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  1. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    After playing 10+ rounds on one of the servers, I've only got to say: They rarely have admins on during prime EST hours. Terrible 'first to claim' vehicle rule instead of NAME CLAIMING like every server. Terrible teamwork among many of the players. Wouldn't recommend for serious players.
  2. Nanisivik

    I tried to express my be constructive with what I was saying, although, iirc I had just came out of a round on that map driving a T72 around, getting stuck on very triangular looking parts of the map, and it was really really frustrating to drive around on. I'm hoping they do some revisions of it. Is there any word of work from the CAF team? Improvements etc?
  3. Nanisivik

    damn that must mean you know so much about tanks ................. except my post is constructive criticism the map is garbage and needs to be redone to fit the standard of OWI's maps
  4. Nanisivik

    You've never seen a tank or any vehicle move around in snow or any sort of rough terrain, have you? Unless it's pure ice, the tracks eat that shit up like it's a fat kid eating a sundae. They don't get stuck. They ARE able to climb most hills, but since you're not getting what I'm saying and completely ignoring it, I'm not going to reiterate it again and suggest you READ my posts again. so then it shouldn't be part of the main game and just as a whitelisted MOD with how piss poor the quality of it is right now
  5. Nanisivik

    I see you've not driven any sort of tracked vehicle on this map since you're talking about helicopters when I'm talking about TRACKED VEHICLES. The problem isn't the 'terrain'. It's how it's built in the editor - There's no smoothing to any of the ridges, at all, it's all triangular and doesn't have any smoothing to it at all. It makes the tracks become stuck constantly, even though they should be moving, albeit slowly if it's trying to replicate 'ice'. It's lazy design. Vehicles shouldn't be stuck to taking the roads, that's how you die. Any competent team, or player, will tell you how easy it is to kill vehicles in this game.
  6. Nanisivik

    Can this just be exiled from Squad, completely? Until the developers of it fix it? Whoever designed this map, has never played the EASTERN SIDE OF IT IN A VEHICLE. The map is godawful. It's terrible. It's disgusting. The only thing that it has going for it, is that it has new map prop models. It's the shittiest experience you'll ever have in this game driving a tracked vehicle, with all the god damn areas having triangular shaped hills, causing your tracks to basically mean **** all. You become stuck. You go maybe 10-15km/h on basically flat land making it even more difficult to maneuver. Vehicles, thankfully, have become a bit easier to drive since a patch or two ago. That does not make up for how god awful the map design of Nanisivik. It's the only map where vehicles actually have a fighting chance instead of constantly being ambushed by HAT's, LAT's, TOW's, mines, and it's the worst god damn map possible, only because of how lazily it's designed in areas. I'm sorry to the developers of the map, but for holy gods sake how does this shit stain make it into the MAIN game? It taints the image of the other relatively designed maps.
  7. Can we add bracing to the game?

    The devs said this might be a feature after release, but considering they've said that it'd cause a lot of performance issues, I doubt we'll see it.

    yeah true call of duty makes a lot of money, lets make the game that

    doesn't matter, devs don't care about this forum and don't listen to its users
  10. A single IED would make the most sense and could still be fun. I don't get people saying it'd ruin 'fun'. Vehicles are hard enough to not get ****ed on constantly by competent teams, adding flying machines that can fly at you near mach speed(over exaggeration I know, they're still fast) and blow you up in one hit, doesn't make for a fun experience in a vehicle that already has to look out for: Mines, RPGs, HATs, TOWs, SPGs, Sappers, IED vehicles, Enemy vehicles, Mortars.
  11. Does any developer ever comment on these? Or is it just "**** it our way is the highway" until enough people make a ruckus like buddy rallies?
  12. The drone they're using in game wouldn't be able to get off the ground with the payload of even one IED, considering typical drones that ISIS and such have used can barely lift over 10 pounds. Considering that the IED in Squad has TWO 81mm mortar rounds taped together, that's 30 pounds right there alone. The only drone that can lift that, is a drone that costs thousands for special purposes in movies. They should just make it so you can't put anything on the drone at all, and just make the drone itself a payload that can be used for scouting or blowing shit up.
  13. It's largely considered in a lot of the community that being able to stack IED's on top of the Drone that just float in mid air, is a bit of a stupid idea. It works, but it works in a way that glitching into parts of maps allowing you to fire through walls, also works. It's bad, and needs to be addressed. A solution - The IED is implemented inside of the drone/on top. Allowing the drone to still do what it does, deliver a payload of death to infantry/light vehicles. It will allow Insurgents/MIL to take out HAB's/FOB's momentarily as well, to allow infantry to move in and take it over. However, it will NOT kill heavier vehicles, but only disable their tracks/engine/turret. Example: BTR-82A, BMP-2, Warrior, Stryker, BRDM's(shitboxes), T72B3/Abrams/Challenger/Leopard. I doubt it would be extremely difficult to make this change, considering what you guys have done. Also, for the vehicle players that get ****ed by competent teams - Please, we need thermals or some iteration of it. I know noobs will complain, but as players get more competent at this game, playing in a vehicle on most maps is just not worth it. It's easier to go 32-2 as infantry than it is in a vehicle.
  14. After watching numerous videos of the new amazing artillery and other options implement in Beta 17, please tell me it's not final. The range on damage they do is absolutely not enough. Infantry can seemingly run away while these big ass rounds are landing around 40 feet away from them. I'm no military expert, but, doing a small amount of Google'ing and multiple sources - 50m kill radius(150 feet) and 100m casualty radius(300feet) Yet the artillery in this game, people can run around just fine and no shrapnel, seemingly nothing seems to affect them. The only way people are affected are if they are smack dab right next to where it lands or within 5 feet of it. It reminds me of the MORTAR situation, as well as the HE on vehicles that still isn't fixed. I've seen and heard multiple complaints that HE has hit people and done no damage.
  15. Accuracy of COAX and vehicle LMG

    ???? wtf are you talking about? The infantry buffs to take out vehicles are insanely buffed now HAT's can **** up vehicles in 2 shots. LAT's can make a tank completely immobile. Maybe just don't make yourself completely obvious? If you're getting shot by a COAX on a tank/vehicle instead of a FRAG/HEAT/HE round, you're doing something wrong.