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  1. Vehicle imbalance

    vehicle balancing in this game is utter trash right now
  2. Kohat RAAS with 2 bradleys and strykers is ridiculously bad for balance. Add a TANK for the RUS at the very least until you guys implement a BMP-2/BMP-3 for properly balancing the map. Wow, so hard to think of.
  3. I don't know if you're drunk or high, but nothing of what you say is valid. I don't think you have any point either than to disagree. How about Project Reality then, huh? Is that a game that shouldn't be held on the same standard to Squad, even though it's a much bigger game right now, and basically its Daddy to Squad? Right click to shoot coax instead of swapping to it on the keyboard is just better for everyone. It needs to happen.
  4. I can see how it'd be an issue. Although what's the difference with the system that Post Scriptum is using vs the one you're using? Is it an older version of what's used in Post Scriptum? Thanks
  5. it is game breaking, a round shouldn't automatically disappear just because I switched to coax to shoot infantry that may be lining up to shoot a TOW/Missile at me. Post Scriptum does it, why can't OWI?
  6. understand that this is a video game, if we had all the requirements of real life, then thermals would be in the game, ERA, etc etc. This should not be something that still exists by the time V12 comes out, if it is, then that's laughable.
  7. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Great write up. I was there for the stream on Twitch, a lot of people bickering in the chat, but a lot of questions got answered. I know I brought up Thermals on vehicles, and it was sort of a run around answer. As it definitely is a hard topic to discuss, but I believe there will be an increase in demand for them. I don't know how A11 will play out on 80 man servers, and as someone who loves to run vehicles, it is nice to see them getting some fine touches. I just hope that there are further upgrades to tracked vehicles, right now the MTLB performs like a constipated old man. It waddles around, it stutters, it sputters, it jerks, and it makes sounds way too loud for what it is. However I want to bring up another point, with 40 people on each team, that leaves 4-ish squads with a little more. Assuming they got LAT at the beginning of the round(to kill apcs/ifvs) that is about 8 LAT's on the playing field, with 2 rockets each, with 16 rockets on the battlefield. Sixteen! SgtRoss made an emphasis on relying on infantry to cover vehicles, however I've rarely seen that type of gameplay not even in 7 years of playing Project Reality. Sure, there was a little coverage, but the ability to sneak up on vehicles has never been easier as MIL/INS, and with those HAT kits? Easy. I can count the grains of sand at my local beach and it still wouldn't be enough times that I've snuck up on a vehicle with infantry close to it. I understand that Thermals would be difficult to balance, but you'd be leaving vehicles at a severe imbalance for a lot of the maps that are currently out, never mind Fallujah. That map is going to be insane for trying to spot little Achmed with his boom-blaster-fukuranus-5000. ---- Another thing I'd like to be brought up, while the sounds are great in Squad, I do believe that vehicles are lacking. Being able to hear a BTR or Stryker, clear as day from half way across the map while in a BTR/Stryker, is just.. Insane. The MTLB can be heard half way across most of the maps in rotation. Trying to flank an enemy vehicle is impossible, you could even have the drop on them by coming from behind, but as soon as they hear the engine - VOOP, they're right on you. I'd like to see more Project Reality integrations, and the infantry side of this game sure is veering that way, but the vehicle side is veering toward a bit unbalanced. At least what I see. I cannot see the future, and I've not played A11, but this is just what I see happening with many hours in Project Reality, and Squad.
  8. Invisible wall. Told Axton about it on one of his streams on twitch, told me to post it here- It's right by Refinery. I'm sure you know where it is, lol. This is a real problem.
  9. Hello! A bit of a pickle, and I have absolutely no idea what is causing it. Little bit of background information- Updated to Windows Fall Creator Update last night - Before that, worked absolutely, perfectly fine. Updated to newest nVIDIA drivers - Before that, worked absolutely fine. Every other game works perfectly fine in Fullscreen. NiOh, The Division, The Evil Within 2, Shadow of War, Witcher 3. When I switch it to Borderless, it stops. I cleared my cache. It was fine until I restarted the game. I have no clue what's causing it, when every other game is fine - Except Squad. E:// Fixed it by going into Nvidia control panel - Change Resolution, going to the bottom / Use NVIDIA color settings - Apply
  10. 1. They said explicitly they don't want to do suicide vehicles in the game. 2. This is a video game. Having an IED explode because of some random jihad putting it down right before he died because he spawned in immediately at main, is stupid and unrealistic. A mine persisting that they haven't dug down into the ground, is perfectly logical. That way we can dig it back up without it exploding before we can even take out a shovel.
  11. That makes no sense. It'd be the same as adding suicide vests and blowing yourself up, which is what OWI does not want in their game. Okay, the problem with this, is that it is not real life. This is a game. The suggestion of an insurgent picking up the PHONE to dial it in WOULD be nice and a much more realistic approach, however, would presumably be difficult to code into the game. Why should they be allowed to poop down an IED somewhere, get gunned down, before they can call Abu Hajir's hotline and blow shit up, instead they'd rather give up immediately, spawn at main because it's INSTANTANEOUS and blow shit up without 2 seconds. It's absurd. How do you dig up an IED, when they can just spawn at main and blow it up quicker than you can take out your ****ing shovel? It's just silly, and it should be fixed. If you want to strap yourself onto a bike and put an IED on it, then ride yourself to Allah's Snackbar and blow yourself up, go right ahead. But you shouldn't be able to die, then dial it in from the afterlife. If you got someone else to drive it in, while you watched it from afar, that'd be great too. But that'd count as a teamkill, and might get you kicked.
  12. You get a Scout who lays an IED down. They get shot in the face. They respawn at main(instant spawn), take out their phone, ka-blewy. Why is that IED/Phone still tied to the old IED? As soon as they go dead-dead, it should disappear. Mines are fine to stay after they die, but the whole "Allah may let you blow infidels up from beyond the grave!" is a bit ridiculous.
  13. Good to know I'm not the only one that thinks people shouldn't be able to hear as much as they can while inside a vehicle. It certainly would make Insurgents doing suicide bikes and such easier on Al Basrah. Trying to flank a Stryker, only for them to have the engine off.. They can hear it from a mile away. I don't mind if it's INFANTRY, but how the hell does someone inside a vehicle hear it so clearly? It's odd. I assume sounds are presumably pretty low on the priority list, though.