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  1. Server play

    Hi josephiorio, As SamWise has said if you go to our forums at https://www.rustyinplaces.org you can request a ban appeal and the admin that banned you will look into it and make a decision. Cheers, BearBison
  2. How to set core affinity

    FD sets and works correctly. For maplist, the default is random game type on that map. To get true maplist look in one of the other files like defaultgame.ini or similar (not on PC so can't check name).
  3. How to set core affinity

    FireDaemon can set both cores and affinity for each service it runs.
  4. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU

    Servers are up, an issue with the server browser. Some people have said multiple refresh seems to work. try connecting via the IP:Port mix for the server or use the STEAM servers list from the client. Our server list and status can be found at http://www.rustyinplaces.org/forum/ripservers.php
  5. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    At the moment for squad we don't have anything but later on we will look at it again when the admin and slot ability is a bit more stable.
  6. Alpha 5 Released

    Why post about an update to the game on this thread, surely it would be better to keep each update on a seperate thread and also maybe post about it in the server administartion area so that people can find out about the details easier and for those that run the servers we can get the subscription email from that forum rather than having to subscribe to one that will just spam us?
  7. As the clan founder and main admin, this in only an initial response as not spoken to Dean yet and since I don't understand Dutch. I will start of by saying there seems to be issues on both sides of this argument based on your translation. From the point of view of our admin, I would say some of his actions/wording are wrong and I will be having words about that as we have rules that they should follow, which are above and beyond the OWI guidelines, then also due to the group does not get kicked for the actions of one and for not using a valid reason for kicking. However, on saying that he is enforcing the rules of the game by ensuring that there is effectively "no locked squads" (a rule that has been around since the early days of BF and PR) to allow the game to be played by all as normally a max number of squads can be created (which I need to check on within Squad) and prevents full teamwork as may end up with squads of one or two people. You point to the rule: ~ Squad leaders should be free to kick members of their squad for any reason they choose. as the reason for kicking you, which if it was only this I would have a serious issue with our junior admin, however I would say you were kicked for ignoring server rules. But this rule, is definetly one that should be up for discussion as it contradicts some of the other OWI rules (see below). Specifically, as a response to this I will point to the rules below that I would say allow the "no locked squad rule": ~ Admins should make an effort to promote a culture of teamwork and communication through their actions on the server and through the creation of server rules which do likewise. and ~ Admins should work to shape their server into a constructive environment for new players to learn in. Specifically, servers should encourage their community to welcome new players into squads alongside more experienced players, provided those new players listen and are willing to learn the game. As by creating a "locked squad" you are preventing teamwork and providing a non constructive environment for players to learn. Although if OWI wish, we will remove this rule which has always been posted and had no issues from them or any other players thus far in any game. This will allow squads of one or two players to be created and other people kicked from it and then if Squad has a Squad limit others not able to play the game in a "Squad" and prevent the ethos of teamwork. As BabylonCome has already stated we use on Friday nights when we are hosting [RIP] vs the World events, but again this is done politely and if they wish to stay and play with our squad they are allowed to help them learn. From reading your own translation, you have immediately come across as aggressive to someone that donates to rent the server and provide a place for others to play and then cry wolf when you get a response you didn't like. If you had been polite, you may have received a different response. I wonder if you paid for a server and someone was aggressive to you, what would you do? You also ask, "What actions should i take to prevent him banning the [DDF]clan/community?", a simple response to this one, you can't as he doesn't have the ability to ban people as he is only a junior admin. Of course, what do we know about admining servers and providing a good gaming environment for players to play and learn for 10+ years with a current player roster of over 150 players that came to us becauseof our rules and admining on our servers (most of whom play squad). Bear
  8. Bans not sticking?

    If I remember correctly it reads it on round start along with on restart so not exactly on the fly. Might be wrong been a while since tested that.
  9. Bans not sticking?

    Change your listing to have only one with a timestamp of 0, so it would end up being: 76561198140127855:0 //TKing This will now be permanent rather than dated like currently. To see the current expiry date you can use http://www.unixtimestamp.com/index.php
  10. URL for admins & bans

    Has anyone managed to get the RemoteAdminListHosts.cfg working?
  11. Banlist

    The +'s depend on which file you are using to list the bans. If like us Scarypunk, they use DedicatedServerGameUserSettings.ini for all configuration then you need the +'s, if using the other options then you don't
  12. Banlist

    Strangely enough on retesting this morning it seems to be stopping people in the banlist joining again, no idea what was going on there. Just need players we ban to be written automatically rather than session ban and then having to add manually now.
  13. Banlist

    Ah ignore the ; at the end, not used comments in the testing phase of this. Not sure why it's not working for us if it's working for you (will test all again), but still a major issue with the way bans are handled if only session based rather than the server writing to file for permanent.
  14. Banlist

    When we first started our server anyone banned with the command AdminBanByID <ID> <Reason> the server seemed to write the player to the file GameUserSettings.ini and everything seemed to work well. However, after the last one or two patches this no longer seems to work. After testing over the last couple of days banning other members like BabylonCome and wintski from the server and testing to ensure that they couldn't get back in, the server was not writing the ban anywhere but only seems to be using session banning. Therefore when the server crahses or reboots the ban is lifted and they were able to get back on the server. On further testing by manually adding them to the banlist in any of the files (GameUserSettings.ini, DedicatedServerGameUserSettings.ini or UserGameUserSettings.ini) they were still able to join the server, so it appears that the banlist doesn't seem to work at the moment. If anyone else has the banlist working and has verified can you confirm how you managed it? Regardless of the file tested it has always been using the format below (only ever one person banned for testing so + should not be an issue, although also tried that): [SquadOnlineSessionSettings]Banned=Steam64ID;
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    A couple of fun rounds last night even although our side got raped :D
  16. query ports

    Both game port and query port can be different from default. So add 10 to the defaults for both so 7797 for game port and 27175 for query port. Then also add the additional ports to firewall based on these starting values. P.S. Don't have access to my server at the moment as still traveling for the holidays to verify 100% what I am saying will work but should do based on every other server I have configured.
  17. query ports

    As with any STEAM game I would suggest using at minimum +10 for each server as they quite often use at least query port +1 at minimum.
  18. Adding Admin

    Ensure you have Admin= in front of each STEAM64 ID So should be: [ServerAdmins]Admin=7xxxx:5xxxxAdmin=8xxxx:5xxxxAdmin=9xxxx:5xxxx
  19. Server Performance

    If you are running FireDaemon, go to the 'Advanced' tab and adjust the 'CPU Bindings (Dec):' at the bottom of the tab