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  1. Important -Update Your GPU Drivers

    you have a dxdiag you could upload please lets have a look at what we are dealing with http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7714-how-to-dxdiag-report/
  2. Important -Update Your GPU Drivers

    Yup , via the link i have up there for DDU is the best way to uninstall drivers and supporting software. No harm or risk involved , Dx you wont need to touch as depending on your system you prob have dx11 anyway with older run-times
  3. Why go with UE4 if optimization is bad? Eg ark survival

    Most certainly for sure , netcode also, tick time of the server, server hardware, connection speed , and so on and iv yet to have a look at any server -binary for squad. Players with dedicated servers usually upload there specs via a forum with links and the rest of it , some have really good setups with a optimized memory allocate, processor priority -high, and well the list goes on Server maintenance is special, most server owners know to shutdown there servers for about 3-4 hours in intervals, thats why most of us have several servers. why the shutdowns , well unreal and server binaries leak RAM , and another is well a build up of shit due to poor code/scripting , just loops really Hardware is important, unreal is clock dependent server and client side in most game builds that use unreal so knowing what servers have in hardware is important to maximize performance , 3.9GHz or higher and never pass up a chance to jump on a server ruining Xeon-processors. SSD-hard drives will cut loading times down , this is more for ruining the server restarts and shutdown, everything when project is loaded is done by ram I could go on for ever about this shit so in a nut shell performance is measured in FPS and CPS so many server owners will have these details available
  4. Why go with UE4 if optimization is bad? Eg ark survival

    UNIGINE 2 im following the development of that very closely :-)
  5. Single or SLI GPU?

    good decision my friend ^_^
  6. Why go with UE4 if optimization is bad? Eg ark survival

    well you do a search of the top 10 game engines around and you will see why. its either 1st or second in any list for a developer my friend. its how other things are incorporated with the engine as well that makes or brakes a game I mean have a think about some of the game titles Unreal is involved with
  7. Any reflection capture actors ? as said above some files would be good to sift over ;) :rolleyes: help if i looked at the links eh rca has been mentioned
  8. Disk Usage at 99%

    right-clicking on my computer and then choosing properties, from there advanced tab then virtual memory whats the number ? its real strange why it would be doing this just when squad is installed i can think of anything that comes with squad that would affect this , unless anti-virus has issues with squad folder/files, even windows defender can do this. I think there was an issue with some ACHI devices but i just cant remember Any error;s warnings in event viewer ?
  9. Disk Usage at 99%

    whats you page file size at the moment ? Also a wile back if i remember windows 10 did have issues with some of its Services called Superfetch and Windows Search, disabling these on my win 10 test rig sorted it out, and by going to system, notifications, and turning off show me tips about Windows. well this was for something other then gaming and well it dose not really fit here as a solution you can certainly try. But when your system dose not have squad installed what are you %'s then for the disk? for me disk was high enough to where i was ruining a game it would creep to 100%
  10. Ridiculous FPS

    Really nice GPU i love the 980's, Ok so Nvid control panel disabled no change but still leave off for now Disabled steam overlay ? Disabled HPET ? Latest drivers at a guess you already have , or ruining on the 359.06 driver NOTE: this driver the 3D Vision setting are to be known to change res to a 60mhz for some reason. If you going to change driver do clean install of driver not software package just leave that out for now can install later and use a program called DDU to uninstall the driver and package What res are you currently ruining on? try setting to 2560x1440 depending on inch monitor size ofc and well if you have a 27inch the GPU will be operating with 1.77 times as many pixels but 980 can Handel it what OS are you on windows 10 64bit? try ruining game from game folder also to test, most likely nothing will change
  11. server crashing

    Are you able to screen shot the error's from the log for us , or provide a link to drop box with the crashdump's ?
  12. Graphics driver crashing

    try the http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/96079.06 driver on the single card and test for us, make sure you do a clean install, use DDU to uninstall driver and software package , when reinstalling the driver just install the driver for now for testing and not the nivd software this sounds like a TDR issue http://www.guru3d.com/files-get/display-driver-uninstaller-download,20.htmlinstall and run, you can run in safe mode if you want then install .06 driver and restart and test
  13. Can I run smoothly?

    let us know how you get on disabling steam overlay can yield stability in fps as well