there was a lot more detail in some of the areas with those towers. @Axton Do you plan on adding more sort of foliage, debris/downed vehicles(assuming OWI models them in), rocks, different kinds of bunkers and such to allow a little bit better Infantry coverage? Thanks.
  5. New animation system differing by factions?!

    Every faction will probably use the same animations. It'd be too costly to make different animations for each factions.
  6. Able to get through the building and shoot through it - You just have to prone and go against the wall, and you'll pop right into the building.
  7. how to disable or modify how god-rays look?

    Except there is no "Post Processing" in the Graphic's tab. With that ini edit, it eliminates the godrays, and causes no problems. I've been using it, Desmolocke has been using it. Pretty sure it's 100% fine.
  8. how to disable or modify how god-rays look?

    @TDS Actually it is possible; You can turn off the God lasers too if you want. Open GameUserSettings.ini in the AppData Config folder and edit this line: sg.PostProcessQuality=3 to sg.PostProcessQuality=1 or lower
  9. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    The grass too. Being able to actually hide in grass.. Yes please. Also the long distance that the grass still renders would be very nice, specially recalling that Axton said he 'magically' got it to that without causing performance issues. Or am I wrong?
  10. I've seen ghosts floating around the map that can be shot. Yesterday, we had someone randomly fall over dead on Kokan that needed to be revived. This game is broken, once again. With V10 taking so long, I seriously wonder how long it'll take to fix even the smaller shit. I mean it's not DayZ yet. So OWI isn't completely ****ed yet.
  11. There's already a plethora amount of LAT spam already, don't need to add more into the mix.
  12. Game uses up all ram?

    I think, and I could be wrong, with how unoptimized Squad is, there might be a memory leak somewhere that may require a restart to fix. Hopefully V10 helps a bit with performance.
  13. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    well that's lame, it looks better than the black abyss that the scopes have in the game right now.
  14. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    that reflection looks amazing wish it was on the other scopes in the game, looking forward to seeing more of your work fishman hopefully in the base game too because it all looks great
  15. Immediate crash after loading map

    Restarting fixed it, but I have no clue what caused it to happen.