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  1. Vac banned?

    Anyways.. If a game cant stop simple injectors like cheat engine it's useless. Lets rather say he had a loaded pistol pointed at you, with a 500mm armored plate between you.
  2. Vac banned?

    No... He said in the initial post thet he has cheatengine on his computer and used it for singleplayer games. That is not the same as "admitting a bit more every time" he simply asked what could be the problem because he hasn't used cheats online or in squad. We can't help him, but we can resist jumping to conclutions..And yes, most of us probably have cheated some way. Making changes to game files no matter what can be cheating. Although most of us might not have used utilities doing so, and won't have a problem with vac on our singleplayer games.. Once a cheater always a cheater. Put me on the list, i will continue my singleplayer gta cheats.
  3. Vac banned?

    Im fucking done with this community.. Really guys? Cheating in singleplayer games does NOT equal to cheating in squad or anything else. If he has cheated in one game, he must be doing it in this too is just as vague as me thinking you are cheating just because you might be doing it.. I have no proof, but i sure do feel like it, so it must be correct. He didn't know what caused it, he's asking for help on what to do and some of you responded in a proper way, while the rest of you saw the thread title and just made assumptions. GG mature players. Im proud of playing with you.
  4. UAV

    I like this idea more than regular vehicles! very small maps for 50v50 + vehicles.. Would become a clusterf*ck
  5. Way to link Steam Account with these Forums?

    I think they wanted to keep stats away from focus. I think you will only be able to see your kills etc at the end of the game.
  6. Ridiculous FPS

    I would never run vsync.. Creates stutter for me.
  7. fov setting recommendation

  8. Well that went great.

    Fuck Yea!! Great!
  9. What is the official MUMBLE ip?

    I think a public TS could be a good idea..
  10. 8/8 gr8 m8! i must conratul8. There is no deb8. Can't wait to get home and try ot out. Been waiting since i played with you guys in the Golden Dogtag event :)

    I'm a rebel.
  12. Steam Release 15th of Dec

    Thanks! :)
  13. Steam Release 15th of Dec

    Im getting a bit worried.. Keys were supposed to be handed out for a while now, but still haven't got mine yet... still two days of pain left..
  14. Really, guys.. is this discussion still going? Has this not been discussed to death already? Personally im looking forwards to it! Especially becuase i have been waiting since the kickstarter to get it, lol... I really don't see why steam release would be a negative aspect? Yes, new players will come and they will have to learn the game.. But should you not jus be happy about that? You say you are scared over new players joining, have you already forgotten that you had to join as a new player one time too? I dont believe anyone has ever launched a video game for the first time, and become a pro at it within a few minutes. Oh, and the cod guys? Yea, i believe that if they join they will find it to be good and learn it, or bad and drop it after a few hours. I don't believe it will b a big problem. I hate this discussion...