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  1. Welcome to Duty Commander

    As a "PR vet" I second this. The lack of inter-squad communication and coordination is something that just kills the game for me. Mainly due the fact that rallies are just ridiculously op but also a good commander would inspire more SL's plan and share more info about their next moves or current situation. Now having played Post Scriptum for ~12 hrs only, I've already been much closer to that PR-like feeling when you have the whole team (commander + SL's) on comms figuring out what to do and how to outsmart the enemy, while constantly sharing intel about the enemy movement, requesting fire or tank support, assigning squads with missions etc. All managed by the commander. On the other hand I've also experienced some rounds where commander is basically just setting up fire missions as requested without taking part into any kind of inter-squad coordination or such. For some reason those rounds just doesn't feel too successful. In Squad communication and coordination depends heavily on SL's. After the first 15 minutes of fighting every SL has their hands so full of managing their own squad and setting up rallypoints that the amount of inter-squad communication and coordination just decreases throughout the game. When you have one guy basically dedicated to sit on comms (keeps the communication going) and following the full picture of the battle, he (or she!) can notice things and come up with ideas that not every SL has time or knowledge to think of. Also it would free up some time for SL's having not to spend 5 minutes trying to figure out which squad might be able and agree to detach someone for a logistic mission for example. IMO if you, as an SL have the time to keep track of what every other squad is doing and maybe planning to do, you're doing something wrong. Maybe you should be looking trough your binoculars and providing targets for your squad or mortars for example? Should you be planning your attack to the next compound? Commander is the one you can share and receive info about other squads and enemies. He's the one that should be aware of what each individual squad is doing and going to do. If he isn't, hopefully there will be the option to mutiny as mentioned earlier.
  2. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    "We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.6 hotfix release. This is planned as the last hotfix before the free weekend begins! For those curious, the free weekend will begin at 6PM GMT Thursday." 30 minutes boys!
  3. No MiniMaps. Map animation idea!

    Nobody wants a minimap, but what OP described might get some votes if it was included in the poll. :huh: Implementing the idea into game is a whole different story.
  4. More Stances - (ARMA3 style)

    I'm already having difficulties to know if I'm crouching or standing in the game. :lol: Automatic "height adjust" when peeking over a fence or something would be great but I highly doubt it would work flawlessly... Like r3volution mentioned earlier. Arma style adjustment is one of the thing's that makes playing Arma feel like you have an iron bar stuffed up your a**. (But I still have played it hundreds of hours. :unsure:)
  5. Rolling left/right whilst prone

    Is that rolling really a military thing? While I served for FDF we'd get kicked in the butt for doing that kind of a movie trick... It makes you much more visible and isn't really that easy with full combat gear on (e.g. backpack, AT, radio, shovel, wire cutters or whatever your'e carrying on your back). Also I hate that move in Arma, you can't hit that rolling thing due the awful netcode and It's faster than crawling forward, lol.
  6. SL to SL transferring locally is ok, even might help a bit when your squad members can hear that you actually are busy trying to get something out from the other SL's. :angry: But transferring all trough local? You might have 3 Squads defending a flag, one of them speaking Finnish, one Russian and one Swedish. IMO that might be rather annoying or at least unrealistic. Also every self-respecting unit / clan / organization w/e is using Mumble / TS so that would ruin the immersion anyway and gives them a huge advantage when enemy can't hear them. Lets just say once again, didn't work in PR and it wouldn't work on Squad either.
  7. Project Reality vets sign in here

    I figured I still haven't made an account here so I finally made one. Waiting for Steam early access patiently, been playing PR on and off from 2009. Nice to see some familiar names all over this thread. ^_^