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  1. Most of the problem occurs when things get hectic. I truly try to use my map and communicate as much as possible, but when you are assaulting a FOB or defending your own it is just too hard to tell the difference. You have either allies or enemies spawning in random locations near you and quick ID is pretty important. There is no time to hesitate in these situations. Again, this is only a minor complaint against the militia vs russian matches, i have zero difficulty with any other factions. Like Deadduck said above, most all of the people playing currently are either PR vets or at least like me and are very serious about the game. Yet we are already having Tk issues, its going to be a nightmare when the game goes live and the rush of new players starts. There will also be a steady influx of new players from that point on, we want to retain those new players. This game needs a lot of players to keep servers full, we can't afford to run players off over something that really doesn't add to the game in a meaningful way. After playing again last night, I think I may know something that could help a lot in a indirect way. I was helping assault a FOB with down allies from another squad around it. On my map it looked like I had allies in the location so I was going in cautiously. However they were dead and the enemy were either crouched or laying down around my dead allies. So basically my map showed allies, they were in a different squad so I didn't know they were down and worse of all their name tags were still hovering around the enemy, making them appear allies. When you have a few allies down waiting for medic and the enemy is around them, you have no way to tell on your map at a glance and will mostly assume you are looking at a ally. I think that if downed allies had a map indicator that changed to represent that they are down, it would help tremendously. Not only would you and your SL have a better ideal the moment someone is down without adding radio chatter; a map indicator would help the medics a lot too. If I had looked at my map and saw nothing but wounded soldiers, I would have went in hot and had a pretty different out come. I understand that in real life things are hectic and such, but this is a game that is meant to be fun. It is not meant to be a completely hardcore Military SIM. It has already thrown pure realism out the door with floating name tags, magic appearing maps, spawning from thin air around a radio, infinite ammo boxes... ect. This game is meant to have a learning curve that places it between BF2 and ARMA. Again, I am not saying we should make this a red vs blue shirt type of thing. Just small enhancements that make it easier to identify. Either, all Russians wear helmets and the Militia all where hats or give all of one team a distinct style back pack or some simple effective solution like brassards. I go back to Natural Selection 2 again, and wish they had addressed things early instead of ignore the minor problems that keep new players out. Within a year of NS2 being released, mostly due to its high and confusing learning curve, there were less than 10 active servers and they were all filled with only clan guys. Most of those clans used teamspeak only and either flat out ignored new players or even yelled at and kicked them. The vets are always going to dominate new players, but they shouldn't be the only ones who can identify friend or foe. Thanks again for the discussion everyone, so what do you think about the map indicator suggestion?
  2. I do love the models, they all look fantastic. It is true that I never played PR much (less than 10 hours) and I am not suggesting they change anything drastically. However, I am not just a casual noob complaining. It wasn't just me who has been tking more, I have also been getting tked a ton more. If i come up behind an enemy with his back turned and can not see his face or gun its unnecessarily difficult to determine if he is friendly or not. I have many hours logged in Red Orchestra 2 which have some very similar models, yet I never had an issue. I am new and know it will get better with experience, but as a new player I feel like improvements can be made and small changes in the right places make all the difference when it comes to gameplay. Glad to hear about the scopes coming, I hope that will make things better. I am sure that the devs want this game to grow more than PR did and that means removing as many small annoyances as possible. PR was pretty niche and was a hard game to get into partly because the community was small and not all that inclusive. I just don't want new players to get intimidated and frustrated and leaving early. I was also a early investor in Natural Selection 2, I wish they had taken more steps to help new players before the community whittled away to nothing but a few hardcore fans over time. Thanks for reading and for the feedback!
  3. Militia and Russians look too similar. This is a game and for the sake of making it fun, the silhouettes need to be distinct enough to identify. The differences are way to subtle at a distance and when the game goes live the team kills are going to go through the roof. I almost never TK on the US vs Insurgents, but on Russian maps I tk and hesitate constantly. Yes I know you can look on your map and that you should be situationally aware, but that shouldn't be nearly the only way to distinguish players. Thanks